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Best Barong Machete Reviews 2024

Best Barong MacheteThere are plenty of machetes types available. Each class has specific features. Then each type comes with dozens of variations in terms of their construction and applications. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the most popular machete type. And it is Barong!

When it comes to Barong Machete, there is a certain quality that presents in it, including its blade has a distinct leaf-like shape. Unlike other machetes, it is sharpened only one of its sides, as per convention. Somewhat Novices said, Philippine people, used this machete type as a customary weapon and gained a fearsome reputation among the European settlers it was used against. Instead of its free utility blade, the machete is employed in various Phillippine martial arts.

After hourly research, I’ve found the best Barong machetes made available; you’ll find the top-notch Borang Machete types that suit your needs in respect to what you pay for. After the products, there is a quick guide to know more about the standard features of Barong Machetes so you can easily find out which style will be fit your needs.

01. Cold Steel Barong Machete

Cold Steel Barong Machete ReviewWhen it comes to a quality machete, then Cold Steel Borang Machete is commonly used throughout all of Southeast Asia as it gives high-quality. It is designed to complete all general needs as well as best for self-defense.

With the Filipino Martial art Machete style makes the excellent bushcraft tool. The high carbon steel 1055 material with an Anti-Rust Matte black finish ensures cleaving vines and branches with ease.

The beautiful curved design 18” blade with a thickness of 2.8 mm and forward balancing weight cuts the bushes or vines easily. The overall length of the machete is 24,” which weighs 1.46 pounds.

It comes with a full tang, and classic shaped polypropylene handle lets you hold it firmly for all-weather use and helps to resist centrifugal forces whether you are chopping soft bushes or slashing strokes.

Each machete of Borang presents a Cor Ex Sheath providing maximum convenience for easy to carry and use as well.

Additionally, its downturned handles provide security either you are using it for soft or hard chopping. It is slightly heavy, but with the time you used to it correctly.

  • Comes With A Carbon Steel Blade
  • Included Sturdy Cor-Ex Sheath
  • Full Tang Maximize Control Completely
  • Incredible Durable Handle
  • Most Efficient While Chopping Or Bushing
  • Pretty Heavy

02. Schrade SCHBOLO 20.2in Stainless Steel Barong Machete

Schrade Machete ReviewIf you are looking for the finest and the best self-defense tool, then Schrade SCHBOLO 20.2 is here to serve you. Providing high performance, it comes 14” stainless steel blade with an overall length of 20.2 inches.

It presents TICN 3Cr13 Titanium Coated S.S with black, providing you stable and firm hold with rubberized safe-T-grip handle. So that you can use it in both dry or wet, all `weather conditions.

Unlike other machetes, it is a little short in length but works as a completely functional machete. Additionally, there is a lanyard hole to provide safety.

When it comes to the sheath, then you will happy to know, it comes with a durable nylon sheath featuring removable shoulder straps, a leg strap, and a belt loop.

The handle lets you hold a dependable firm and provide a complete grip. This machete is an affordable option with an attractive design and rugged performance and is an ideal tool for self-defense.

The only drawback is, it is not suitable for large clearing as it is too short.

  • Great Handle
  • Affordable
  • Good For Hard Chopping
  • Thick And Heavy For Clearing As Too Short

03. Condor Steel Jungle Barong Machete

Cold Steel Jungle Machete ReviewThe Condor Steel Jungle machete comes with a 16” blade made of 1055 carbon steel. The best applications of the knife are its way through clearing, cleaning, brushing, vines and even it perfectly works against thick woods.

I am featuring a piercing tip, ensuring great for slashing and skinning. You can also use it as a survival weapon.

As it comes with a bulky weight which means it doesn’t work effectively at cutting through thin grass, as it gives results on thick grass.

A full tang is combining handle and blade that ensures outstanding structural support. When we see its grip, it is made of polypropylene that requires more forwarding force, unlike other machetes. The drawback of this handle is, you can’t use it when your hands get wet or sweaty. But there is a lanyard hole creating a 500 cord loop so that you can go around your wrist for safety purposes.

The machete has a useless Cor-Ex sheath; it is just not more than a show. If you are buying this machete then it is better off replacing it. There is one more issue that users have claimed is; the blades get dull after some time. This can also cause inconsistent QA. But having all problems, this machete thoroughly a remarkable survival tool, you just not taken it to trim light plant growth.

  • Large Blade Length
  • Piercing Blade Tip
  • Carbon Steel Blades
  • Commendable Durability
  • Best For Heavier Chopping
  • Polypropylene Handle

04. Bushmaster Cobra Strike Tactical Machete Knife

Bushmaster Cobra Strike Tactical Machete KnifeNo matter what the condition is, the Bushmaster Cobra Strike is the best machete in all situations. Featuring a rock stainless steel razor sharp17 1/4” blade gives maximum versatility to clearing bushes, chopping, and cleaning.

When it comes to handling, it has a robust molded handle that provides complete security without slippage. The durable nylon sheath makes this machete lasts longer.

With its high-quality material and aesthetic, this machete is also a good assisted opening pocket knife. It has all unique capabilities and powerful strength to work in all situations, whether its terrain or locale.

The Sawback dull machete is the right choice through sturdy materials such as rope fiber as well as harden and soften woods.

It presents all the capabilities to work as the ultimate survival tool as it is designed to tackle the rigors of backcountry adventures and harrowing tactical scenarios.

If you are finding a machete that is used for farm chores, yard work, fishing, hunting, and all work routine tasks and much more.

  • Well-Balanced
  • Comes With A Grippy Handle
  • Razor-Sharp Blade With A Sharp Tip
  • Fast-One- Handing Opening
  • Durable Nylon Sheath
  • Outdoor Combat Survival
  • There Is No Single Drawback Of The Machete.

