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Best Golok Machete Reviews 2024

Best Golok MacheteGolok machetes are similar to parang machetes with their unique curved shape in which their spine and edge both are curved like a scimitar. The blades of this machete type are slightly thick and have upper weight so that you don’t have to force slowly. Here are some Best Golok Machetes, firstly let’s started with the introduction and uses. Let me introduce Golok Machete!

Golok Machete List

Product NameSpecifications of ProductPrice
Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete• Blade Length: 14 Inches
• Handle: Walnut
• Sheath: 100% Leather
• Steel: High Carbon Steel
• Overall Length: 19 Inches
Gerber Gator Golok Machete• Blade Length: 12 Inches
• Weight w/o Sheath: 25.3 oz.
• Blade Material: MN65 Steel
• Overall Length: 19 Inches
• Dual Tapered Blade Design
Golok Mil-Spec Camo Machete• Blade Length: 11 Inches
• Overall Length: 16.75 Inches
• Handle: G-10
• Full Tang
• Lanyard Hole
Svord Golok British Army Machete• Blade Length: 11 Inches
• Overall Length: 16 3/4 Inches
• Handle: Black MI Carta Handles With Brass Rivets
• Black Leather Belt Sheath
• Black Cord Lanyard Hole
Martindale Crocodile Golok Machete• Blade Length: 13 Inches
• Overall Length: 18 Inches
• Blade Thickness: 4mm
• Handle: German Beech Wood


Machetes are very common as a versatile tool; you can use them for chopping, cutting, clearing brushes, etc. Blades have different shapes and designs, but Golok Machete is fantastic to use as a knife also. Golok machete originated in Southeast Asia and worked great for both a knife or ax. Golok machetes have a shorter blade length as compare to other swords. These machetes are widely used for different purposes, and they can also be used as a survival tool.

Also, Golok machetes are widely used on the battlefield for over 125 years. They are the best Military weapons as these types of knives blades are shorter so they are easy-to-use and easy-to-carry and their upper weight of blades doesn’t require much force to chop anything. Furthermore, Golok Machetes have different varieties that have their characteristics, features, and applications.

01. Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete Review

Condor Tool & Knife Golok Machete ReviewIf you are looking for an ideal length Golok Machete, then Condor machete provides complete working functionality featuring with best quality materials.

This machete is with high carbon steel tang has a 14-inch blade size and curved shape that gives ease to cut even strums. You can also cut limbs, shrubs, bamboo, and branches with the right balance and much more.

A versatile Golok Machete lets you clearing anything quickly.
It comes with a walnut full black tang with brass rivets and a lanyard hole in a jet-black epoxy finishing. The handle is comfy to hold, and you feel like a safe hold on its handle. The machete reduces the slippage problem as compared to other knives.

A great thing about Condor Golok Machete is a high-quality sheath that is made of the best quality leather provides you more durability.

This machete ensures you won’t be disappointed because of its high-quality performance. The disadvantage of Condor Golok Machete is, a little bit heavy, and it is hard to draw from sheath.

  • Aesthetic Look
  • Full Tang
  • Extremely Versatile
  • More Durable
  • Hardwood Walnut Handle
  • A Little Heavy
  • Hard To Draw From The Sheath

02. Gerber Gator Golok Machete Review

Gerber Gator Golok Machete ReviewIf you want a secure grip with wet hands, then Gerber Gator Golok Machete is the right choice for you.  You can hold it firmly as it has a rubber textured handle that makes it unique as compare to other machetes. You can use it for tough works or also for outdoor activities. It provides 100% working as you expect.

It comes with a dual solid carbon stainless steel blade that is hard and quite easy to use. You can easily cut and chopping your required material quickly as its thick blade is best for chopping wood and removing all dense vegetation with a high-sharp edge.

Manufacturers make it with the lightweight handle having rubber that lets the grip secure either your hands dry or wet. You feel a comfy grip with confidence. This rubbery stuff material is the ideal handle in the Best Golok Machetes list.

The nylon sheath quality is excellent and adjustable enhanced with a dual D-loop for various carrying options.

