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How To Choose A Machete? – A Must Read

How To Choose A MacheteDon’t know how to choose a machete? After reading our short guide, you’ll be pro in choosing a machete accurately. Subsequently, if you are engaged in outdoor activities like camping, trekking, forest survival, hunting, and more? It is a must for you to have the right machete.

Moreover, a machete is similar to a knife and ax, but it is larger. Best of all, you can use a machete for survival and other wilderness activities. Besides that, there are several types of machetes. Some of them have large blade sizes or lengths, while others have a broader shape.

Stereotypically, the machetes are commonly seen in horror movies, and you can find them in the hands of the killers as well. Still, machetes are ideal for survival and bush cutting, chopping, cooking, etc.

Nobody wants to buy a tool that didn’t help out in trouble. Below we’ll tell some important things that you need to know while choosing the right machete.

How To Choose a Machete Accurately?

1.     Blade Style

Most people consider choosing a machete according to its blade style. Moreover, the shape of the blade defines its purpose of use. Therefore, you need to choose the right blade style for having a practical machete.

On the other side, the machetes have different names as per its blade style. Besides that, the names of machete may have a tie in different areas. Do you know that the Rawit style of the machete is known as the kukri machete?

Other than that, in rural areas, the Golok machete is also known as a sable machete. So the name of machetes will vary from one place to another. Apart from the names, the style of the machete is important. You need to choose a machete that fits as per your working style.

Previously, people didn’t consider the style of a machete before buying it and ended up messing with their work. But now we’ll provide enough knowledge about the machetes, and you can easily choose one that is practical enough.

Hence, there is no standard type of machete, and you have to make the right decision because they aren’t cheap at all. Below are some of the most widespread styles of the machetes, have a look.

·         Bush Style Machete

The bush style machete is most common, and you can buy it for all purposes. Best of all, you will have a bush-style machete blade that isn’t heavy or too lightweight. Furthermore, you can use the bush style machete for survival, bush cutting, vegetation, as well as a utility tool.

·         Bolo Style Machete

The next style of the machete is the bolo-style machete. This machete is similar to a knife, and you can consider it as a workhorse. In addition to this, you will have a weighted tip with the bolo-style of a machete. Besides that, you can use the bolo-style machete for chopping woods as well as thicker vegetation.

·         Kukri Style Machete

Lastly, the machete’s kukri style has three different parts, and you will have a pointed tip with it. Further, the kukri style machete is great for chopping the mid-section of the machete. This style of the machete is great for the carving.

2.     Length of the Machete

The second important thing is the machete’s length, and the range is 25 to 70 cm. Besides that, the average machete length is 45 cm. Other than that, you can choose the smaller size of the machete for lighter tasks. However, the average length of the machete is great for several tasks.

Moreover, the machetes with longer lengths are not portable. However, you can buy a machete with a thicker and longer blade only if you need them. No doubt, the machetes with longer lengths are difficult to carry. Indeed, the larger blades of the machete can easily clear the thick bushes.

Likewise, you have to put in more force while using a machete with a longer blade. For instance, the shorter blade length is ideal for gardeners. In fact, the blade length defines how convenient it is to sharpen.

Apart from that, the longer blades are great for hardwoods, and you can easily cut a tree with a longer machete.

3.     Material and Weight of the Machete’s Blade

Thirdly, you need to consider the machete’s blade. There are several machetes types, and you need to pick the right material for your work type. In addition to this, there are three types of machetes. The 3 types include carbon steel, stainless steel, and high carbon steel material.

The most common type of machete is the carbon steel material and stainless steel blade. Best of all, you can choose the high carbon stainless steel material because it is most durable and requires less maintenance.

The weight of a machete depends on the blade length and its thickness. As well, the machetes can be lightweight or heavyweight. The heavyweight machetes with the longer blade are ideal for cutting, the thicker items. On the other side, the lightweight machetes are great for clearing bushes.

·         Carbon Steel Blade

The carbon steel blade is the most hardened, and it needs frequent lubrication to prevent rust. Moreover, this blade has the most impressive retention. Also, the sharpness of the carbon steel blade superior to other blade types of a machete.

·         Stainless Steel Blade

The next type of blade includes the stainless steel blade, and it is not as hard as the carbon steel blade. Besides that, the stainless steel blade doesn’t need frequent oiling. Moreover, this type of blade is convenient to sharpen. However, the stainless steel blade’s edge retention is not as great as other types of blades.

·         High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade

The high carbon stainless steel blades are the hybrid version. This type of blade is corrosion-resistant, and you will have better strength of the blade than the other two types of blades. Moreover, high carbon steel blades need oiling frequently.

If you don’t maintain the high carbon steel blade, it will rust easily. On the other side, this type of blade is not convenient at all too sharp.

4.     Tang Of Machete

Tang of the machete is important to have the best grip while doing any task with it. Moreover, the tang is known as the part that connects the blade and handles. The grip will be best if you have a machete with the full tang blade.

Without a doubt, it requires a lot of force to use a machete for slicing or chopping anything. You can check the machete features and if it has the full tang blade, consider buying it. Though, many machetes come with the full tang blade.

Furthermore, the full tang blades are easily found in the smaller-sized machetes. In fact, the full tang blade machetes have a balanced weight between the handle and the end of the blade.

5.     Machete’s Material Of Handle

Besides that tang, you need to consider the handle of the machete. The handle could have different materials, and you have to choose the handle that provides an outstanding grip. Below are the different materials of the handle that you must know before choosing a machete.

·         Wooden Handle

The wooden handle material is most comfortable, and it provides an impressive grip. You will have a lightweight handle, and it is easy to carry as well. Not only this, you can easily use the machete with a wooden handle that will last for many years.

However, you need to keep the wooden handle away from moisture, so it doesn’t crack.

·         Polymer Handle

Secondly, the handle’s polymer material is cheap, as well as a low-maintenance option. However, the color will fade after some time, and it gets slippery with moisture on the hands.

·         Rubber Handle

The rubber handle is best for having a superior grip. You should consider buying a machete with a rubber handle, so there are no slipping accidents. However, the rubber machete’s handle is prone to tearing.

Other types of machete handle include leather, stainless steel, and layered. Plus, the shape of the handle should be curved or round to comfort the hand while using the machete. Nevertheless, the square machetes are trickier to handle.

Sheath to Protect the Machete’s Blade

Lastly, you need to have a sheath for maintaining the blade of the machete. Also, you must keep the machete in the sheath to avoid accidents. You can choose the sheath of the machete that has leather material. And the good news? The machete will not rust easily if it has a leather sheath.

To Sum Up

So you know how to choose a machete? Now you can make the best investment. Besides that, you will have a machete that accurately fulfills your need. Most importantly, you need to carefully choose the blade style because it is the machete’s main feature.

Hopefully, our short guide on how to choose a machete is accommodating. Do share it with your other fellows in wilderness activities. Thank you for visiting us!


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