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Tramontina MacheteBest Tramontina machete review’s durable and versatile machete that is ideal for harvesting crops, landscaping, cutting through thick brush, tall grass, and wood chopping, etc.

Tremonton is a company inBrazilfounded in 1911 and then founded in the USA in 1986. The headquarters of Tramontina is in the city of Carlos Barbosa. The Rio Grande do Sul.


The beginning of this company was humble. It started a small company as a family in Brazil. Within 75 years, they established themselves in Houston, Texas, to deliver high-quality products and excellent cookware items.
Even after three decades, they are highly committed to becoming a leading manufacturer of cutlery, cookware/houseware, and other kitchen accessories.

This company is successful not only because of high-quality products but also from its team, which is hardworking and dedicated to accomplishing extraordinary things. Moreover, they have strived best to exceed the expectations with loyalty and integrity in everything they do.

Plus, they are always looking to improve their ways of performing things they do at possibly; Tramontina continues to give the safest and highest-performing services, resulting in the best steel machete.

We have picked the 10 best Tramontina machete models in this review for 2020.

Product NameSpecifications of ProductPrice
Tramontina Machete Wood• Crafted From The Best Quality Materials And Built For Performance
• Durable, Nylon Sheath
• Wood Handle Gives A Solid Grip
• Fastened To Your Belt When Not In Use
Tramontina Bolo Machete• High-Performance And Durability
• Blade Thickness Is 2.25mm To 2.1mm
• Requires Further Sharpening Before First Use
Tramontina 12" Machete with Wooden Handle• Handle Material Is Of Natural Hardwood
• Latin Style Blade
• Made In Brazil
Tramontina Machete Wood Knife• Overall Length: 19" And Blade Length: 13"
• Made Of High Carbon Steel In Natural Color Hardwood Handle
• Specifically Designed For Sugar Cane
• Heavy-Duty Green Canvas
Tramontina 13" Sugar Cane Machete• Overall Length: 19" And Blade Length: 13"
• Made Of High Carbon Steel In Natural Color Hardwood Handle
• Specifically Designed For Sugar Cane
• Heavy-Duty Green Canvas
Tramontina 20 Inch Bush Machete with Poly Handle• Bush Blade Machete Of 20.”
• Plastic Handle Of High Quality
• Optional Green And Orange Sheath
Tramontina 18" Machete, Black Handle, Nylon Sheath• Overall Length: 23" And Blade Length: 18"
• Comes With Black Nylon Sheath With Belt Loop Attachment
• Blade Material Is High-Carbon Steel
Tramontina SS-BRK-TT522 TT522 Machete, One Size• The Long Length Gives A Good Swing
• Good For Gifting
Tramontina 12" Machete with Wooden Handle & Nylon Sheath• Blade Length: 12" And Overall Length: 17"
• Easily Cuts Due To Its Sharp Blade
• Black Nylon Sheath Sold Separately
Tramontina SS-BRK-TT518 TT518 Machete, One Size• Perfect Purchase For A Gift
• Reasonable Price

01. Tramontina Wood Machete

Tramontina Wood MacheteThis model is best for harvesting crops and cutting through the thickest bushes. Also, used for cutting tall grass or splitting the coconuts. It is made of a high-carbon steel blade that is durable and sharp. Moreover, it has a beveled edge. Plus, these hardwood handles provide a firm and better solid grip.

However, it is the best machete 2019, which gives the most secure full-tangy and heavy-duty due to its high-carbon steel blade. The blade of this machete is composed of solid alloy rivets for better balance and excellent cutting performance.

Above all, its sharp blade features a fine and beveled edge that can be sharpened whenever it is needed because it is the best steel machete. It is the most durable machete with a nylon sheath that conveniently fastens to your belt to carry the machete when it is not needed or not in use.

  • Ideal For Harvesting Crops And Cutting Grass Or Splitting Coconuts
  • High-Carbon Sharp And Beveled Steel Blade
  • Thick Wood Handles Will Give You A Solid Grip
  • The Blade Extends For Providing Better Balance
  • Does Not Come With A Sheath

02. Tramontina Bolo Machete

Tramontina Bolo MacheteTramontina bolo machete is also made in Brazil and crafted from the highest quality materials for performance and durability. It’s bolo-style SAE 1070 is high carbon steel. With a 14 inches blade, and its overall length is 19 inches.

Moreover, it is imported from Brazil in beautiful natural color. Along with that, its primary grind was established at a factory, but it will require further sharpening to make its edge finer.

