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Best Machete for Bamboo – Top 5 for 2023

Whether you are a professional farmer who wants to cut bamboo from the field, an outdoor enthusiast or looking for the best cutting tool, the machete is a one-stop solution for all your needs. Made from durable material with a compact design, a machete is a versatile tool commonly found in all survival kits. The sharp razor blade of a machete knife is excellent for cutting and chopping.

There are different types of machete available on the market, and each is made for a particular task. The best machete for bamboo is specially made to help you cut through rough and tough bamboo. Based on user reviews, product manufacturing material, brand reputation, and above all price, we have selected these best bamboo machetes for you.

01. Condor Tool & Knife, Discord Machete

Condor Tool & Knife, Discord MacheteDesigned by Joe Flowers, a popular outdoorsman who spent most of their time in Central America, this high-quality machete is ideal for cleaning bamboo. Built for performance and durability, the Discord machete comes with a 3mm-1075 high carbon steel blade material. The 18 inches ultra-sharp blade also has an epoxy black powder coating blade finish.

Manufactured from premium-grade materials, the machete is equipped with a full tang and Micarta handle. One of the best features of the handle is that not only it offers a comfortable grip, but the non-slip feature allows using it in wet weather conditions.

There is also a black leather belt sheath along with swiveling belt loop for convenient carrying. Another handy feature is that lanyard hole that allows hanging the machete when not using. Don’t worry about rust issues, as the blade material is perfectly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Key Features
• Machete Weight 1 Lb
• Blade Material High Carbon Steel
• Full Tang
• Black Leather Belt Sheath
  • Built For Performance And Durability
  • Epoxy Black Powder Coating Blade
  • Great Edge Retention
  • Lightweight Machete
  • Comes With A Lanyard Hole
  • Ordinary Packing

02. Gerber Gear 31-003152N Broadcut Machete

Gerber Gear 31-003152N Broadcut MacheteThis is an updated version of the traditional jungle tribesman’s machete. As the name suggests, Broad cut machete is a special tool to handle tough situations. Crafted from steel, the heavy fine edge blade is perfectly resistant to corrosion and makes short work of dense brush.

Featuring an innovative hook & cut notch, this best machete works perfectly to manipulate troublesome vines and branches. The comfortable grip is an ideal choice for all-day use. There is a textured rubber handle along with the oversize finger choil to prevent slipping while cutting bamboo.

One of the best features of this best machete for bamboo is its lightweight of only 18.07 ounces. The tool is a special gift for long cutting days and tough tasks. Last but not least, it is equipped with a safety lanyard to secure the tool in hand for confident cutting.

Key Features
• Machete Weight 18.07 Ounces
• Blade Material Steel
• Rubber Handle
• Durable Sheath
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight And Durable
  • Best For Long Use
  • Safety Lanyard
  • Comfortable Grip
  • The Blade Needs Constant Sharpening

03. SOG SOGfari 18″ Machete

SOG SOGfari MacheteThis highly versatile machete by SOG comes with a real working saw on the back of its blade. One of the handiest outdoor tools to clear brushes, chop wood, blaze trail, deal with bamboo and make shelters in emergency situations, SOG Specialty Knives & Tools MC02-N SOG Fari has a durable 3CR13 steel blade that has an attractive black powder-coated finish.

Equipped with an economically contoured and well-balanced handle featuring a black finish, it is manufactured with a Kraton to perfectly fit in hand. There is a synthetic rubber material on the handle to provide a no-slip surface along with improved resistance, weathering, and chemical resistance. Also, the machete has a lanyard hole on the handle base.

The manufacturer is offering a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing. A black nylon sheath featuring a hook and loop closure and belt loop attachments helps to keep the machete safe and close to you at all times.

