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Best Bolo Machete Picks for Serious Adventurers 2023

Best Bolo MacheteWhether you are going to the jungle or a garden, you must have a survival tool that is your true companion. The bolo machete is the reliable tool you want at your side. You can also use it for other purposes like chopping, slashing, cutting, scooping, hacking, and digging as well.

When it comes to adventure needs like camping or hiking, a machete is needed as a tool that you must want. So if you are figuring out which one is best bolo machete for you then in this article I have included a review list best Bolo Machete with buyer guide.

There are thousands of reviews on Bolo machete, but I have researched and selected the top best Bolo machete! Let’s get started!

01. Gerber Gator Bolo Machete

Gerber Gator Bolo Machete ReviewIf you are fearful of losing grip, then Gerber Gator Machete is the perfect choice for you. You hold it firmly because its rubber textured handle makes it unique among all machetes. You can use its outdoor activities and also back playing day trips.

High-Performance Blade

With its dual stable carbon stainless steel blade let the machete is quite easy to use it. By using it, you can easily cut and chopping your required material.

Secure Grip

It is made with rubber textured that lets the grip secure either your hands dry or wet. You feel a comfy grip with confidence. This rubbery stuff material is the ideal handle in the best bolo machetes list.

Cost and Value

It’s the cheapest bolo machete. You should pick it and will not regret it.

  • Dual And Solid High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade With High Performance
  • Rubber Build Handle
  • Without Slippery Easily Usable
  • Comfy Safety Firm Grip
  • Well-Balanced Tool
  • Unmatchable Price Point
  • Not A Full Tang Tool
  • With Time Screws May Loosen

02. Tramontina Bolo Machete

Tramontina Bolo Machete ReviewMachete like a sword with a gorgeous look makes your dreams come true. It gives you complete functionality such as chopping, tree trimming, and much more.

Brazilian Made

This machete has a unique design that is Brazilian-made. A sturdy carbon steel blade has an amazing wooden handle that gives you to hold onto well.

Offers Flex

Tramontina offers you some flex, which decreases vibrations when you grip onto its handle and is good for the safety factor. So what’s better than this bolo machete? Well, with a full swing, there is no chance of slippage.

Cost and Value

It’s a very reasonable machete. What will you pay you to have worth for it.  All beauty appearance with 100% functioning make this machete is undeniable.

  • Having Solid Carbon Steel Blade
  • Gorgeous Design On Its Handle
  • Brazilian Made And Made To Last
  • Perfect For Chopping As Offers Flex
  • Unmatchable Price
  • Will Need Sharpening

03. Imacasa 14″ Bolo Machete
Imacasa Bolo Machete Review

Having a cutlass style this bolo machete is ideal at a sturdy price. It provides you an excellent firm grip that is perfect for chopping, trimming, limbs, or clearing unwanted bushes. If you are going hiking and camping, then there is nothing more than this bolo machete choice.

Shorter and Thick Design

This bolo machete is shorter and thicker than other bolo machetes. If you want to cut branches, saplings, and wood stems, then it’s the best rather than soft vines or grass.

Firm and reliable Grip

This bolo machete grip is not slippery as it provides you a complete firm secure grip even if you are chopping harder woods. Moreover, if you have wet hands, this bolo machete makes it hard to lose.

Cost and Value

The price of KA-BAR cutlass bolo machete is high among higher mid-range points. But it gives you complete functionality with its performance and durability.

  • Having Short And Thick Design Is Sturdy Through Harder Chopping
  • Provides Your Firm And Secure Grip Withstands The Elements On Its Handle
  • Full Tang Handle Feels Comfy
  • Well-Balancing Featuring
  • Great Price
  • It Is Not Effective For Large Chopping Or Quite Hard Cutting
  • The Matte Coating Can Pick Up Debris

04. Cold Steel 97LBM Bolo Machete Fixed Blade

Cold Steel 97LBM Bolo Machete ReviewPerfect bolo machete to clearing bushes and branches, chopping, and other tasks, the Cold Steel Kukri is an excellent companion. It has a curved blade with forwarding momentum and heavy-front make each swing and chopping quickly.