Thus, this may have minor blemishes that are not considered defective. But they aren’t aesthetically pristine. However, the sheath is sold separately.
Its blade length is 14 inches, and the total length is 19 inches with a weight of 15 ounces. The composition of the blade is SAE 1070, made with high-carbon steel. Its blade style is bolo. Moreover, its blade thickness is 2.25mm to 2.1mm.

Thus it is full tang riveted, and the material is wood of this machete along with a handle style of quillon. The origin of the country is Brazil.

  • Bolo Style SAE 1070 Is High Carbon Steel
  • Beautiful Natural Color
  • Crafted From The Highest Quality Materials For Performance And Durability
  • Edge Not Too Sharp
  • Heavier Than Other Machetes

03. Tramontina 12″ Machete with Wooden Handle

Tramontina Machete with Wooden HandleThis model of Tramontina is having an overall length of 17 inches and a blade length of 12 inches. Moreover, the material of the handle is natural hardwood. The thickness of the blade is 2.1mm to 1.25 mm, and its style is Latin.

However, the handle features are riveted, and the material is made up of wood. Its blade isn’t too sharp; therefore its requires sharpening before its first use due to its primary grind.

But it is sharp enough for its intended use and was founded in Brazil.

  • It Can Easily Cut The Bushes
  • Used For Harvesting Crops In Rural Areas
  • Requires Sharpening Before Its First Use
  • Not Recommended For Large Hands, Its Grip Will Be Tighter

04. Tramontina Machete Wood Knife

Tramontina Machete Wood KnifeTramontina machete wood is a perfect purchase for gifting it to a professional cook or a chef. Moreover, it is a must-buy item and made with great craftsmanship from Brazil.

Tramontina wood machete is made up of natural wood color with a blade thickness of 16 inches. The edges of the blade are very sharp and hold very well. Though Tramontina is a special bush knife, too, a lot of care needs to be taken as many blades attempt to end up less durable.

It is a practical and affordable priced kitchenware item. This machete is of good quality and value. However, it’s perfect for household use. Lastly, it has the Tramontina has the best steel for the machete.

  • Lightweight And Affordable Machete
  • All In One Tool – Can Be Used For All Purposes
  • Perfect To Gift To A Professional Chef Or A Cook
  • Does Not Come With A Sheath
  • The Blade Is Too Thick

05. Tramontina 13″ Sugar Cane Machete

Tramontina Sugar Cane Machete

Tramontina 13 inches’ blade is used for cutting sugar can, and its overall length is 19 inches. Moreover, the material of this knife is high carbon steel along with a hardwood handle of natural color.

The origin of this Tramontina is Brazil, and it has an opening width of 2 and a half inches. Along with that, it has a zippered side slide-in blade enclosure. However, this Tramontina can give heavy-duty green canvas. It has a snapping handle wrap and a belt loop attachment.

Besides that, it has double sewn and riveted seams. Particularly this sheath is made specifically for the Tramontina 13 inches’ cane machete.
Lastly, it is the best machete for chopped cane, corn stalks, sugar cane, and rice.

  • The Zippered Slide-In Blade Enclosure
  • Snapping Handle Wrap
  • Belt Loop Attachment
  • Specially Designed For Cutting Sugar Cane
  • The Not Best Weapon, Hard To Use

06. Tramontina 20 Inch Bush Machete with Poly Handle

Tramontina Inch Bush Machete with Poly HandleThis 20 inches’ bush machete with poly handle is textured hard with a plastic handle. Although, bush style SAE 1070 of high-carbon is the material of this knife and imported from Brazil. Because it is the primary grind established at the factory, but it will require further sharpening for fine edge.

Moreover, it is not aesthetically pristine. Likely, it has minor blemishes that are not considered defective. Plus, the sheath of the bush machete is sold separately. The length of the blade is 14 inches and has a natural color hardwood handle. However, optionally add a green or orange canvas sheath.

  • Increased Demand
  • Sheath Sold Separately
  • Bush-Style SAE 1070 Of High Carbon
  • The Handle Is Of Plastic Not Wood

07. Tramontina 18″ Machete, Black Handle, Nylon Sheath

Tramontina Machete, Black Handle, Nylon SheathIt is the first machete sheath made in America, and they are expanding its extensive line of sheaths. Tramontina’s overall length is 23 inches, but its blade material of high-carbon steel’s length is 19 inches.
Moreover, the handle of this material is textured with a black plastic handle. It comes with a sheath of nylon in black color.

However, the opening width is 3 inches. Above all, this is a bush or Latin-style machete with straight machete blades. It has a heavy-duty black canvas and double-sewn and riveted seams.

