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Gerber Ripstop 1 Knife Review

Gerber Ripstop 1 Knife ReviewIf you are not afraid of an unconventional-looking knife, this is the knife for you. It does not look like any other pocket knives on the market. Yet it provides superior performance, matching up well with knives costing a lot more money.

You may think that the unusual handle design is flimsy but you will be greatly surprised. This is going to be one of the lightest knives you will find with this length of the blade. You may even forget you have it with you, we can’t praise the Gerber Ripstop enough that we featured it in our best folding knife article.

It can be closed using either hand thanks to dual thumb studs, an often overlooked feature in knives utilizing thumb studs. The Stainless steel construction means a lifetime free of rust and tarnish. The Stainless steel also means it can be banged around without ruining the handle. Gerber is known for its steel and its quality control and this knife is a prime example of why. It is also featured in our best combat knife guide.

Gerber is an American company based in Oregon. Founded in 1939, Gerber knives are in use around the world and have been extensively used by hunters, tradesmen, and soldiers. All of their products are designed in Oregon and most are manufactured there.

With a lifetime warranty, you cannot go wrong with this made-in-America line of high-quality and high-performance blades. Gerber is very proud of its quality control and it should be. Gerber steel is recognized as being top quality Stainless steel.

Gerber Ripstop 1 Knife Specs

Blade Length 2.3 inches (5.84cm)
Knife Overall Length 5.75 inches (14.60cm)
Knife Length When Closed  3.4 inches (8.63cm)
Total Weight 2 ounces (56.69g)
Materials Used in The Blade 440A Stainless Steel

The Blade

Gerber Ripstop 1 Knife ReviewThe blade is made from high-carbon steel and will meet all of your needs unless you are looking for a dedicated hunting knife. The blade is underrated and is truly an all-purpose knife. Because the blade is underrated, it can be sharpened the entire length.

The high carbon steel blade will keep its edge for a long time between sharpening. The blade is razor-sharp right out of the box. For those who wish to have some serration, there is a half-serration version of the knife available.

The blade will not accidentally open which means there are no cuts when removing the knife from your pocket. You can take this knife with you when you go camping or fishing and it will serve all your needs. It is small enough to be kept in your car or truck for emergencies. This knife has even been carried by members of our military and it has served them well.

The Handle

Gerber Ripstop 1 Knife ReviewThis is not a flimsy knife despite the handle design. The handle is uniquely designed to eliminate any excess carrying weight without sacrificing any sturdiness. The Stainless steel construction requires virtually no maintenance and will never rust or tarnish.

The same Stainless steel construction makes this the perfect fishing and hunting knife. It can handle the day-to-day abuse that is the result of carrying the knife in your pocket with other objects.

There is no added chrome to scratch or scuff. The handle design fits well in your hand and makes the knife very comfortable to use. The unusual handle design gives this handy little knife an excellent grip. The handle also includes a handy belt clip for those people who do not want to carry their knives in their pockets.

The Locking Mechanism

Gerber Ripstop 1 Knife ReviewThe locking mechanism consists of two thumb studs allowing this knife to be closed with either hand. While the locking mechanism is easy to operate with one hand, it is solid enough to not allow the knife to close while in use.

The locking mechanism may loosen over time but the tightening screw is easy to tighten and the knife will be once again as good as when you first purchased it. Whereas the Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife does not lock this knife locks with one push.

Pros & Cons

There is a range of models for the Gerber Ripstop pocket knives. All these knives are the cheapest and you get great value for money. The sharpness of the knives is as those expensive knives. We loved using the Gerber Ripstop and tried it with cutting rope, it worked flawlessly.
The only disadvantage we have is that the handle is made from steel, therefore, holding it tight will leave marks in the palm of your hand. It may dig in a little, but it still is great for everyday use, and for the price you are getting a bargain pocket knife.

Final Verdict

This is an incredible knife at an incredible price. We love the lightweight design and the ability to open and close the blade with either hand. It fits into our pockets without bulging and is very comfortable to carry.

We find this to be a great knife to put in our pocket when we get up and carry with us until time to go to bed. We also love that this knife is made in America by an American company. The knife will last for many years with sharpening being the only real maintenance required.

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