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Top 10 Best Machete For Hiking You Can Buy in 2023

So, you are planning for hiking with your best buddies? There is nothing better than the company of your best friends, Mother Nature, and the long track to hike. However, safety is the priority when you are getting out for any activities. A sharp machete with compact size is a must-have tool for every professional hiker. From cutting large bushes to slicing lamb chops, a machete is a versatile tool that can get the job done in a flash.

Selecting the best machete for hiking can be a headache, especially for a new user. From handle to the sheath to blade material, we have analyzed these ten versatile machetes manufactured by reliable brands. Take a look at these machetes for hiking and choose the best one for your needs.

01. Fiskars Clearing Garden Machete

Fiskars Clearing Tool Garden Machete Review

A great gardening tool for clearing brush, ground cover, roots, and dense weeds. It has 15 inches curved blade that protects the blade from sticking in dense growth.

An amazingly sharp and gorgeous-looking machete gives deep cutting. It is sturdy and well-balanced with a convenient sheath. But it just a machete, not a survival tool.

Rubber textured handle lets you a firm grip and fits nicely in your hands. Its blade is very hard and you have to force heavily if you are cutting hard things. But it is a great tool with great weight distribution. You can easily clean brushes, little chopping, and remove small plants.

All in all, Fiskars comes with a lifetime warranty and the best gardening tool.

  • Firm Grip
  • Best For Cleaning
  • Less Pricy
  • Best Gardening Tool
  • Difficult To Swing

02. Imacasa 27-Inch Colima Machete


The two-sided sharp peddle-sharp blade has a bulge for added heft on the weaker backstroke which offers quickly cutting in both directions or any situation.

IMACASA is located in Santa Ana, El Salvador, but it offers machetes for almost all over America. IMACASA products are designed to excel in industries such a construction, agriculture, and gardening.

As you all know, Condor Machetes, the best reliable brand that produces high-quality machetes. IMACASA inspires by Condor, and they produce outstanding machetes and have a marketing policy directed toward customer satisfaction almost all over the world.

It comes with 32 ¼inch with 1085 high carbon-weighted Colima blade enhances its durability. This tool is best for chopping, trimming, limbs, or clearing bushes.

Its full length provides a complete grip which is easy to use. It has a full-length high-impact polypropylene handle that allows you to have a perfect grip on it. It also has a lanyard hole that provides you more safety. Moreover, it requires sharpening before first use.

  • Good Quality
  • Secure Grip
  • Polypropylene Handle
  • Needs Sharpening Before Initial Use

03. Whetstone Cutlery 25-H229 ‘The Brute’ Super Machete

Whetstone Cutlery Machete Review

A real survival tool is Whetstone Cutlery Machete comes with 22.75 inches. It is a heavy-duty machete that offers a lot of features.

The brute, from the backyard to wilderness and the jungle, you need to fight any trouble from survival to cleaning, the best tactical machete.

This tool has pakkawood cord wrapped in the handle with exceptional as well as a two-sided grip to secure top online casinos you in any situation. It has a black-coated rust-resistant stainless steel blade with a heavy-duty sawtooth back and a cord cutter slot.

Featuring an eyelet for easy store and a slot in the handle for an additional strap that lets you easily carry it out.

It has a high-quality nylon belt sheath, which is more durable. If you want lasts longer best tactical machete then “The Brute” is a perfect choice.

  • High-Quality Blade
  • Reasonable Price
  • Best Nylon Sheath
  • It’s Too Heavy

04. Schrade SCHPR1CP Parang Machete

Schrade Parang Machete Review

Are you want to hike or camping or clearing, all in one tool is Schrade SCHPR1CP 19.6in Full Tang Parang Machete is your perfect companion for outdoor activities. Having high-quality features, this tool is coated with a nice powder that seems sharp. It has a beautiful blade comfy and ergonomic to carry out.

Its overall length is 19.6 inches, and the blade length is 13.7 inches. Its blade is made of reliable powder coated with a black textured thermoplastic elastomer handle. It is easy to use and simple to use.

It comes with a convenient thermoplastic belt sheath with a shoulder strap making it unique and easy to carry. The sheath is sturdy and slots are placed for molle attachments or blade tech setup.

This tool provides a completely secure grip. You have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the ergonomic figure guard, grommet holes, and slots for lashing.

Featuring a recurve blade and a lanyard hole for vital use and secure fit grip during any condition or situation.

  • Bended Blades With A Couple Of Quirks Survival Tool
  • Lanyard Hole Secure Grip
  • Best For Hiking
  • Not High Quality

05. SOG Survival Jungle Primitive Machete

SOG Survival Machete Review

A lightweight comfy grip compact machete with a convenient ballistic nylon sheath is the right choice of Jungle Primitive Machetes. It comes with a significant cutting edge, sturdy stainless steel blade, and sawtooth spine.

