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Top 10 Best Machete For Clearing Brush of 2024

Best Machetes for Clearing BrushesMachetes have gone through countless modifications in their materials, shape, size, and usage. Now we have modern machetes in the best form that can be used from cleaning brushes to the best survival tool. Initially, it was used as a survival tool by humans to defend themselves from enemies and animals.

This is one of the most useful tools in the world used for blazing trails, clearing bushes, chopping wood, making shelters, harvesting crops, and also at home to prepare meals. A machete is a must-have tool for the farmer to clear bushes and trails, and also cut trees. Machetes are available in different types for different use. The selection of a machete depends upon your needs. For a very specific purpose, we are going to take a look at the 10 best machetes for clearing brushes.

01. Ontario Knife Co 1-18 Military Machete
 Ontario Knife Military Machete Review

The Ontario Knife Company is successfully producing the 1-18 Machete under United States Government specifications for almost 60 years. The Ontario Knife Co 1-18 Military machete features carbon steel with 24 inches overall length. The blade of this machete is hardened to 50-55 HRC.

Though the sheath is sold separately it has a riveted handle made of molded plastic. Its Latin-style blade is extremely shaped at 18 inches in length. The carbon 1095 steel is popular for premium durability, strength, and long-lasting sharpness. That’s why this best machete is highly recommended for cleaning brushes.

A heavy-duty powder is used to coat the blade for improved corrosion and rust resistance abilities. Also, the partial flat grind extends 0.5 inches up the blade. The full tang construction makes it one of the strongest machetes available on the market. The three riveted handles offer great grip and comfort. Also, a pinky notch is added at the end of the handle to prevent the machete from slipping out of the hand during work.

  • Corrosion & Rust Resistance Blade (Coated With Heavy Powder)
  • Carbon Steel Blade For Long Lasting, More Strength & Durability
  • Long Length Blade With Thick Size
  • Full Tang Construction For Increased Durability & Strength
  • Thick Plastic Handle For Extreme Comfort & Strong Grip
  • Pinky Notch Prevents the Machete From Slipping
  • Sheath Sold Separately
  • Needs Sharpening Immediately After Buying

02. SogFari Machete 18 ¾ Inch
SogFari Machete Review

SogFari 18-inch features high-quality stainless steel with perfectly balanced construction. This is one of the best machetes that can perform many tasks such as clearing bushes, chopping wood, harvesting crops, and preparing meals too. The dual edge list of best online casinos machete has a 13 inches durable blade which is made from the premium 3Cr 13 stainless steel and coated with black powder for high rust resistance. On one side you enjoy a straight edge blade and on the other side, there is a large tooth serrated edge made for sawing.

This machete is best for harvesting crops and clearing bushes. The Kraton synthetic rubber material on the black handle provides a firm grip with a non-slip surface, enhanced heat resistance, and chemical, and weathering resistance. But there is a limited lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer. The machete has r 19 inches in length with a 0.08 thick blade and 13 ounces in weight.

  • Full Tang Construction For High-Class Durability And Strength
  • 3C313 Stainless Steel Blade Hardened To HRC 52-53 For Enhanced Durability
  • Rubberized Kraton Handle
  • Sheath Available For Safe Storage13-Inch
  • Light Weight Blade For Clearing Brush
  • Needs Frequent Re-sharpening As Blade Lose The Edge Rapidly
  • Not Recommended For Heavy Use

03. Condor Tool and Knife, Golok Machete
Condor Golok Machete Review

The Golok machete by Condor Tool and Knife is a must-have tool for every machete lover. This tool is good for money due to many reasons. The handle has been manufactured from walnut material and the sheath is made from 100% leather.

The overall length of this machete for brushes is 19 inches with a 14-inch long blade made from 1075 high carbon steel. Epoxy black powder coating has been used in the blade finish for the best rust resistance. Its brown hardwood handle offers an ideal grip with high comfort.

