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Best Machete on Amazon 2023, According to Customer Reviews

The knife is one of the oldest tools used by men for survival. Just look back at the stone age and consider yourself there, what will be your highest priority weapon? Of course, the sharp knife with a strong grip.

The journey of a knife starts from ancient caves and now we have its modern shape known as the machete. The sharp, deadly, and sophisticated tool has its own charm for machete lovers. Is there any better gift than the machete for machete lovers? The versatile weapon is available in different types for various usages.

The machete is very useful in many situations. For instance, if you keep a machete in a car or bag, it can be used in worst conditions like self-defense against humans and animals, for cutting meat and vegetables, splitting wood for a campfire or creating a shelter, or placing camp. Yes, the best machete is enough for all the above-mentioned tasks. So, if you are here for the best machete on amazon, we are going to share some of the very best with proper description, features, pros, and cons.

01. Gerber Gator Machete JR

Gerber Gator Machete JROn one side the Gerber Gator Machete JR features a 15-inch fine-edge blade and on the other side, it has an 18-inch high-performance saw blade.

This machete is manufactured from high-carbon stainless steel material. The sheath of the Gerber Gator Machete JR is made with a nylon case for the best security.

The top-class machete has been created for wilderness and backyard use. It’s a dual-purpose machete with an attractive lightweight for beating the underbrush back. The best thing about this cheap machete is the special GGG (Gerber Gator Grip) designed for a solid and comfortable grip that boosts your confidence in any situation. The rubber texture is ideal for both dry and wet conditions that offer a stable and easy feel in hand.

  • Highly Durable with a Classic Appearance
  • Cheap Price
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Not Recommended for Hard Use

02. Cold Steel Kopis Machete

Cheap Cold Steel MacheteThe best machete list features an ancient sword appearance that was used by Romans, Greeks, and Spaniards. Due to its classic ancient design, Cold steel copies machete is an ideal tool for cutting and chopping. It features a traditional semi-D ring guard along with a steel tang and a thick nylon sheath. The thin blade of only 2 inches thickness and 19 inches length is highly durable.

It’s just like a real sword made with 1055 carbon steel. The overall length of the Cold Steel Copis machete is 26 inches. If you love ancient tools, this machete is made for you. You can also use it for cutting, chopping, and a reliable survival tool with the best grip in worst situations.

  • A Premium Quality Thin Blade
  • Classic Ancient Look
  • Strong Grip
  • Sheath Needs Improvement

03. Whetstone Cutlery Full Tang Rubber Grip Machete

Cheap MacheteThis is a versatile machete with 17.75 inches stainless steel blade. The overall length of this machete is 25.75 inches with a high-quality black nylon sheath. The ABS handle has a handguard with a convenient wrist lanyard.

It is an ideal tool to split wood, clear brush, and various other outdoor activities. You can use this full tang rubber grip machete as a weapon in survival situations.

  • Saw Tooth Blade Back
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Premium Quality Nylon Black Sheath
  • Not Recommended for Tough Tasks

04. Tramontina Machete Wood

Tramontina Machete WoodThe Brazilian-made machete is an excellent gift for serious hikers. The Tramontina Machete with wood handle features 18 inches blade with an overall 23 inches measurement along with a natural color wood handle.

This machete is extremely popular in Brazil and all around the world. It has a high-carbon steel blade that is perfect for chopping. In South American hinterlands, the rural workers use Tramontina machetes.

  • Made from Premium Quality Materials
  • Best Performance with Durability
  • Wood Handles for Strong Grip
  • Needs Constant Re-Sharpening

05. Jungle Master JM-021 Full Tang Machete

Best Full Tang MacheteThis is another machete with a 21-inch overall length and full tang black stainless steel blade. It is one of the good machetes you are looking for to gift someone. The nylon sheath is there to increase the lifetime of the blade. The stainless steel blade is sharp enough to cut moderate materials.

Though the machete is an excellent choice on a limited budget the handle needs some improvement. Replacing the cord wrap handle with wood or plastic can improve grip and durability.

  • Thick Blade
  • Cheap Price
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Handle Needs Improvement

06. Z Hunter ZB-020 Series Fantasy Machete

Fantasy MacheteZ Hunter is well known for producing fixed blade knives, axes, folding knives, throwing knives, swords, throwing stars, and machetes. The fixed blade machete from Z Hunter is an incredible tool for outdoor adventures.

The knife is 3.5 mm thick with a stainless steel blade along with a saw back. It also has a cord-wrapped handle and lanyard holes for a strong grip in worst survival situations.

Nylon sheath plays a vital role to keep the machete sharp and safe. The overall length of the Z Hunter ZB-020 Series Fantasy Machete is 23.75 inches with an 8oz weight.

  • Very Sharp Stainless Steel Blade
  • Lightweight
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Classic Appearance
  • Need Proper Maintenance

07. Whetstone Cutlery ‘Double Duece’ Machete

Cheap Whetstone Cutlery MacheteThis is another gift by Whetstone for machete lovers. The Double Duece 22 Machete is a heavy-duty tool specially made for tough tasks and adventures. Double Duece features overall 22 inches long with 16 inches of the blade and 1.2 pounds weight.

