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Machete Sheath Reviews 2024 & Buyer’s Guide

Best Machete Sheath 2019The sheath is one of the most important aspects of any machete. In fact, choosing the best sheath for your machete is as significant as selecting the machete itself. The machete ensures the long life of the blade and also the user safety while carrying it on different occasions. The sheath comes in different types according to the specific needs. It is the material of the machete sheath which makes it durable, reliable, and safe. There are commonly two types of materials used in machete sheaths.

LeatherSynthetic Materials (Nylon and Kydex)
Leather is a durable material and gives a classic touch to the sheath but it is not waterproof.
Synthetic materials such as Kydex and Nylon are popular in machete lovers due to their resistance to elements and present designs.

If you are a newbie in the machete jungle, it can be tough to find the best one. Though most machetes come with sheaths but to be honest, all of them are not durable and reliable. So, we have reviewed the machete sheath available on Amazon for you to save time and money. Our ambition is to help you to make the right decision. This machete sheath guide will share the best sheaths for your machete along with their material and user experience.

01. Ontario Knife BSH 18 Inch Black Machete Sheath Knife

Ontario Knife Machete Sheath Knife ReviewOntario is one of the most reliable and popular machete producers under U.S government rules for more than 60 years. With only 6 oz weight, the Ontario Knife BSH Machete sheath features a highly durable nylon material for long-lasting life. This machete sheath fits perfectly with 22 inches bush, straight, and Latin style machete blades.

It has an overall length of 19 ½ inches with an opening of is 2 ½ inches and slot entry enclosure type. This machete sheath protects from unwanted wear and tear while carrying. The stitched seam has rivets for additional durability. If you are not using the machete, it will safely secure it for you from harsh weather effects and other damages.

  • Lightweight
  • Fits Perfectly With Bush And Latin Style
  • Nylon Material
  • 19 Inches Overall Length
  • 18 Inches Blade Length
  • Slot Entry
  • Includes Belt Loop
  • Stitching Needs Improvement

02. SitePro 17-LS22 Leather Sheath for 22″ Machete

Leather Sheath ReviewThe SitePro 17-LS22 SIDE GEAR is a genuine leather sheath that keeps the machete safe and handy in harsh weather conditions. With 22 oz weight, it protects the edge during carrying. Without any doubt, it has been made for strength, quality, and longevity. The heavy-duty premium leather is side-stitched along with the reliable nylon sheath and also riveted at stain points.

The machete sheath is thick and feels solid like a tank. The sheath features 22 inches in length but thanks to the additional 2 inches leather loop that helps to adjust the 22 inches machete easily. You can also use your favorite color to polish this leather machete sheath.

  • Heavy Duty Top Grain Leather
  • Thick Belt Loop
  • Side Stitched With Riveted At Stain Points
  • Made For 22 Inches Machete
  • 3 Months Warranty
  • Ordinary Stitching

Sheath for Latin Machete03. Cold 24 inches Cold Sheath for Latin Machete

If you prefer to carry your Latin machete during traveling, this machete sheath will make it easy and safe for you. The reinforced sheath allows you to carry the machete on your side without any worries. The nice reinforced sheath tip allows you to throw it in the back of your carrier or even push the machete down into the loaded pack safely. With 24 inch length, 7.2 oz weight, rivets, and ballistic nylon manufacturing, the sheath is overall a masterpiece.

The machete sheath also features a generous belt loop. It also has taped and riveted seams slotted back dual retaining straps and a huge belt loop. It is highly recommended for tough conditions.

  • Includes Belt Loop
  • 24 Inches Length
  • Black Cordura Nylon
  • Durable And Safe Machete
  • Lightweight
  • Small Belt Loop

04. Ontario 12 Inch Machete Nylon Sheath

Ontario 12 inch Machete Nylon Sheath ReviewThis thick, reliable, and sturdy machete sheath is popular for its amazing price. The durable nylon sheath machete features 12-inch length, reinforcing rivets along with a regular-sized belt loop. Just like all Ontario products, it is lightweight, durable, simple, and well-constructed sheath.

The 12 inches heavy black nylon construction is made for 12 inches machete blade. The premium-grade material along with the high craftsmanship makes it one of the machete sheaths for small length blades.

