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How To Sharpen a Machete with a Dremel?

Do you know machete is the most widely used long blade tool in the world? The long size and power swing of the ultra-sharp blade make it a perfect tool to clear brushes, cut trees, and chop vegetables easily. However, sharpening the machete is one of the most important things you should perform after using it. With a razor-sharp edge, the best machete won’t be worth much.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to sharpen a machete properly and end up damaging the blade or getting injured. Like every blade, machete sharpening has its own nuances. A handheld power tool like Dremel is an ideal way to sharpen a machete blade easily. How to sharpen a machete with a Dremel is one common question every machete owner asks. Let’s dig in to convert your dull machete into an ultra sharp, fast cutting tool.

What is Dremel?

what is dremelA Dremel is a handheld power tool featuring a knife sharpener at the end of its shaft. It may sound intimidating, but it is a great way to sharpen a machete, especially for beginners. It can be used for sanding, cutting, cleaning, polishing, engraving, grinding, and sharpening different tools. However, this machete sharpening technique often results in an uneven edge.

You need the following things.

  • A dull machete
  • A vice to hold the machete
  • Safety Goggles
  • Aluminum oxide grinding stone (Part number 932)
  • ½ inches felt polishing wheel (Part number 414- Optional)
  • Mandrel (Part number 401) Optional
  • Polishing compound (part number 421) Optional


Sharpening Machete with Dremel

MacheteInsert your machete into the vise and tighten it so that the blade is properly exposed. Make sure the machete is held securely for ideal sharpening. Don’t forget to check that the vise is secured too to your workbench so that it remains stable while sharpening the machete blade.

Now, install a grinding attachment to the Dremel. It is essential to ensure security as the fast rotation may cause issues if not properly fastened. Use the right angle to start sharpening the blade.

There are two methods for blade sharpening.

  • You can sharpen the machete blade from one side at a 24 degrees angle.
  • Another method is to sharpen each side of the blade using a 12.5 degrees angle.

Always go with the angle that feels comfortable. Start at the base of the blade that is close to the machete handle. Now move the Dremel along the blade edge while holding the desired angle firmly.

Let the blade cool before starting the second phase on either side.

It’s time to use the mandrel, polishing compound, and felt pad to polish your machete blade. This isn’t necessary but if you want to give the blade a new shiny appearance, polish it.

Thanks to the rotator motion of the Dremel, you can easily accomplish the task. Don’t forget to follow the instructions available on the polishing compound for the best results.

Warnings and Safety Tips

  • Be careful with the rotary sharpening as too much heat may damage the tempering and weaken the machete blade.
  • Always wear protective goggles during the sharpening process to protect your eyes.
  • It is better to use an old blade for practicing before sharpening your machete blade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I Sharpen the Machete Blade with Dremel?

You can sharpen the machete and knife blade with the Dremel power tool and recondition it easily.

  • Do you Sharpen Both Sides of a Machete?

Both sides of your machete blade must be sharpened evenly to achieve a uniform cutting edge.

  • What is the Best Angle to Sharpen the Machete?

The best angle to sharpen the machete blade is 20-2 degrees. However, it mainly depends on the use of the machete.


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