A true companion to travel lightly and keep the path clear. It has a beautiful design with an ultra-sharp 9.5 inch partially serrated blade and a top-notch sawtooth spine that cut flawlessly.

Although, it is an ancient tool made of a sweeping blade with a thermoplastic handle for enhanced traction. It has a full tang design with a notched pommel for scoring and chipping.

Moreover, it is a multiple-purpose machete that is used in such as heavy-duty jungle machete, military machete, garden machete, and hunting machete.

With its ballistic nylon sheath with a storage pouch carrying easily. It offers a lifetime warranty for its users.

  • Best In Jungle
  • Great Survival Too
  • Ballistic Nylon Sheath
  • Highly Price

06. Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri Machete

Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete Review

A well-crafted, high-quality, and trustworthy knife that is a faithful companion for all outdoor activities. It is best for hiking, camping, executing bushcraft, or any other activities. Its overall length is 19.7 inches with a blade length is 13.3 inches.

The best combat machete’s blade made of reliable powder-coated S.S with a black safety grip handle. It comes with a convenient polyester sheath with a shoulder strap making it unique and easy to carry. The sheath is sturdy and slots placed for molle attachments or blade tech setup.

Featuring a Ferro rod, sharpening stone and a lanyard hole makes it a great handy tool.

Note: This product includes TDI, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm.

  • Sharpening Tool
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Efficient
  • Low-Quality Sheath

07. Cold Steel Barong Machete

Cold Steel Barong Machete Review

A beautiful curved 18-inch carbon steel blade with a baked-on, matte black finish to aid in rust and corrosion resistance makes it the best boring machete compare to others.

As you know, each Cold’s sheath is made of a Cor-Ex sheath, easy to carry, and provides the convenience of use in the field. The barong also makes an excellent bush-craft tool.

Note: This product includes TDI, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and congenital disabilities, or other reproductive harms.

  • Sturdiness
  • Value Of Money
  • Durability
  • Edge Is Too Much Sharp

08. United Cutlery UC3011 USMC Kukri Machete

United Cutlery UC3011 USMC Kukri Machete Review

If you have enough money to get a machete then you have come to the right place. United Cutlery Kukri Machete with silver stainless blade and saw back and partially serrated top edge near tip of the blade gives flawlessly cutting.

It comes with a silver stainless steel blade, lanyard hole, and black nylon belt sheath with a protective insert.

The United rubber material handle provides a firm grip in any condition. It has a full tang that allows you to carry it easily.

  • Comfortable Grip
  • A Survival Tool
  • Best Machete For Money
  • Medium Quality Sheath

09. Okapi Knife & Tool KO10500 Cane Machete

Okapi Knife and Tool Cane Machete Knife Review

Its overall length is 25 ½ inches, and its blade length is 11 3/8, and its blade made of high carbon steel.

This machete has good wood handle material is best for hacking stalks sugar cane and other similar crops.

Its hook handle allows the user to pull up the stalk for harvesting.

  • Quite Comfortable
  • Good Quality
  • Easy To Swing
  • Without Sheath

10. Cold Steel 97LHMS Heavy Machete

Cold Steel 97LPMS Machete Review

The heaviest machete to work with heavy trees to cut, chop, clean, or anything that takes more force to handle.

The blade of this machete is made of carbon steel 1025 with an anti-rust finish also black baked. You can find a perfect utility edge with a completely secure grip.

A best ultimate survival as well as the outdoor tool. With its outstanding functionality, you can do any heavy work in just one swing.

  • Do All Heavy Works
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • More Force Needed


The best hiking machete deserves a space in your backpack. You can easily tame the elements, build shelter and protect yourself in different situations. However, most people don’t know where to start when buying a machete for hiking. Just sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and consider your needs and budget, read these ten best machetes for hiking detailed review, and choose the right one for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Machete Is Best?
Typically, a machete ranges from 10 to 28 inches. However, 18 inches is the most common machete length available nowadays. A small blade has less reach but it is highly portable and easy to store. Long blades can be hard to carry but are ideal for cleaning large areas quickly.
What Is The Best Quality Machete?
There are different features that should be considered to determine the quality of a bet machete. However, the following five factors are vital for a quality machete.

  • Tang
  • Blade Style
  • Blade Length
  • Handle Style And Material
  • Blade Composition
What Is The Best Self-Defense Machete?
Machete has been used as a self-defense tool for a long time. Take a look at the best machete for self-defense.

  • Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Blade Knife
  • United Cutlery UC3024 M48 Ops Combat Machete
  • FALCATA KOPIS Kukri Gurkha Bolo Machete
  • Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Machete
  • Condor Tool and Knife Dendritic 8-Inch Combat
  • Schrade SCHKM1 19.7in Kukri Machete
  • MTECH USA Wood Handle Full Tang Fixed Blade Combat Machete
  • Ontario Knife 8180 498 Marine Combat Machete Knife

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