Key Features
• Machete Weight
• Blade Material 3cr13 Stainless
• Kraton Handle
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes With A Nylon Sheath
  • Well Balanced Handle With Rubber Material
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Black Powder-Coated Finish
  • Best For Multitasking
  • Not For Heavy Cutting

04. Condor Tool & Knife, Golok Machete

Condor Tool & Knife Golok MacheteThe Condor 14 inch Golok machete is one of the best-selling Condor machetes used worldwide. Featuring an elegant walnut curved handle to sit in your grip perfectly, this durable machete can be used for different tasks, including chopping thicken vegetation or slashing through tall grass. The graceful, traditional Golok design combined with a 14-inch blade makes this machete a perfect choice for the outdoors.

The blade of the guitar is painted black, which makes it a perfect gift idea for special occasions. The CTK410-14HCS features a thick and durable genuine leather sheath. It is an important addition to this bamboo machete because the razor-sharp blade can be dangerous while carrying it.

Featuring a full tang with a brown hardwood handle, you can use this machete for full swing cutting tasks. However, it is recommended to use it for cutting small branches, tall grass, bamboo, and brushes as it is not manufactured to perform tough tasks.

Key Features
• Machete Weight 0.44 Lbs
• Blade Material 1075 High Carbon Steel
• 100% Leather Sheath
• Walnut Handle
  • Hardwood Handle
  • Corrosion-Resistant Blade
  • Epoxy Black Powder Coating Finish
  • Full Tang Design
  • Lightweight And Durable Construction
  • Large Handle

05. Kershaw Camp 14 Full Tang Machete

Kershaw Camp MacheteAn ideal companion for wilderness guides, hunters, survivalists, farmers, landscapers, and any who is looking for a high-performance blade, this Camp 14 from Kershaw is an excellent choice. From clearing brushes to making kindling, this best bamboo machete is a great survival tool to cut, hack, and split anything. The 14 inches 65Mn carbon steel blades offer excellent toughness and wear resistance.

There is a solid non-reflective black powder coating to protect the steel and provide convenient blade maintenance. One of the most appealing features of this machete is the contoured grip along with the built-in handguard to offer safety. Also, Kershaw has added a pre-drilled hole for versatile lanyard attachment.

The full tang handle is perfectly wrapped in a non-slip rubber over-mold and has a molded sheath featuring durable nylon straps. This sheath protects you and your blade during storage. There are numerous lashing points for attachment to your backpack.

Key Features
• Machete Weight 6.85 Pounds
• Blade Material 65mn Steel
• Full Tang Non-Slip Rubber Over-Mold Handle
• Built-In Hand Guard
  • High-Performance Steel
  • Durable Handle
  • Attractive Blade Coating
  • Dual-Sided Lanyard Holes
  • Easy To Maintain Blade
  • Easily Eroded Blade Coating


Whether you are a survival maniac, a farmer, or an avid camper, having the best machete will surely come useful in your daily activities. This ideal tool not only works best for harvesting but also makes outdoor cutting activities ultra-convenient. However, choosing the machete for bamboo can be a complicated task. There are a variety of brands, features, and styles offered by manufacturers. Make sure to choose the best machete that properly suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Steel For Machete?
Stainless steel is excellent steel used worldwide for manufacturing machetes. This steel has rust corrosion later, which makes it durable. Stainless steel never loses shines, and the edges of such blades are very sharp that is ideal for cutting and chopping.
Can I Use Machetes For Self-Defense?
Yes, a machete can be used for self-defense. Machete was originally developed as a self-defense tool in ancient times. However, it is essential to consider the local laws before using them for self-defense.
What Is The Best Size For A Machete?
Machetes are available in different sizes that range from 10 inches to 28 inches. However, 18 inches is the most popular size of machete used around the world. It depends on your needs to choose the right size machete.
What Is A Machete Good For?
Machetes are commonly used for cutting and maintaining trails. Nowadays, modern machetes are getting popular among hunters, campers, and fishermen for cleaning paths to create funnel points for animals, fishing holes, cutting bamboo, clearing shooting lanes, and chop down the brush to create fish habitats.
Why Are There Holes In A Machete?
Typically, the hole near the tip of the machete blade is a leftover artifact of the construction technique used to make some machete brands. When the flat strip of the blade is chop-sawed to length, the holes for the machete rivets are drilled.

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