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Victorinox Swiss Champ Review

Victorinox Swiss Champ ReviewThere’s no reason to hate the Victorinox Swiss champ knife! It’s a functional EDC tool that features legendary blades for all household and outdoor tasks.

The ultimate design and dimension offer a balanced blend of compact carriage and ergonomic structure. Everything inside its folder/handle rests on the iconic blade folding system that takes little pressure to expand the blade or any other EDC tool.

The best part about its construction, it is hand-assembled by a group of prestigious Swiss workers and passed through laser machine inspection and several quality checks.

Victorinox Swiss Champ (56501-CLAM), Black Specification


Blade Length 2-3 Inches
Functions 33
Blade Edge Chisel
Total Weight 0.5 Pounds
Materials Used in The Blade Stainless Steel

The Swiss Champ pocket knife includes every imaginable tool in its compact folder. There’s nothing fleshy in its material or construction. It’s a perfect knife to leave in your car or kitchen because as it’s nearby, you’ll find abundant uses for it.

But as there’s nothing perfect in the world, multiple blades and tools make it one of the heaviest EDC tools ever in the pocket knife world.

33 Functional Tools

Victorinox Swiss Champ ReviewSwiss Champ is a feature-pack pocket knife that can get every job done easily. It’s providing 33 small tools that aren’t more effective than large-size tools. But one thing that you can’t deny ever, its bunch of tiny tools comes in handy for every task.

However, Swiss hand-assembled 33 unique tools are very easy to release and there are abrasive hoods used to protect the edges forever.

Each blade is arrived with razor-sharp grinding and has precise yet sharp edges to cut everything head-on. You can use its large blade for wood carving or unboxing packages. Its sharp tip-point can penetrate through the toughest materials ever.

33 amazing EDC tools including a can opener, reamer, scissor, pliers, toothpick, screwdriver, magnifying glass, nail cleaner, and the foremost wood saw make the Swiss Champ one of the best multi-tools available on the market.

Handle Design & Comfort

Victorinox Swiss Champ ReviewSwiss Champ is a 3.5” durable folding knife that features non-locking tools for all outdoor and household tasks. It fits easily in your jean’s coin pocket or backpack. Each tool rests on a durable flipping system and releases from one side to another.

Some of the most useful tools such as a toothpick, tweezers, steel pins, and ink pens close into compact storage of handles.

The handiest screwdrivers rest around the corkscrew and both are fitting cleverly into a secure location. Glass filled handle is very comfortable to hold while doing the toughest tasks.


Victorinox Swiss Champ Swiss pocket knives are known for their precision construction. All the hinges are tight and smooth and carefully assembled by hand.

It’s the heaviest pocket knife in the editor’s test which is not good for portability.

All the blades and tools are crafted from stainless steel that lasts long. The durable 6” handle is perfect to hold either hand.

You can pull it out from your jeans coin pocket and expand any tools in a smooth motion. The glass-filled handle provides a compact folder to close all tools with zero friction.

Pros & Cons

A multi-tool pocket knife that comes handier with 33 different EDC tools. No need to use either hand for expanding tools. It covers everything you need for household or outdoor tasks.
Although it provides 33 EDC tools for daily use, it’s the heaviest pocket knife in our test. a 0.5 pounds heavy-weight pocket knife isn’t the perfect choice for pocket carry.


Swiss Champ is a multi-tool pocket knife perfect for every outdoor and household task. Its built quality will never disappoint you, the company even claims its service for a lifetime.

You can’t count the number of times, this knife comes handier with 33 unique tools. You must leave it in your kitchen, car, backpack, or toolbox. The knife has plenty of benefits but if you’re looking for a simple and light-weight pocket knife for daily carry,  it isn’t a suitable choice for you.

However, except for the weight, it’s the best choice to survive everywhere.

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