  • Cheap Price
  • Premium Grade Nylon Material
  • Ideal For Small Blades (10-12 Inches Length)
  • Durable Construction
  • Facilitates Only Small Size Machete

05. Marbles MR393S 14 inches Machete Sheath with Stone

Marbles MR394S Machete Sheath with Stone ReviewThe rich history of Marble’s Compasses starts in 1900 and have been used by popular presidents and explorers. In fact, the brand is one of the oldest manufacturers in the business. This machete sheath was made especially for the 14 inches Sawback machete but it fits perfectly many 12 inches Latin/bush style blades. The heavy-duty black nylon sheath features cargo pouches with one field sharpening stone. The trademark orange long is also embroidered on the sheath.

The overall length of the sheath is 19 ¼ inches. Other features include 9.6 oz weight with riveted seams, belt loop attachment, small sharpening stone, and two small cargo pockets with Fold over Velcro enclosure type.

  • 19 Inches Overall Length
  • 14 Inches Blade Length
  • Sheath Material Nylon
  • Includes Sharpening Stone
  • None

06. Ontario Knife Black Lightweight Machete Sheath

Ontario Knife Lightweight Machete Sheath ReviewAs the name indicates, the Ontario sheath is very lightweight, durable, and easy to carry. With 3 inches belt loop and 1 inch longer than 18 inches blade, it is a great gift for up to 20 inches machete blades. One of the best things about this machete sheath is that it is highly durable to handle heavy blades.

Overall the sheath has no prominent flaw. Whether you want to carry it on while traveling or for hunting in jungles, it will never disappoint you.

  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Nylon Material
  • Perfect Fit
  • Durable And Sturdy
  • Great Value For Money
  • Best Loop Missing

07. Scout Knife Machete Sheath

Scout Machete Sheath ReviewWith an additional sharpening stone advantage, this machete sheath by Marbles is a very solid and rugged masterpiece. Though the sheath is made for 18 inches machete you can use it for 14 to 16 inches too. The premium quality nylon ensures your safety along with extending the life of the machete blade.

The high-quality black nylon construction with trademark orange embroidered Marble’s logo with the belt loop for your comfort. Also, there is a cargo pouch and a decent size cargo pouch. The machete sheath features a lightweight too.

  • Lightweight
  • Nylon Material
  • Belt Loop
  • Sharpening Stone And Cargo Pouch
  • Too Big For Small Machetes

08.  Cold Steel Heavy Machete Cordura Sheath

Heavy Machete Sheath ReviewThis Cold Steel Heavy Machete Sheath has been created from heavy-duty Cor-Ex Cordura Nylon. It is fitted with a durable belt loop attachment. The tip of the machete sheath is reinforced with tough plastic and the seams are taped and riveted using the side-slide entry with two fold-over clasping snap enclosures.

The ultra-lightweight machete sheath is sturdy as well as an economical solution for your machetes. A belt loop is present on the top of the sheath with two retention snaps. It is highly recommended for heavy machetes.

  • Black Cordura Nylon
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Fold Over Snap Enclosure
  • Blade Length 15 Inches
  • Taped Riveted Seams
  • May Have Some Fitting Issues With Two-Handed Cold Steel Machete

09.  Rothco Canvas 18 Inches Machete Sheath

Rothco Canvas Machete Sheath ReviewRothco is popular for producing the best quality outdoor and sports gear for various types of situations. This machete sheath by Rothco tested for quality and ensured for high durability. Nylon is used to manufacture this sheath for comfort and performance.

This sheath features two appealing aspects that are its affordable price and ultra lightweight of only 1 pound. With 23 inches overall length, 18 inches blade length, and 3 inches opening width, there is a slot entry with the belt loop.

  • Nylon Material
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Affordable Price
  • 3 Cargo Pouches
  • Reinforced Sleeves
  • 2 D-Rings
  • Highly Durable
  • Quality Tested
  • Not Recommended For Small Machetes

10. Style N Craft 98028 22 Inches Machete Sheath

Style n Craft Machete Sheath ReviewThe Last one on the machete sheath list is the Style N Craft 98028 high-quality sheath. It is made from heavy top-grain leather and available only in dark tan color. This machete sheath can comfortably hold 22 inches long machete.

A heavy-duty nylon thread contrast stitching has been used to give the sheath a classic appearance. Other features include the antique finish rivets with caps for additional safety and 5.6 oz weight. Whether you are hacking through the bush or trimming in your backyard, this durable sheath can safely handle your machete for you.

