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Top 6 Best Folding Knife 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Folding KnifeFolding or pocket knives are by meaning, a usual purpose tool. Folding knives are designed in a way that they can easily slide into your pants pocket hence providing easy access and transport. To say folding knives are one of the most useful tools known to mankind will be no exaggeration.

For hundreds of years, they’ve helped us in hunting, box cutting, fishing, usual kitchen chores, and accomplishing countless other tasks from the mundane to the life-changing, however, only the best folding knife should do.

In this article, we have listed some of the best folding knives in the market, and we have also broken down some aspects that you need to keep in mind while buying a folding knife.

01. Kershaw 1670S30V Blur Knife

Kershaw 1670S30V Blur KnifeThe Blur series knives from Kershaw pocket knives are perfect when it comes to extreme or everyday situations. These knives offer power as well as performance. In dimensions, this knife is 5.5 x 2.5 x 1 inch and weighs around 4.2 ounces.

The 3 3/8 inches long smooth or serrated blade of the Kershaw Ken onion blur folding knife has been made out of Sandvik 14C28N Steel, which ensures the strength and corrosion resistance of this knife. The opening and closing mechanisms are very convenient and user-friendly, making it number one in our best folding knife of 2019 guide.

The Speed Safe assisted opening system helps in smoothly opening the knife with a manual push on the blade’s thumb stud, or on the Index Opening system. The applied pressure on the thumb stud helps overcome the resistance of the torsion bar, hence opening the folding knife in one smooth motion.

Also, Speed Safe’s torsion bar helps in keeping the knife closed, hence preventing it from opening by accident. The handle on this knife is made of lightweight anodized aluminum, which offers Trac-Tec inserts. These inserts ensure a non-slip grip during wet and slippery conditions. It also is a cool pocket knife.

Quick Features
  • Features One-Hand Flipper For Fastest Deployment.
  • Sharpening Is Effortless And There Are No Serrations.
  • G 10 Textured Grip Doesn’t Slip With Sweaty Hands Or Gloves.
  • Most Versatile Knife Design Offers Possible Applications.
  • You Get A Reversible Pocket Clip For Convenient Carry.
  • Sandvik Steel-Made Blade Can Penetrate Through Abrasive Material.
  • Lightweight Anodized Handle Lasts Forever
  • Convenient To Carry
  • Speed Assisted Opening
  • Versatile Design For Multi-Task
  • The Locking Mechanism Works Well
  • Right Place Of The Thumb Stud
  • Not Super Razor-Sharp Out Of The Package
  • Looks Bulky

02. Buck Knives S30V Steel Blade

Buck Knives S30V Steel BladeThis knife right here is an absolutely rugged folding hunting knife with a modern touch to its looks. In dimensions, the knife is 5 x 3 x 1.5 inches and weighs around 4 ounces.

The shape of the blade is perfect for field dressing and handling a wide array of camp tasks. Buck has done an impressive job on this knife, it is one of the firsts from Buck with the patented “Zipper” gut hook. Ergonomically this knife is rugged, sturdy, and can endure any type of outdoor situation.

The S30V smooth or serrated stainless steel blade with its exceptional shape is amongst the many characteristics which qualify this knife as one of the best folding alpha hunter knives. Its attractive styling is both functional and ergonomic. To conclude, this tough and sturdy folding knife boasts functionality with a modern feel, it is a must-have!

Quick Features
  • The Fantastic Blade Design Looks Like A Traditional Powerful Lightsaber.
  • Ergonomic, Rugged, Sturdy Construction Is Capable Of Enduring The Toughest Situations.
  • The Soft Leather Sheath Handle Is Comfortable To Grip For All Hand Sizes.
  • Proudly Made In The USA And Available With A Lifetime Warranty.
  • Exceptional Design With Finger Guard To Provides Your Protection.
  • The Folding Mechanism Is Highly Convenient.
  • Exceptional Durability
  • It Is Measured Competent To Carry
  • Finger Grooves Provide You Safety
  • Extraordinary Grip
  • Drop-Point Tip
  • Razor-Sharp Blade
  • Family Tradition Etching May Not Be Available

03. Kershaw 1605CKTST Black Pocket Knife

Kershaw 1605CKTST BlackSince its entry into the market in 1974, Kershaw has always been known to maintain a worldwide reputation for performance and innovation in its products.

