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How To Restore Dead Machete?

It is very simple to restore back your favorite machete. You need a bottle of vinegar, a tub to dip it in, sandpaper, and steel wool. And wood or other oil. First, take out the machete from the sheath and put it in the tub having the vinegar. Make sure your weapon is dipped inside it. Leave it for 24 hours. The next day brings out the vinegar and takes the sandpaper to remove the rust.

After that use the steel wool to clear all the debris from the machete. Now use the electric sand machine and rub to bring the shine back. If you have an electric sharpener then you can use it to sharpen the blade, this is important because the rusted blade with the passage of time loses its sharpness and become blunt.

Therefore, to get back your refreshed machete doesn’t forget to sharpen the blade and try on the tree. If it chops instantly then it means your dead machete is restored back.

If the handle is ruptured fill the glue on the whole side. Now use the Danish or wood oil to clean the surface of the sheath. In order to give shininess to the machete use any oil or furniture shiner. In the end, using the paint renews the look of the handle especially if it is made of wood or plastic.

In the end, you will see your machete will all clean and there will be no sign of the old marks.

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