Another best thing about this machete is, it’s the cheapest Golok Machete. Once you have picked it and will not regret it, the disadvantages of this machete are, its sheath can’t attach to the belt and doesn’t provide full tang, but overall with a low price, it’s a perfect choice for anyone.

  • Dual And Solid High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade With High Performance
  • Rubber Build Handle
  • Without Slippery Easily Usable
  • Comfy Safety Firm Grip
  • Well-Balanced Tool
  • Unmatchable Price Point
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Not A Full Tang Tool
  • With Time Screws May Loosen

03. Golok Mil-Spec Camo Machete Review

Golok Mil-Spec Camo ReviewGolok Mil-Spec Camo is the mode of the USA. It comes with a distinctive fixed blade having a sharp edge featuring a durable A2 machete steel blade best from bushcraft to outdoor survivals. You can easily carry this machete as it is lightweight.

It has a 16.75” overall length with an 11” A-2 steel blade.

When it comes to handling, it’s sturdy that provides a secure, comfy grip even in wet hands; it has a full tang with a lanyard hole so that you can take it with care. This machete has a leather belt sheath that is accessible to store and transportation.

This machete is not ideal for tough cutting tasks and also expensive. But it has come with a lifetime warranty.

  • This Distinctive Fixed Blade
  • Includes a Sheath!
  • Product Contains Chemicals Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer

04. Svord Golok British Army Machete Review

Svord Golok British Army Pattern ReviewSvord machetes are made of New Zealand and designed by Bryan Baker providing high performance and durability. It comes with the best features for all manners such as clearing, chopping, cutting, to survival tools. Its blade is made of high carbon steel provides easily chopping.

The blades are tempered and hardened using a heat temperature process that is completely different from other machetes. The blade gives outstanding edge retention as well as anti-corrosion properties. It has a leather belt sheath with a black micarta hardwood tough handle that is convenient to use. Its high-quality leather sheath doesn’t need to upgrade.

Same as Martindale Golok, this machete has a full tang about 11 inches long. Its overall length is 17 inches, which is a standard machete’s length. Unlike Martindale Golok, Svord has a thicker blade and also lightweight to carry easily.

It comes with a hardwood micarta handle with a lanyard hole that gives a comfy grip. The machete is best for clearing, cutting, chopping, and splitting. As it’s designed for British army patterns, so this machete is widely used as a weapon for soldiers.

When it comes to cons, the only drawback of this machete is highly priced. If you afford it, then I highly recommend you because it ensures 100% working and you don’t need to pay any extra charges to upgrade the sheath. From bushcraft to survival tools, the Svord machete is best.

  • Full Tang
  • Sturdy Handle
  • Perfect For Bush Craft To Outdoor Survivals
  • Easy To Carry
  • Ultra-Sharp Cutting Edge
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • It Requires Re-Sharpening As It As High-Sharp Cutting Edge
  • Not Ideal For Tough Cutting Tasks

05. Martindale Crocodile Golok Machete Review

Martindale Crocodile Golok Machete ReviewA company named Ralph Martindale made The Martindale Crocodile Golok Machete, it has been using over 125 years by Britain’s SAS Military Force.

It comes with a 13” blade that is manufactured by high carbon steel by Ralph Martindale mill. It is hard but lightweight and gives you all the cutting needs. Its handle is made of German beechwood that provides maximum strength with a lanyard hole and is perfectly fitted in your hands with solid steel rivets and washers.

The blade is perfectly well balanced to complete the strenuous demands of everyone across the world. Its overall length is 18,” which is the standard size for machetes.

The nylon sheath comes with a canvas and an authentic “Crocodile” file with brown suede leather strips.

Well, it comes without a simple design that fits any desirable field cutlery. To see its toughness, it unmatchable, comfy, and efficient in cutting as the design of this machete dull with forwarding driving weight makes it great for clearing brushes and chopping.

This machete is perfect for hunting. If you are searching for a compact knife with sharp edges, then Martindale Crocodile is the right choice for you.