05. Barong Machete Buckshot Hand Guard

Barong Machete Buckshot Hand Guard ReviewBoring Machete Buckshot Hand Guard machete is presenting the most durable and high-quality premium material that is ready to work for years. Whether you are traveling or hunting, it is a perfect knife. Apart from this, it is the best machete for outdoor adventures.

Now people demand the best knives for daily use, and this Barong machete is ideal that works for both sword as well as a knife.  It ensures providing complete functionality that will stay sharp as a razor blade.

The high quality and durable stainless steel blade help to resists as well as prevents corrosion even in the worst conditions.  Giving the well-balanced edge retention makes any chopping or cleaning fast and best as well.

Ideal for outdoor adventures, camping, fishing, as well as a perfect survival tool. When it comes to safety, it ensures safety and ease of use.

Last but not least, there is free eBook available let you help before using it. You can find it out after the shipping of product in your email account.

  • Safe And Easy To Carry
  • Best For Outdoor Adventures
  • Premium High-Quality Knife
  • Delicate Size Maximize Convenience Usage
  • Free Ebook By Protactical’ Us
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Expensive

Barong Machete Uses

Parang is a short curved-shape straight edge handy tool similar to Golok is used for small cutting while machete is a sword-like tool primarily designed for cutting and chopping sizeable woody material. Both works for a heavy-duty tool but Parang are slightly shorter than section aspiring ranges 10 to 24 inches while machetes range from 10 to 28 inches.

Across the globe, machetes are the most needed need in our daily life. This tool is not designed just for chopping or cleaning; now swords are a versatile tool as they can do both works whether the work of a knife or the work of an ax.  The blades of the machete are designed for all general purposes as well as self-defense needs while boring has the weighted upper blades that provide high force for chopping.

Here you’ll find the uses of Barong Machete. Just explore them.

Cut and Maintain Trail

The prominent use of the Barong machete is cutting as well as maintaining trails. Over the world, this type of machete is used for clearing paths and blazing new trails too.

Currently, some hunters and fishers are finding interest in the machete for clearing paths to fishing holes, creating funnel points for animals, chopping down the bushes, creating fish habitats, and creating shooting lanes. The machetes are remarkably becoming popular with many fishermen and hunters as well as outdoor adventures.

Chopping Compost

Another great use of the machete is cutting compost and chop the small pieces and breakdown easily.

Agricultural Uses

Recently, the machetes are also used in agriculture fields such as rice crops, sugar cane, barley, oats, millet, corn, rye, buckwheat, and other plants that can be harvested with a machete with ease. For this purpose, bill hook and styled machete types are suitable.

When it comes to removing cover crops or dead plants from farms and gardens by scalping the above-ground vegetation and leaving the root biomass in place.

Furthermore, a machete to remove the vine is no trouble. All you need is to chop the segments from tree-hugging grapes for removal and apply herbicide to the cut surface to kill the base and roots of the vine.

Carving, Incising and Coppicing Wood

Whether it is craving, inciting, or coppicing, all you need a perfect machete that does easily because there is no better way for coppicing, if you have the right machete.

Clearing Woody Vegetation

A machete is a multi-functional tool for pruning and cleaning woody vegetation and snedding as well. Snedding means to remove side branches from the main trunk of a tree.

Many landscaping experts opt for machetes suggested for quick and trimming clean of unruly branches, plants, and unreachable tall grass, and similarly, more foresters are using machetes to clear underbrush to minimize the risk of a forest fire.

Hunting and Survival

Machetes are the best survival tools and hunting as well. Now machetes are designed to provide complete safety and the best self-defense weapon ever.

Fruits and Nut Spilling

Another amazing use of machetes is, they are used for the outdoorsman to fend off wounded or angry animals and venomous snakes.


Machetes are also useful for butchering wild games, poultry, or livestock.  Now they are a part to harvest barriers, grapes, and other various fruits and nuts.

Frequently Ask Question

What Is A Barong Machete?
The barong machete comes with a leaf-shaped blade. It is made of carbon steel which reduces it getting rust as well as corrosion resistance. It is widely used as an agriculture tool. Also, it can be used as self-defense.
What Is The Use Of Barong Machete?
The barong machete mostly used in daily life purposes. Due to its extremely versatile design, it is great for both agriculture purposes and self-defense.
How Thick Should A Machete Be?
A machete is between 3 and 4.5mm. The thicker machete such as 3mm can be used to clear bamboos. Also, the heavy thickness is also enough to cut limbs. While the 4.5mm machetes are used in heavy works.
Who Makes The Best Quality Machete?


It is not easy to get an excellent machete; you should know about all its features as well as drawbacks. In this shared the top-notch Barong Machetes. But for some factors, I’ve chosen Cold Steel Machete as one of the best. Let’s figure out why this machete is the best among all. There are some reasons:

Overall, in my opinion, one of the best Barong machetes is Cold Steel Machete. It is the best option if you are looking for a sturdy and incredibly sharp knife from the top-notch machete’s list.

As it comes with an 8” leaf-shaped blade having the most durability power and carbon steel 1055 material lets you maximize its strength and sharpness easily.

Another fantastic feature of this machete is, it presents a baked-on black finish end featuring anti-rust and corrosion properties. When seeing its fancy features, its blade has an elegant design providing ideal length and thickness makes this machete a great choice to clear bushcraft quickly as well as efficiently.

The handle of a machete is an essential part, and this machete has a classically shaped down-turned polypropylene handle, which provides a firm grip on it also prevents centrifugal forces when making tougher chopping and slashing strokes. And the Cor-Ex sheath lets this tool more durable for safe storage and transportation.

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