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How to Use Machete For Survival?

Having the right gear can make a significant difference during a survival situation. Whether you are facing heavy rain or are lost in the woods, the machete is the best survival tool you can use. Why is a machete the best survival tool, and how to use a machete for survival? These are two important questions every adventurer should ask himself before going out.

Outdoor activities are fun, but when it comes to a survival situation, you must be prepared for it with suitable equipment. However, having a versatile tool like a machete, you don’t need to overload your backpack with extra equipment. Cutting a long story short, let’s find out the necessary information about the machete as a survival tool and its best usage.

Why is Machete the Best Survival Tool?

An excellent survival tool is well-crafted, versatile, and highly adaptable to different environments. Suppose you are trekking in a forest and suddenly face heavy rainfall; what will be your top priority? Of course, you will go for a shelter either by finding a natural one or creating a decent one by cutting branches. Can you do this with a short-blade knife?

No, you need a large cutting tool with a powerful swing, and there is nothing better than a machete. The cutting power of the machete has been simply amazing as the long blade made from durable metal, comfortable handle, and powerful swing is good enough to cut a tree quickly. Whether you need to cut wood for a camping fire or create shelter or be in a severe survival condition, a machete is a one-stop solution for your needs.

How to Use Machete for Survival?

You can buy individual tools for survival needs, but a machete can perform various tasks effortlessly. Machete is a multi-functional and durable cutting tool for emergency situations. A machete is useful for different survival situations. Here are some common machete uses for survival.


Machete can help to start a fire quickly. Just strike the piece of flint using the machete edge to create sparks for a fire. They are best for cutting up pieces of dry vegetation. You can also utilize a machete as a fire poker for adjusting the embers and keeping the fire going.

Food Preparation

You need a sharp knife for cutting veggies, fruits, and meat. A sharp machete helps to prepare meals quickly and efficiently. You will also have a convenient time cutting up collected vegetables and fruits that are hard to chop raw, including coconuts, pineapples, and potatoes.

Signal Mirror

A sharp, clean and large machete blade works perfectly as a signal mirror when properly angled against sunlight. Light flashes from your machete will help rescuers from the ground or hone in on your location. Make sure to keep the machete sides polished for the best results.

Foraging Tool

The best machete makes it effortless to collect the materials required to build a shelter. You can use a machete to clear brushes and overgrowth from tree branches and also shave away the bark. Also, machetes can be used like an axe to cut entire trees.


Do you want to carry a traditional shovel for survival? I think no one wants to take the extra burden of long trekking. A machete can be the best replacement to save energy and space in your backpack. You can use the long and sharp blade of a machete to dig out post holes, cut poles and reshape the campsite. The bottom of the machete handle can tamp down the dirt around the post and help to secure the framework of shelter during camping.

Final Words

There is no question that the machete is the best survival tool, but you should be careful while using the machete. If not used properly, the machete can lead to difficult situations. Make sure to carry the machete sheath for protection. Don’t forget to sharpen the edges before taking it as a survival tool.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is A Machete Good For Survival?

A machete is the best tool for survival and camping. Machete can help to clear brush and help cut down wood for shelter, cut and prepare food and create shelter in survival situations.

  • Can I Cut Wood With A Machete?

A sharp machete blade is a good option for cutting wood or trees. However, it is essential to choose a thick blade machete with a strong handle for such tough tasks.

  • What’s Better Tomahawk Or A Machete?

A machete is an ideal tool for clearing brushes and vegetation, whereas a tomahawk is used for cutting, hammering, chopping, digging, and light-medium duty tasks.

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