Light, Small and Effective Tool

This machete is a combination of light plus small and useful tool which is best for outdoor activities as well as a backpacking day trip. Despite it is light weighted but works appropriately whether you are chopping harder or splitting woods.

Curved Blade

Curved blade with heavy-front with well-balancing make this bolo machete unbeatable. It also has forward momentum, which is excellent when you are chopping or slashing.

Cost and Value

The price of this machete is much lower; you can easily afford it which gives you high and durable performance.

  • Beautiful Blade Shape
  • Easiest To Sharpen
  • Lightweight
  • Top Heavy
  • Slippery So That You Can Lose Edge Quickly
  • Not Durable
  • Having a Cutlass

05. Marbles Bolo Camp Machete
Marbles Bolo Camp Knife Review

Are you want to hike or to camp or clearing, all in one tool is Marbles Bolo Camp Knife your perfect companion for outdoor activities? Having high-quality features, this tool is coated with a nice powder that seems sharp. It has a beautiful blade comfy and ergonomic to carry out.

Durable Blade

Executing outdoor activities, the Marbles Bolo Camp Knife blade is the best choice; this tool is a reliable one. The curve blade is light weighted but performs all functionality above its weight class. Furthermore, with a full tang, it is perfect for chopping.

Ergonomic Safety Handle

Another best feature is the ergonomic handle, which makes this machete secure and safe to use. Having a small design on this machete handle is just enough to choke up for slicing and other purposes. This machete handle is safe so that you can use it comfortably.

Cost and Value

It is available in the mid-range. You can easily afford it because of its high functioning. If you are going to get this machete, I am sure this kukri machete is a life-long companion for you.

  • With Holes, Its Blade Is Durable And Reliable
  • Provide You Firm Grip
  • Having Full Solid Designed Tang
  • Affordable Price
  • Ergonomic Safety Handle Size
  • Perform All Functions Above Weight Class
  • As This Machete Has A Stainless Steel Blade Which Is Sharpened Than Carbon Steel Blades.

06. Bloody Red Zombie Killer Bolo Machete
Bloody Red Zombie Killer Bolo Machete Knife Review

Zombie Killer Bolo Machete is one of the Best Bolo Machetes lists. It is perfectly usable for all kinds of tasks gardening usage to clearing out all annoying bushes even for small trees. Zombie Killer Bolo Machete is the best handy tool that everyone must have around to getting outdoors.

Solid Blade

Having a sharpening edge of the blade made this machete unbeaten. If you want perfect chopping, then no other machete is above it with forwarding momentum.

Military Grade

Not only civilian use, but this machete is also usable for a military-grade. Besides clearing all unwanted bushes and branches, it is also the best survival choice among all machetes.

Cost and Value

This machete is affordable and excellent worth for the price. For its reliability

  • Great Blade Performs Well.
  • As It Is Also Used In the Military, It Provide You with Durable And Firm Hold
  • Having Solid Forward Momentum With Heavy Front Blade
  • Sharpening Blade-Like Razor
  • Reasonable Price Point
  • As Its Handle Is Short And Can Be Slippery Due To Material, I Recommend You, Before Using It You Should Cover It With Sports Grip Tape. Or You Can Also Wear Gloves Before Using It.
  • The Final Finish Will Show After Use/Time Scratches.

07. Condor Tool & Knife, Engineer Bolo Machete

Condor Tool & Knife Engineer Bolo Machete ReviewAn ideal tool for hiking and camping and all outdoor activities. It true companion to carry, chop with and throw. It has a condor textured blade with a hardwood handle that gives a beautiful shape.