  • 22 Inches Blade Length
  • Heavy Top Grain Leather
  • Dark Tan Color
  • Fits Belt Size About 2 Inch Wide
  • Heavy Nylon Threads Stitching
  • May Be Expensive As Compared To Other Machetes On The List

Buying Guide

Buying a machete sheath is not difficult if you know the important aspects. Considering important things before buying a machete sheath not only saves your time but also helps to save your money. There are two types of benefits to buying the machete sheath.

It becomes very useful when you go traveling, camping, outing or hiking to long-distance places.
A sheath keeps you safe from creating any damage from the machete. It also aids the machete to stay in good condition for a long time by protecting it against environmental effects.

Before probing into the buyer guide, it is essential to know the materials used in making the machete sheaths. Here are the most popular types of material used in the sheaths.

Leather Kydex Nylon
Cordura Cor-Ex

Commonly the sheath comes with the machete which may be durable or ordinary. That’s why it is important to buy the machete sheath for blade life and your safety. For instance, a synthetic sheath works best in humid places because it perfectly resists moisture.

Leather Sheath

A leather sheath is perhaps the most popular but expensive machete sheaths available on the market. But also, it is long-lasting and durable as compared to other sheaths. Such type of sheath comes usually with high quality and an expensive machete.

They are highly durable with great appearance. One of the prime benefits of the leather sheath is its usability. They are very simple to use and shaped perfectly for your blade. Some leather sheaths come with the snap fastener that aids to keep your knife safe in the sheath.

Another appealing feature of the leather sheath is that you can find it in many shapes and styles.

An important thing is to note down the difference between the real and the split leather. Split leather is cheap and inferior when it comes to quality. Real leather can be expensive but the quality is just matchless. However, it is very difficult to differentiate between the two when you are looking at their pictures. You can look at two things to get rid of the confusion. Look at the cost and reputability of the manufacturer.

The odd side of the leather sheath is that it isn’t fully waterproof. It may get damaged and stains when exposed to water. If you properly take care of the leather sheath, it can easily last a long time.

Nylon Sheath

This is the most common type of synthetic material used in machete sheaths. A solid nylon sheath works well to take good care of your machete blade. You will find a nylon machete sheath with a medium quality machete. This type of sheath is mostly affordable due to its medium quality.

A nylon sheath is a perfect value for your money. You can find them in versatile designs. Most machete users prefer nylon sheaths because they are tough and keep the machete blade safe. It is resistant to molds and fungi which good for damp and humid conditions.

The negative side is that it is not waterproof and can damage the blade when exposed to wet conditions.

Kydex Sheath

Kydex sheaths are just like leather sheaths. They may be expensive but they are durable, reliable, and long-lasting.

Kydex is a thermoplastic that is mostly used to make knife sheaths. This material is very strong and versatile in nature. It is perfectly molded around the knife for perfect fitting. It is hard and scratch-resistant and also needs low maintenance.

One of the best things about the Kydex sheaths is that they are waterproof and keeps the machete blade safe in wet situations. Such types of sheaths may not have the aesthetic appearance of leather or nylon sheaths but the benefits of the Kydex sheath make it a perfect choice for your machete.

There are various types and variations of thermoplastic available on the market. So it is wise to stay away from fakes in order to save your money.

Cordura and Cor-Ex Sheaths

These types of sheaths are best to take care of your machete blade. Such machete sheaths are crafted from premium quality material to ensure your safety while keeping your blade sharp and safe for a long time.

Other Important Sheath Features

  • The machete sheath also has belt loops and straps to carry your machetes easily throughout the day. A D-ring of machete sheath aids to swivel the blade effectively when you travel through the jungle or rest while sitting.
  • Sheath length is also very crucial. Always select the one that best fits your machete. A small size sheath for your big machete may hurt you while carrying. Also, the big size machete sheath is not ideal for a small machete.
  • Some sheaths may feature small extra pouches and sharpening stones which are useful but not essential to consider. These small pockets help to keep things like sharpening rods or stones while traveling.


The machete sheath means a lot to your machete. Though you will find sheath with most machetes but not all of them are durable and reliable. If you are paying for a machete and want it to keep it for a long time, then we will recommend buying a separate premium quality sheath for it. The best sheath is just like the oxygen to the machete that ensures and extends its life. So, a machete must have the best sheath to protect both the machete and you. A sheath made from a durable material such as leather, nylon, or Kydex ensures your safety. Don’t forget to pay attention to the belt loops. Now you have the top ten machete sheaths with the best buying guide to select the machete sheath. Go ahead and buy the best one according to the weather conditions, shape, design, material, and above all, your taste.

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