The black-coated rust-resistant blade is sharp enough to perform in the backyard and jungle comfortably. The rubber handle offers an exceptionally strong grip so that the machete doesn’t slip from the sweaty hands or in wet conditions.

  • Full Tang
  • Rubber Handle
  • Reasonable Price
  • Good Weight
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Not for Gard Chopping

08. Corona MA 60041 Machete

Best Corona MacheteThe Corona Machete features a tempered steel blade for the best possible strength and long service. It is fully treated with heat to gain maximum blade flexibility which can be re-sharpened. You can extend the blade through the handle for added strength and durability. Its handle is a co-molded ploy along with the anti-slip material. This 18 inches blade machete is popular for its strength and long service life. The carbon steel blade can easily be re-sharpened for the best performance.

The overall length of this machete is 28 inches with 1 pound weight. Corona has been producing the best performance tools for gardeners, construction professionals, and agriculturists for decades and therefore has an excellent reputation.

The machete is highly recommended for clearing annoying bushes. With a comfortable grip and lightweight, it is easy to word for long sessions. But this tool rusts easily when it gets wet, so you must dry it properly after using it. You have to re-sharpen it after some time like about two weeks for the best possible performance.

  • Tempered Steel Blade Offers Great Strength
  • Best for Gardeners
  • Reasonable Price
  • The Blade Can be Extended Through the Handle
  • Polished Surface
  • Sheath Missing
  • Needs Consistent Re-Sharpening

09. Mossy OAK 18-Inch Kukri Machete

Cheap Kukri MacheteMossy Oak is one famous name that has been consistently producing high-end accessories for the outdoors. The Mossy OAK 18-inch Kukri Machete is a perfect example of true artisanship by the manufacturer.

The Full tang TRP handle offers a great grip along with the detachable lanyard. The 12 inches fixed drop point blade is a perfect gift for survival training and outdoor camping expeditions.

Another feature of the machete is the nylon sheath with a snap fastener for safety and easy access. The overall length of the machete is 18 inches with 1.9 pounds. The Razor-sharp blade can last for a long time with ideal corrosion resistance.

  • Full Tang Construction
  • Razor Sharp Blade
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Nylon Sheath
  • Carbon Stainless Steel Blade
  • Comfortable D-Grip Handle
  • Not Ideal for Hardwoods on.

10. Tramontina Wood Machete TT-414

Cheap Machete For WoodTramontina TT-414 features 19 inches overall length with a natural color hardwood handle made for best performance and comfortable grip.

This Brazilian-made machete is getting extremely popular due to its high-quality results. The 18 inches SAE 1070 High-Carbon Steel has been used in blade manufacturing.

You can sharpen it comfortably to a near-razor edge to enjoy the sharp blade results. You can even cut the branches of a tree with TT-414. This serious work tool features a long blade that adds weight to it. In the worst survival situations, this machete will never disappoint you.

  • Durable and High-Performance Tool
  • Natural Color Wood Handle
  • Long Life Blade
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Sheath Sold Separately


Buying Guide

It is always a wise idea to consider different aspects of a product before buying it. One machete may be perfect for chopping whereas the other one can be made for your camping kit. Though the manufacturers are well aware of the needs of their customers still it is essential to have proper reviews about each and every aspect of the best ones on the market.

Blade Shape

Machetes are manufactured in many shapes around the world usually based on their origin. The most popular types of a machete with their blade shape are the following.

  • Kukri
  • Parang
  • Bolo
  • Panga
  • Golok
  • Tapanga
  • Heavy
  • Barong
  • Bowie

Each type has its own unique benefits based on the machete style and design. Many of them are created as a forward tool with an additional momentum such as the Bolo or Golok. Most have the feature in the middle part of their blade-like the Barong.

The Kukris are popular for the curved blade angle that gives them extra chopping strength as compared to other machetes such as the SOGfari kukri. The bowie knife features a pointy blade tip that can perform perfectly in survival situations. Each machete has a distinct place of origin that resembles the heritage and culture of that place in many ways.

Blade Material

There are main three types of steel blades used in machete manufacturing.

Carbon Steel

This type is the strongest of the above-mentioned blades. They are considerably cheap and they have the ability to hold an edge for a longer period when sharpened. The odd side of carbon steel is that when it is exposed to moisture it can form rust quickly, so it is essential to take care of this steel by polishing it with oil. One attractive feature the additional hardness that turns it into an exceptionally brittle tool. Due to the hardness, it is tough to reshape it. Carbon steel machetes are ideal for survival situations and hard chopping.

High Carbon Stainless Steel

This type of stainless steel is in fact the combo blade of the other two types. The best features are blended together to create one solid piece. The high carbon stainless steel features rust resistance with moderate strength. But it is more expensive than other types of steel due to the perfect performance.

The durability is just exceptional for the edges and the sharpening of its edge is really comfortable too. It can also be used as a decorative or functional tool.

