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How to Use a Machete for Self Defense

Featuring a sharp blade with a comfortable handle, a machete is an ancient tool used for self-defense by humans. History has shown that this survival tool has been used on different occasions. From cutting branches to creating shelters in tough weather conditions, modern machetes are considered is one of the versatile tools used by outdoorsmen. However, when it comes to self-defense, using a machete needs proper training and instructions. Take a look at how to use a machete for self-defense.

Benefits of Machete as Self Defense Weapon

There are many valid reasons to consider the best machete as an essential part of your survival bag pack. The large and sharp blade of the machete offers a distinctive advantage in self-defense. An opponent facing a person with a machete will surely hesitate to resist.

The heavy-duty blade is manufactured from tough material and can be used as a survival tool in outdoor expeditions to protect you from animals. Thanks to its large, long durable blade, it offers ideal reach as compared to a typical fixed or folding knife or other blades. The long reach allows keeping enemies and animals at bay.

One of the best features of survival machetes is that they need low maintenance. However, it is recommended to clean and sharpen your machete regularly. Choosing the best machete ensures minimal maintenance, thanks to the high-quality material used in manufacturing.

A machete is an easy-to-use tool that needs little skill to use effectively. You just need to swing it at your opponent to keep them at a safer distance. Besides its cutting performance, a machete is sharp enough to cut off an opponent’s limb with the proper application of force and speed.

The machete is typically used for farming, bushwhacking, or yard work. However, the versatile tool is a deadly weapon when used properly. There are no locks to disengage, flip, push or press the machete. This straightforward tool is very easily made ready. Just pull it out from the sheath, and you are ready to use it for self-defense.

You can easily buy a machete for as little as $25, which makes it one of the cheapest yet effective self-defense tools available on the market.

Machete Drawbacks as Self-Defense Weapon

Besides such benefits, there are some cons of a machete that should be considered. Carrying a machete is illegal in many states, and therefore you can’t carry it openly in public.

The carrying options are also limited. You can carry a machete in a sheath or on a chest rig. You can also store it in your backpack, but you have to choose the right size that fits your backpack.

An expert opponent can disarm your machete with enough speed and courage. Therefore, it is essential to train yourself properly before using a machete as a self-defense tool.

The machete is easy to deflect with a baton, stick, or chair. Machete is an effective self-defense tool, but most people don’t use it for defense in today’s modern age.

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