Sharp Versatile Blade

Having a condor textured blade made this blade more beautiful among all bolo machetes. Using this blade, you can easily chop and making it well-balanced in every swing. The base of this blade is thick, which offers you to use it in different tasks.

Heavy Chopper

A well-crafted bolo machete lets you chop as well as you do. You can use it as a harder chopper tool that feels you comfy heft in your hands.

Cost and Value

This bolo machete is pricier than other machetes on our list. But you can still afford it if you have a little more money to spend on a good knife.

  • Solid Blade Usable For Heavy Chopping
  • Full Tang Allows You To Force It Fully
  • The Hardwood Handle Is Easy To Grip
  • Attractive Look
  • Well-Balancing Tool Handles Well
  • If You Don’t Care It Properly Then It Can Cause Rust As It Is Made With A Carbon Steel Blade

08. Heavy Bolo Machete Black Carbon Steel by Pro Tactical

Heavy Bolo Machete ReviewWhen you are hiking or camping, you must have to pick a survival tool that will provide you safety then the best choice is heavy bolo machete black carbon steel for you. The reason is it is easy to carry and use. You will feel comfy and secure having it.

Tough Blade

Black powder coated with carbon steel made this bolo machete blade stronger that will make you feel secure. It is best in the jungle and your backyard as it is sturdy in different environments and conditions.

Ergonomic Handle

This bolo machete provides you a handle with a dual-injection molded design that decreases any hand fatigue if you ever experienced using it. It also has many lanyard holes so that you can easily hold it firmly in one position. For cutting slicing, it is more efficient.

Cost and Value

Columbia River has a mid-range price. With its ergonomic and robust handle with the best survival tool, there is nothing more worthy like it.

  • With Its Thick, Durable Carbon Steel Blade, Gives More Efficiency
  • Reliable In All Conditions And Environments
  • Perfect Size Blade Is Easy To Sharpen
  • Comfy Ergonomic Handle
  • Perfect Price Point
  • The Blade Is Thinner Or Sharper
  • Having Much Lighter Weight

09. Ontario Military Bolo Machete 9001143

Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete ReviewFinding the best machete for the military? Don’t worry anymore because Ontario Military is here with the allure of Ontario’s Knife Company which never compromises product quality. There is no chance of stopping if once you grab this machete in your hands.

Solid Blade

A solid carbon steel blade with a sharp edge and a plastic handle are comfortable to hold easily. Having a front weighted with forwarding momentum is perfectly a choice for large to small chopping.

Military Grade

Not only for civilians this also machetes for military usage. Besides you clearing out annoying brushes you can also use them as it a self-defense tool.

Cost and Value

The price of this machete is not much you can easily afford it which gives you high and durable performance for life long.

  • Great Blade Functioning Well
  • You Can Firmly Hold It
  • Provides You with Heavy Front Blade With Forwarding Momentum
  • A Very Sharp Blade Edge
  • Great Price Point
  • Its Handle May Be Slippery As It’s Small So I Suggest You Cover Its Handle With Sports Tape Or You Can Also Wear The Gloves Before Using It To Hold It Firmly.
  • The Black Finish Shows After Use/Time Scratch

Buying Guide

Let me help you!

To choose the right bolo machetes, there are so many things you have to be concern about as all machetes are made for specific purposes. Some are best in chopping; some are best in slashing. So different machetes are used to accomplish different purposes. So here I have a short but enough buyer guide for the best machetes.

If you are finding the best machete, then you are in the right place. Before going to pick the best machete there are different things you have to clear for your perfect machete.

WoodPlasticStainless SteelRubberLeatherLayered
A handle made of wood allows you to hold it adequately but can cause slippage sometimes. These types of handles challenging to maintain and found to be more on the pricey side.
Cheap material and requires less maintenance. However, these types of handles can slick when hands are wet but can complete control over the machete when hands are dry.
Decorative handles are made with stainless steel and added more weight. When your hands get wet, then it causes slippage, which gives you less grip action.
A soften firm grip is offered by rubber material handles but can cause hands fatigue while using a machete.
A gorgeous looking handles with high performance but are not work well in real practical purposes. When leather becomes wet, it can cause slippage making the swing more difficult.
These type of handles made with a combination of materials like paper, canvas, and fiberglass. They offer a comfy, firm grip and durable for a long-lasting period.