Stainless Steel

Chromium and nickel are added to the common carbon steel to make the stainless steel. The type of steel costs more than carbon steel. Stainless steel is well known for its rust resistance which also makes it a low maintenance item. But it has lower strength as compared to carbon steel and can be re-sharpened easily. You can use such type of machete as a decorative item due to its rust resistance.

Blade Length

The machete blade length can be categorized into several types. It starts from a short 8-inch length and can be found in long-form such as 28-inches.

Short Blade Machete

The short blade is best for narrow space and gives you more control over the blade swing. You can safely mark it as the best machete for survival. Due to the short length, you need less momentum and as a result, it won’t bite deep. But the dark side is it needs extra energy to make this blade ideal for chopping.

Long Blade

The low blade provides an additional benefit as compared to the short blade. But it has more weight due to its long blade. Carrying the type of machete all day can be a tiresome task. The chopping ability of the long blade is much more than the short blade machete with less control.

Blade Thickness

The thickness is another important aspect of the best machete to consider. It starts from 2mm thin and reaches 6mm thick.

Thin Machete

The thin machete is easy to hold and best for cutting vegetation and soft plants. The type of machete is comparatively lighter and can be used less effectively in tough chopping. But be careful, it can break in such cases as extra power may cause damage.

Thick Machete

The thick blade machetes are highly recommended for situations where more power is used. It has more weight as compared to a thin blade machete due to its blade thickness.

Blade Tang

The machete blade can be full or not. The tang can or can’t be wider like the handle. The handle is commonly cut to the tang shape and tied to it by pins, screws, or bolts.

The full tang blades are highly effective for chopping and also take a lot of beating due to the strong blade. The half tang or various other varieties feature low strength and can form cracks or break during the heavy beating.

Handle Material and Shape

The best quality machete is determined by the type of its handle. Many machetes have a normal type handle with a crossguard which protects the handle to slip onto the blade. The unique shape of the handle tip prevents the machete from slipping in wet weather conditions or sweaty hands. A handle also has a lanyard hole with it for additional security.


The handle can be a curved, square, or round shape. The curved and round shape machetes are extremely comfortable and ergonomic as compared to square shape handles.


The handle material is a prime thing to manufacture a perfect handle. There are many types of handle materials like the stainless steel handle, wood handle, textured handle, molded plastic handle, Micarta handle, and leather handle. Now the question is which material makes the best handle of the machete? Let’s find the answer in each type briefly.

The wood machetes are mostly found in Parang-type machetes. The type of material gives a decent grip, lightweight, and warm feel but is expensive with more maintenance time.

The molded plastic handle is cheap as compared to the wood one and simple to maintain. However, the color may get distorted with the passage of time and the plastic can became brittle.

The textured or rubber handles have a great grip with soft feelings on the hand. It is extremely lightweight but gets damaged due to wear and tear. The price is moderate.

The stainless steel blade has its own charm but is rarely used for machete handle manufacturing. The type of material is heavy, highly durable, and expensive. But it can be seriously slippery.

The leather handle is very uncommon. It has a very comfortable grip with a decent appearance. But it needs serious maintenance and can be extremely slippery. You need to pay more for the leather handle.

With a comfortable and decent grip, Micarta is the last one on our list. It is the composite of the canvas, linen, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or any other fabric in a thermosetting plastic. The type of handle is very strong and expensive due to its premium quality.

It doesn’t matter what is handle material or shape is, it is important to follow the basic techniques to make sure the best use of the machete while considering the safety primarily.


The sheath is basically the machete protector. A good sheath improves the life cycle of the machete blade. There are various types of sheath available with the machete. There may not be any sheath in some cases which is most rare. The sheath is usually manufactured from solid nylon, leather, cor-ex, and Cordura.

Among all the sheaths, the leather sheath is durable and lasts for a long time. The type of sheath is mostly available with premium-priced blades.

Nylon sheath serves well and helps to take care of the blade effectively. You will find a nylon sheath with medium-quality machetes.

Cor-ex and Cordura-made sheaths are of extremely premium quality that aids to extend the life of a blade.

The sheath also features straps and belt loops with the machete to carry it throughout the day. The sheath also has a D-ring with it that aids to swivel the blade more comfortably when you talk through the forest or sit down for rest.

In short, the best machetes have the best sheaths and are usually expensive. The medium and low-priced sheaths can be good but are rarely made for long life.

You can also modify the sheath according to your need and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Here are the frequently asked questions with the best possible answers.

Is Machete a Weapon?
Yes, machetes can be used as a weapon. Best machetes are extremely popular in the militaries around the globe
Which is the best survival machete?
Small machetes are easy to carry and are commonly sharp and strong. They are the best survival machetes.
Which is the best Steel for Machete?
Well, it depends on the word type and your needs. You can find your answer in the above Machete material section.


We have tried our best to share the Best Machete on Amazon. There are also many other machetes with the best features but our top list is based on user reviews. You can select from the wide range of the machete that ranges from light-duty to serious survival situations. It is crucial to consider carefully the machete use, design, material, blade length, and thickness of the machete before investing in it.

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