Martindale Crocodile Golok Machete is very useful with a high carbon steel blade and best for British Special forces. As the module is short and thick so you can easily carry it. It gives 100% efficiency for cleaving and chopping.

  • Military Spec
  • Full Tang
  • Battle-Tested
  • Compact And Hefty
  • Durable And
  • Portable
  • Sheffield Steel
  • Comes Blunt
  • Rusty If You Don’t Maintain And Oiled It.

Golok Machete Uses

Machetes ate widely use all over the world. The blades are a versatile tool as they work both for knives and axes. You can use it for cutting, clearing bushes, chopping, and much more. The blade of machetes comes in different shapes and designs, while the weighted upper edge provides the force for clearing or chopping.

As machetes are versatile so you can use them for different purposes, these are as follows:

Cut & Maintain The Rails

The best use of using a knife is reducing. You can cut and maintain trails. Almost all around the world, machetes are used to clear paths and blazing new trails.

Now hunters and fishermen also use machetes to clearing paths to fish holes. For animals, knives can be used to create funnel points. For fish habitats, blades are widely used to chopping down brushes. Knives can also be used to create shooting lanes.

Clearing Bushes

Machetes are mostly used to clear bushes. To effectively making a brush, you have to choose the right blade. You can get a variety of knives to clear forests.

Chopping Compost

Similar to chopping compost, machetes can quickly cut anything into small pieces that break down instantly.

Agriculture Uses

Machetes are used in Agriculture, such as crops. There is a specific machetes style available for agricultural uses such as bill hook and sickle style. These styles work great for removing cover crops or dead plants or also can be useful for scalping ground vegetation etc. Moreover, there is no trouble with removing vines with machetes.

Craving, Incising, and Coppicing wood

Machetes are also useful for Craving, chiseling, and chopping wood. Without a knife, you can’t crave or cop wood. And there is not the best option over a machete for this purpose.

Clearing Woody Vegetation

If you want to clear woody vegetation, then a machete is the right choice as well as snedding. Snedding means removing the side bushes of the tree. You can also use a knife for trimming unruly branches.

Campsite Management

If you are going to do outdoor activities, then machetes are useful for firewood and fuel gathering. You can also use it for clearing a new campsite altogether.

Additionally, machetes can be used as cutting poles, creating the lattice in wattle or daub housing.

Hunting and Survival

Did you know machetes can protect you? Yes, machetes are a great survival tool if you are hunting, you can use machetes as offending yourself from a venomous snake or angry animals.

Fruit and Nuts Splitting

Hardshell fruits such as coconut can’t cut by standard knives; you need to cut coconut a hard blade knife and machetes also work as knives.

Some Other Popular Uses of Machetes

These include:

  • You can easily remove invasive plants
  • You can make traps and snares
  • And you can use a sword as a snow knife to cut and shape snow shelters
  • You can trim overhanging branches
  • Can be used as butcher and process meat
  • Cut fodder for livestock or small pets

Here are some Golok Machetes that have their features and applications. Let’s look at them!

Frequently Ask Question

What Is A Golok Machete?
Like other machetes, the Golok machete is also used for cutting purposes. It comes in different variations. It is used for both agriculture and weapon purposes.
What Is The Use Of Golok Machete?
A Golok machete can be used as a cutting tool. There are different variations that allow you to use both for agricultural and weapon purposes.
What Is The Best Kind Of Machete?
Is A Machete Good For Home Defense?
Without any doubt, a machete can be used as a threatening tool. That’s the big reason, and it is mostly used not only for cutting purposes but also for home defense.


To wrap up, the Golok machetes are handy tools that are useful from Bushcraft to survival. Just depend on the applications, you have to choose the right one that meets your needs.

I have been using the Svord Golok British Army pattern machete for two years because it has all the things that a machete should require. Its full tangs give me complete control over it. Razors like sharp edges with high steel carbon material can easily cut, chop, clear, and anything that I want to do. The hardwood handle and the leather sheath are the perfect choices to select for regular use. Again, Svord meets all the needs that I required, but your needs may be different, so be careful.

If you have any problem while selecting a machete then freely comment, we’ll here to help you. Thanks for visiting us!

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