Plus, it comes with all leather belt loop attachment and snapping all leather grip wrap.

  • High-Carbon Steel Material
  • 23 Inches’ Blade Length
  • Belt Loop And Leather Grip Attachment
  • Machete Is Too Heavy To Use

08. Tramontina SS-BRK-TT522 TT522 Machete, One Size

Tramontina SS-BRK-TT522 TT522 MacheteIt is a real workhorse, and also it is a gorgeous machete that has the finest details with high-quality material; you won’t find it anywhere! Its overall length is 28 inches with 22 inches of blade length.

Moreover, the handle of this Tramontina model is textured with a black plastic handle. However, this machete has high-carbon steel blades made in Brazil. Plus, the steel holds a good edge. And the length of this machete gives a good swing path.

  • Great Craftsmanship
  • Length Gives Good Swing Path
  • High-Carbon Steel
  • Gripping Thick Steel Is Fairly Uncomfortable
  • A Lanyard Hole In The Handle Would Be Appreciated

09. Tramontina 12″ Machete with Wooden Handle and Nylon Sheath

Tramontina Machete with Wooden Handle and Nylon Sheath

This Tramontina has a blade length of 12 inches and an overall length of 17 inches. The material of its handle is natural hardwood, which can easily cut through the brush and vegetation. Moreover, it comes in a black nylon sheath.

Plus, this Tramontina is made in a Latin style SAE1070 carbon steel imported from Brazil. However, the primary grind established at the factory though requires further sharpening for making it finer.

Additionally, the sheath of the Tramontina 12 inches’ machete wooden handle is sold separately.

  • Sheath Sold Separately
  • Black Nylon Sheath
  • Imported From Brazil
  • The Blade Is Sharp Enough
  • Thin Steel

10. Tramontina SS-BRK-TT518 TT518 Machete, One Size

Tramontina SS-BRK-TT518 TT518 MacheteBest Tramontina machete review’s this Tramontina SS-BRK-TT518 TT518 Machete is a must-buy item and a perfect purchase for a gift due to its great craftsmanship. The length of the blade is 18 inches, and the overall length is 23inches’, weight is 14 ounces.

Moreover, the composition of the blade is SAE 1070 high-carbon steel. Above all, the thickness of the blade is 2.2mm to 1.5mm. Also, the style of the blade is the Latin bush style. Besides that, the material of the handle is hard plastic and polypropylene. Likewise, the style of handle is Quilon.

  • Hard Plastic Handle
  • A Perfect Item To Buy Or Gift
  • Reasonable Price
  • Difficult To Sharp The Edge Of The Machete

About Tramontina Company

Firstly, this company was founded in 1911 in Brazil by Valentin Tramontina and the son of Italian immigrants in northeast Italy. Later on, this was founded in the USA in 1986.
Secondly, this is the most important company in southern Brazil with ten factory plants around Brazil with more than 7,000 workers.

Thirdly, the main competitors of Tramontina are West Indies Spice and Zoltons Sauces because of their exceptional design, material, finishing with excellent durability with a lifetime warranty.

Moreover, outside of Brazil, this company has distributed sales offices in South Africa, Germany, Australia, Argentina, China, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Peru, Tobago, Singapore and
Chile and in the other eight states

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Spoiler title
They are not only good but also versatile and durable with a lifetime warranty.
Where Is Tramontina Machete Made?
These are made in Brazil where its ten factory plants are situated. Also, its sales offices are located in 20 different states.
Where Can I Buy Tramontina Machete?
You can buy Tramontina machetes on Amazon, eBay, and many other online cutlery shopping websites. But the most-trusted site is
What Does Tramontina Mean?
Tramontina means thanks! T for a treat that we all are
Is Tramontina Machete Made In USA?
Tramontina was founded in the USA in 1986, which manufactures cutlery items, cookware, and other home appliances. Some of the Tramontina machetes are made in the USA, i.e. Tramontina 18.”


In several ways, Tramontina is the machete of Brazil. And they are known worldwide. The rural workers use Tramontina machetes with poly handles in the hinterlands. With that, they are becoming more and more famous outside of Brazil too, although the value of Tramontina was never less.

This brand has made a standard size pattern of the small machete. Also, its design is perfect for high-performance on grasses and light vegetation. But it does not work well on harder woods as it lacks the chopping power. Moreover, it has low edge retention and wedges badly.

Thank you for visiting our site. I hope you find the best Tramontina machetes. Comment down below which Tramontina machete do you use.

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