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How to Cut Bamboo with Machete?

Bamboo is a different type of wood with distinctive features like fast growth and low price. Sometimes, you need to cut bamboo with a sharp tool like a machete. The best thing about the machete is its ultra-sharp blade and excellent cutting performance.

However, it doesn’t mean everyone can cut bamboo with a machete because both material and cutting instrument is different in nature. Cutting long things short, here is a brief guide on how to cut bamboo with a machete and make the best out of it.

How to Cut Bamboo with Machete

Bamboo condition matters when it comes to cutting. For instance, if you want to use bamboo for a project, it is recommended to select green bamboo as it is convenient to use. On the contrary, if the bamboo is cold outside, you need to heat the bamboo stalks to prevent splitting.

Don’t forget to put masking tape before starting cutting. It will help to stop the cutting material from splintering. Take a sharp pruner to cut bamboo less than one inch in diameter.

Use a measuring tape to determine how wide the bamboo piece you need. Make sure to choose the bamboo with the required thickness as bamboo doesn’t come in uniform diameter.

Most people use the stem of the bamboo plant as this is the only part that grows above the ground and usually grows straight. Typically, bamboo is hollow from the inside, but the thickness of the wall may differ depending on the species.

Always lubricate the bamboo before cutting it, as it makes it convenient to cut through. You can use mineral oil to lubricate it. Always work a room temperature to prevent splitting. Cut bamboo at an angle of 45 degrees between the nodes.

You can use any sharp cutting instrument to cut bamboo, but the machete is one of the best you can find on the market. Make sure to check the cutting performance of your machete before using it on bamboo.

Take a bamboo stalk and ensure it is not damaged or diseased. First of all, find the nodes on the stalk which look like rings. Make sure there are four to six nodes.

Use the machete to cut the lowest node and cut at a 45 degrees angle. Choose a joint on the stalk and slice above it. Take off the leafy shoots from the bottom of the stalks. You can also read our Top 5 machete fo bamboo cutting Here.

Useful Tips

  • If you are cutting in cold temperatures, warm up the bamboo before cutting. Cold wood may split and splinter than warm wood. This is one serious issue with bamboo wood compared with other varieties.
  • If you are cutting a long bamboo piece, support both ends of the stalk with a tool like a sawhorse or a workbench. The weight of the free end can pull on the stalk and may splinter or break it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can a machete be cut through the wood?

Machete can chop wood, clear bushwhack and brush efficiently and quickly. One excellent thing about this versatile cutting tool is the powerful cutting on different materials, which makes them ideal for cutting and survival.

  • Which is better Machete or a Hatchet?

When it comes to clearing brush and trail removal, a machete is an ideal tool compared to a hatchet. The large and sharp blade can cut through the brush with convenience when properly sharpened.

  • What is the best metal for a Machete?

The best metal for machete is carbon steel due to its harder and inexpensive price. Also, carbon steel blades retain the edge longer, but they still it is vulnerable to rust and make it hard to re-sharpen.

Machete Bamboo Cut Test

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