  • Hardwood Handle For Great Grip
  • 1075 High Carbon Steel
  • 100% Leather Sheath
  • 14 Inches Blade Length
  • May Be Heavier For Some Users

04. CRKT Chanceinhell Fixed Blade Machete
CRKT Chanceinhell Fixed Blade Machete

This big survival machete by Ken Onion has been designed for strong and tough work. The thick carbon steel blade features a black powder coat which is highly durable in extreme environments. This machete is truly made for hard use and can be easily re-sharpened after use. Its dual injection-molded handles reduce hand fatigue. The multiple lanyard holes are there for varied group options.

Another best feature of this machete is the reinforced nylon sheath along with the classic Velcro belt loop. The football texture handle grip ensures a strong grip in various situations.

The fixed blade is 12 inches long, 0.1 inches thick with a plain edge, and 65Mn Carbon steel. In order to improve the confidence level of machete lovers, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this product.

  • Very Firm Grip
  • Super Versatile Nylon Sheath
  • Great Appearance
  • Very Sharp 12” Blade
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Needs Re-Sharpening After Use

05. Condor Tool and Knife Parang Machete
Condor Parang Machete Review

Another master price by Condor with 24 inches overall length. If you are searching for the best machete that feels good and looks good with high-class performance, Condor Tool, and Knife Parang machete is made for you. The 17.5 inches blade comes with a versatile leather sheath. It is the best machete for clearing bushes, vines, and small trees.

The full tang blade has been manufactured of 1075 high carbon steel coated with epoxy black powder. This is a lightweight machete made for perfect swing effortlessly. The blade is thin which can be re-sharpened easily and can last for years. The handle features hardwood for a firm grip with 108 sculpted vents.

  • Hardwood Handle
  • 108 Sculpture Vents
  • Black Epoxy Powder Coating
  • Black Leather Sheath
  • 1075 High Carbon Steel
  • Expensive As Compared To Other Machetes On The List

06. Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri Machete
Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete Review

Schrade has the pride to create the most trustworthy knives that are popular for various outdoor activities. Whether you are camping, hiking, executing bushcraft, or any other activity, Schrade is the best option for you. The overall length of this machete is 19.7 inches with 13.3 inches made from 3Cr13 powder coated Stainless steel.

The black safety grip handle offers a highly durable grip. The classy polyester sheath along with a removable shoulder pouch, leg strap, shoulder strap, and belt loop give you a convenient grip. The front quillon security prevents the blade from slipping out of the hand.

This machete for clearing brushes features a sharpening stone, a Ferro rod, and a lanyard hole.

  • 3C313 Powder Coated Stainless Steel
  • Polyester Sheath
  • Safe-T- Grip Handle
  • Don’t Use For Heavy Work

07. Cold Steel Barong Machete
Cold Steel Barong Machete Review

The 18-inch curved blade of this Cold steel Barong machete is the most appealing aspect. The durable blade is made from 1055 carbon steel for durability and strength. An additional matte black finish helps the blade material avoid rust and corrosion.

This machete is created with the traditional downturned handle that improves the appearance. Polypropylene material is utilized in the handle to promote long-lasting features. You can be made hard chopping strokes with a firm grip. The Cor-Ex sheath makes it simple to carry.

  • Curved Leaf-Style Balde
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Polypropylene Handle
  • Cor-EX Sheath
  • 1055 Carbon Steel
  • Maybe Heavy For Some Users
  • Sheath Needs Improvement

08. United Cutlery GH5053 Hibben Master Bushcraft Machete
Hibben Master Bushcraft Machete Review

This Hibbing Bust craft machete is a one-stop solution for re-crafting, building shelters, and common wilderness survival. The fantastic 11 3/16 inches 1075 carbon steel full-tang machete with the rough-forged surface has its own charm for machete lovers. The satin-coated cast stainless steel guard makes it a perfect machete for clearing brush.

For excellent grip, you have the walnut hardwood handle along with the nickel silver pins that allow the best chopping feature with great comfort. There is also a heavy-duty sheath made from nylon with a PVC blade liner. The overall length of this machete is 16.75 inches with 11.19 inches long blade made of 1075 carbon steel.

