How to Sharpening a Machete With a Belt Sander

This is a simple method to quickly sharpen your machete. For this, you need to have a belt sander. This is an easy method and is best for machetes with long blades.

To sharpen the blades, you have to apply light pressure and keep the machete straight. Don’t try to overheat the machete as it will not only damage the belt but also the carbon steel machete blade.

By using the method one must use certain precautions that keep the machete straight. Don’t apply high pressure or overheat in order to avoid any damage. If you nat the safe sharpening of the blade then it’s good to apply low pressure on the tool. You will get the convex sharpening with the utility edge by maintaining the proper techniques.

The belt sander is available in the moderate price range. If you are fond of keeping the weapons then buy the tool and remain tension-free. You don’t have to go anywhere, use and sharpen your machete blades.

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