The most crucial factor while choosing a machete is the size of the blade. A shorter size blade is challenging to handle harder chopping. A larger size blade requires more force. Blades have different sizes, and the commonly used size is 18 inches. You can select according to your needs.


Machete’s handle comes in different designs, materials, and designs, and all have different shapes that work for specific uses. It all depends on its durability. Durability is based on material as each material has its good and harmful properties, so you have to select an article according to your requirements.

Blade Material

There are three types of material that are used by the machete manufacturer during machete making. These material are as follow:

Carbon SteelStainless SteelHigh Carbon Stainless Steel
This material is used to sharpen machetes edges and for balancing. Carbon steel is more potent than other types and usually cheap and sharp. For hard chopping, this material is the right choice.
As stainless steel is made up of nickel and chromium, which is expensive than carbon steel but has lower strength than carbon steel. For less prone to rust, it is the best choice.
High carbon stainless steel is a combo pack with a combination of carbon and stainless steel make one solid item. It is more durable than the other two types and provides you more sharpening right edges. Also, it is more expensive than others.


A handler is a part that connects the blade to grip up is tang for slicing and chopping, more force is needed to make sure before selecting a machete, and the blade has a full length so that you have easily grip on its tang. The shape of the handle and blade is also an important factor before getting a perfect machete. You have to find the blade-style according to its use. Here in below I’m going too listed up best machete best blade style. Just stay with me.


Quillon HandleKnuckle Guard HandleCrossguard Handle
This type reduces the chances of slippage over the handle or slides up over the blade. So you have to keep it in your mind this type will not provide protection.
The only difference between a Quillon handle and Knuckle Guard Handle is Knuckle added more weight to its handle because of design. So before the select one, you have to keep in mind these types of handles are not one size fits all.
Crossguard handle provides you more protection than knuckle guard handle. Its slightly heavy than others but it is best for work rather than decoration.


Before selecting a machete, you have to know about its value. Are you sure your selected machete will work? Blade, tang, and material, and style all you have to choose according to your needs. Last but not least, survival is needed to also keep it in your minds to get your perfect machete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions with the best possible answers.

How Should I Store My Machete?

Firstly you have to make sure it is scorched. You should also avoid storing it in a sheath for a long time this can cause corrosion to your blade.

What Blade Material is Easiest to Care for?

A bolo machete is a tool used for multi-purposes. It was designed to cut woods in the Philippines, but it is also be used in the fields as well as outdoor/indoor activities.

Are Machetes Safe to Use?

If you carefully use it, then they are safe to use. You have to make sure before using a machete that you have a proper grip on it.

Why a Bolo Machete?

Did you know about bolo machete? The blade gets larger right before the end of the machete is bolo machete that gives you excellent chopping power because of the weight behind the blade. And a versatile tool is always needed when it comes to outdoor activities.

What Does A Bolo Machete Look Like?

The bolo machete has a range between 12” to 18.” These machetes have a woody handle with full tang along with a steel blade.

What Is The Use Of Bolo Machete?

The main purpose of using a bolo machete is to narrow down the crops. It is mostly used as a harvesting tool. Due to its distinctive bulge design, it is best for chopping.

What Blade Material is Easiest to Care for?

A bolo machete is a tool used for multi-purposes. It was designed to cut woods in the Philippines, but it is also be used in the fields as well as outdoor/indoor activities.[/su_spoiler]

Which Type of Handle Should I Choose if I’m Using the Machete to Clear Bushes?

There are three handles available to select from quillon, knuckle guard, and crossguard. You have to select according to your needs.  Quillon is best to clear bushes.

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