  • Hardwood Walnut Handle
  • Nylon Sheath With PVC Liner
  • Full Tang
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive

09. Fiskars Clearing Tool Garden Machete
Fiskars Clearing Tool Garden Machete Review

Created for fast and powerful performance, the Fiskars cleaning tool garden machete is getting incredibly popular among gardeners. The wild swing allows for clearing large areas with 15 inches long blades. The rust-resistant, ultra-sharp blade is made for a wide range of tasks to help gardeners.

An intelligent texture pattern is really comfortable for free and firm swings. The curved blade of this machete is ideal for cleaning brushes, powering through fibrous plants, cutting thick branches, and many more garden tasks. Besides a versatile nylon sheath, you also enjoy a lifetime warranty with this machete. The finger guard is there for additional protection.

With only 2.2 pounds weight and a high carbon steel blade, the machete can easily chop through a small brush and tree in the backyard. The ax-shaped blade gives more control while chopping and splitting.

  • Perfect For Cutting Thick Branches & Clearing Brushes
  • 15” Curved Blade Made From High Carbon Steel
  • Perfect Gardening Tool
  • Rust Resistant
  • Comfortable Plastic Handle
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Needs Constant Re-Sharpening

10. Ka-Bar 14-Inch Grass Machete Knife
Ka-Bar Grass Machete Review

The Ka-Bar 14-inch grass cutter machete is one of the lesser-known models of the Ka-Bar. The overall length of this machete is 19.5 inches with 14 inches blade made from 1085C. Ka-Bar is popular for producing high-quality blades.

A blade is just a perfect tool with a sharp and fine edge. You can easily clear grass and bushes with it. The 1085 carbon steel is popular steel used by renowned brands in making blades.

The highly durable handle manufactured from black Kraton Goffer has a great grip for wide swings even in the worst situations. This heavy-duty cutting tool comes with a Cordura sheath made for long-lasting.

  • Heavy Duty Tool
  • 1085 High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Black Kraton G Handle
  • Comes With Sheath
  • Not Perfectly Rust Resistant
  • Handle Needs Improvement

11. ESEE Lite Machete With Micarta Handle

ESEE Lite Machete ReviewA best-quality series of Machetes outside of the mass production capabilities of Ontario. The newly ESEE series is considered “mid-tech” in the sense of quality and manufacturing process. A noticeably improved sheath, fits in hands, finish, and detail on ESEE Machetes.

This brand is becoming popular because of high-quality new products that develop and upgrade to existing series.

It comes without a fancy design that fits any desirable field cutlery. To see its toughness, it is unmatchable, comfy, and efficient in cutting.

Unlike other brands, ESEE doesn’t just release a new machete because it cools on paper. This brand tested every new product before releasing it in the market.

With sheath but not very sung. Its sheath is made of ambidextrous Cordura. It’s a great survival tool. I am sure about it; get this machete if you want to get a machete designed by real users.

  • Made In The USA
  • High-Quality Material
  • Ensures Reliability
  • Perfect The Cutting Edge
  • Without Fancy Look
  • Not For Much Work

Buying Guide

Well, there are some essential things to know before buying any product. If you are paying for something, you must choose the perfect one for your money. Here are some buyer tips to look for in a machete.

Types of Brush

The first thing you need to know before buying a machete is what type of vegetation you want to use the machete on. There are two types of a brush;

Grassy BrushThick or Woody Brush
If you want to clean grassy or thing brush, don’t go for the heavy blade. A lightweight machete can work best on such vegetation. A lightweight machete helps to work for a long time without getting tired. A machete with both sharp sides is highly recommended for clearing such a brush.
If you need to clear woody or thick brush then machete with a wide belly with its blade tip is best for you. The curved tip machete helps to cut through vegetation with less effort. Though it can be a bit heavy due to the weighted blade but the chopping power of such machetes is just remarkable.

Blade Length

There are varieties of blade lengths offered by machete manufacturers. It starts from 12 inches and can go to 24 inches or more. So it is crucial to determine the length of the blade according to your needs before paying for it. A long blade machete can work well for clearing brush as the length protects the hands from injuries.

