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How to Use Machete for Clearing Brush?

I always prefer outdoor adventures, especially in my hometown. Once, we were stuck in the heavy brush area and got a lesson to take a multipurpose tool like a machete to clear the brush. A large blade of a machete is the best way to clear brush, cut wood, and above all, use it as a survival tool during extreme conditions. However, it is essential to use a machete carefully because the sharp tool can be seriously dangerous if not used properly. Let’s find out how to use a machete for clearing brush and make the most out of it.

How to Use Machete for Clearing Brush- Easy ways

Before starting cutting, make sure to analyze the situation correctly and come up with an effective way to deal with it. When you are clearing brushes, the analysis mainly addresses what type of vegetation you are facing. Is it a dense woody brush or a grassy brush?

Cleaning Woody Brush with Machete

A Woody brush is challenging compared to a grassy brush. However, a machete is the best tool to clear such a brush with minimal effort. Woody brushes include small trees and bushy plants featuring wooded stems. When you are clearing a woody brush with a machete, you need a wide and thick blade tool with ideal cutting properties. You can choose an extra long blade, but it can challenge due to its sharp blade and heavy weight. The benefit of excess weight is that it offers a powerful swing with maximum force.

Clearing Grassy Brush with Machete

A grassy brush is easier to clear with powerful tools like a machete. It is made up of grass with a slightly woody stem. You may have seen such brushes in popular Hollywood movies like Indiana Jones, Rambo, or Apocalypto, where characters use machetes to clear brushes.

However, it doesn’t mean you should imitate their way as they are just acting, and you will be dealing with the problem in real life. You need some time to get used to the machete swing. A machete with a thin and light blade is good enough to clear a brassy brush.

You have gone through the analysis session, and it’s time to clean the brushes. Take safety precautions, such as ensuring there is nobody around you when you start swinging the machete.

Hold your Machete Properly

Machete’s holding position has a significant impact on clearing brushes. Most new users go death grip which results in exhaustion and blisters on the hands. The pinch grip method is a good choice to prevent this and make the most out of your machete swings. You can achieve a machete pinch grip by focusing on the gripping power of your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers.

Make sure to allow the hilt of the tool to move relatively freely between the palm and the remaining fingers. Such a grip allows work longer by reducing fatigue and horrible blisters. Also, it helps to add more power to your machete swing.

Swinging Machete for Best Cutting Results

When clearing brushes, especially woody brushes, make sure the blade is set up to cut through branches and stems at an angle. This is more effective compared to cutting straight through a branch and is a great way to prevent the machete blade from bouncing off a branch.

Final Words

Machete is a powerful cutting tool and can be both effective and dangerous. If you know how to use a machete for clearing brush, you can efficiently cut through brushes and other obstacles during outdoor activities. On the other hand, the sharpness can be dangerous if not utilized safely. Also, it is essential to choose the best machete to achieve ideal cutting results.


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