Blade Thickness

Blade thickness is another important thing to consider. The majority of machetes come with a relatively thin blade of about 1/8 inches thickness. The such thickness makes them lightweight and provides more control to cut through the grassy or thin brush. But the biggest flaw of thin blades is that they can break easily when used for cutting hard, woody brushes and vines.

Other machetes like Ka-Bar Grass Machete feature a thick blade about ¼ inches in thickness. Such blades are highly recommended for heavy-duty chopping tasks. Due to the blade thickness, they are heavy and can be difficult to control.

Machete Style

The different kinds of machetes are made for various purposes. Such as Kukri and Barong machetes are not suitable for clearing brush as they are not made for cutting through thick vegetation. Heavy-duty machetes like Parang, Bolo, and Panga are made for cutting through heavy vegetation.

Construction Material

There are mainly three kinds of construction materials used for making machetes.

Carbon SteelStainless SteelHigh Carbon Stainless Steel
Carbon steel blades are stronger and can maintain a sharp cutting edge for relevantly longtime. But remember they are commonly harder to sharpen. They can rust easily and need to be oiled properly. Such blades are best for clearing woody or thick brush.
Such blades are best known for rust and corrosion resistance abilities. The stainless steel is soft so these blades don’t hold an edge for a long time and need frequent re-sharpening. However, stainless steel is more expensive than carbon steel and also available in more decorative blades.
This type of steel is a combination of stainless steel and carbon steel. They are seriously strong with the best rust-resistant properties. They have the ability to maintain a sharp edge for a long time and can be re-sharpened easily. But it is expensive as compared to both carbon steel and stainless steel. Such blades are highly recommended for cleaning wood or thick brush.


A good handle offers great grip and comfort. The handle style is very important because it matters a lot when you are cutting through different materials. Three popular handle types are;

  • Quillon Handle
  • D-Ring eel/Knuckle Guard
  • Cross-Guard Handle
Handle material usually consists of wood and plastic which is a bit expensive. A lightweight handle offers the best strokes with less energy. Some handles are made of rubber, stainless steel, and leather.

Micarta is the best handle material of all that not only provides the best grip and premium comfort but can last longer for sure. However, such material costs more than the above-mentioned materials.

Full Tang

Full machetes are best for clearing brushes. A full tang machete is one in which the blade extends to the back of the handle. Such a design is perfect for improving strength and longevity.

Safety First

No matter what type of machete you are going to use but keep the security level at the top.

  • A well-made sheath is the most important safety feature that not only allows you to store the machete but also transport the machete comfortably.
  • A sheath must be sturdy and of high quality.
  • The machete handle must be designed in a way that it cannot slip out of the hand easily.
  • The handle material needs to be comfortable enough to provide a firm grip.


The biggest challenge one faces when buying a machete is to make the right decision. There are countless brands with unique features on the market which is really confusing. We have shared the 12 best machetes for clearing brush with a proper description of each product to help you make the right decision. Don’t waste your precious time and money by buying a fake product. Carefully read out the product reviews, go to Amazon, look at the customer reviews, and then buy the best machete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Machete For Clearing Brush?

Clearing a brush needs a long blade with a durable handle. Take a look at the best machetes for clearing brushes.

  • Ontario Knife Co 18-Inch Military Machete
  • Kershaw Camp Series 18-Inch Machete
  • SOG SOGfari 13-Inch Machete
  • Fiskars 29 Inch Machete Axe
  • Jungle Master JM-021 Full Tang Machete
  • Fiskars Clearing Tool 15-inch Garden Machete

What Is The Best Machete Brand?

Here are the best machete brands for 2023.

  • Condor Tool & Knife
  • Gerber Gear
  • Cold Steel
  • Fiskars
  • Corona
  • Estwing
  • Sheffield
  • Tramontina
  • Ka-Bar

How Much Does A Good Machete Cost?

There are different types of machetes available on the market. The price range of machete starts from $10 to $100 depending on the quality of the material used in manufacturing. Parang, Bolo, and Bush machetes are the most expensive of all.

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