This Black clash folding knife follows the tradition. It boasts a drop point blade with just a few recurves which enables this knife to perfectly manage any type of task, from slicing to rope cutting.

The partially serrated blade of this knife is made out of 8CR13MoV stainless steel, which has been heated and treated by Kershaw to ensure the blade’s strength, hardness, and ability to hold a keen edge.

Also, the beautiful black oxide blade coating and its lightweight black scales provide this knife with extra rock hardness. Kershaw products are guaranteed for a lifetime, ensuring the original owner is free of defects when received from directly from the factory.

Quick Features
  • It Features A Flipper Mechanism With An Assisted Opening.
  • A Reversible Pocket Clip Makes It Convenient To Carry Anywhere.
  • The Handle On Clash Is Comfortable; The Texture Doesn’t Add Too Much.
  • It Ergonomic Feel, There’s No Play With the Blade, And The Lock Has Held Well.
  • Liner Locking Mechanisms That Don’t Fail Ever.
  • The Knife Feels Extremely Lightweight; Maybe The Reason Is Its Hollow Construction.
  • Attractive Gray Blade Coating
  • Fastest Deployment
  • The Locking System Is Highly Secure
  • A One-Handed Flipper Is More Convenient
  • Durable Handle
  • High-Performance Razor-Sharp Blade

  • Feels Clunky In My Pocket
  • Few Small Grips

04. Cold Steel EDC Tactical Folding Pocket Knife

Cold Steel EDC Tactical Folding Pocket KnifeCold Steel has always been famous for raising the bar in the knife industry. The cold steel Recon 1 tactical knife follows the tradition with its tough build and chainsaw-like performance.

Every inch of this knife has been over-engineered to make it strong, durable, and effective like none other. The 4 inches long clip point blade is made of Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel, which has been vacuum heat treated and sub-zero quenched.

In dimensions, the thickness of the blade is 3.5 mm and the knife itself weighs around 5.3 ounces. The handle on this knife features G-10 laminated scales, which have been artistically sculptured to produce a superior non-slip grip.

Also, the knife has been put together with the help of high-strength mechanical fasteners, and the grip has been further enhanced by a 6061 heat-treated spacer. The clip on this knife is ambidextrous making it easier for both right and left-handed people, also its small size is designed to feel comfortable on the palm, even during hard labor.

Quick Features
  • The 4” Blade Beast Is Exceptional For The Toughest Outdoor Cuttings.
  • The Handle Design Is Greatly Improved And Provides Quickness Of The Lock.
  • It’s Super Durable, Well Balanced, You Get Years Of Use Through Its Toughest Construction.
  • Although It’s A Big Knife, It’s Still Lightweight And Comfortable To Grip.
  • It Has A Tri-Ad Locking System Which Is More Secure And Convenient As Well.
  • The Blade Arrives Razor-Sharp, There’s No Serration Complication.
  • Highly Dependable Design
  • No Touches Are Needed For The Blade
  • Multiple Layered Constructions Of The Handle
  • Different Angles To Lock The Blade
  • Lightweight Yet Durable
  • Finger Gives For A Firm Grip
  • Lock Back Lock System
  • Low-Quality Pocket Clip

05. Buck 110FG Folding Knife

Buck 110FG Folding KnifeThe Buck 110 FG folding hunter knife is the original folding lock-back knife, which is large enough for any chore at hand but becomes small enough to be easily folded and carried in a belt or pocket.

The 110FG Folding Hunter is Buck’s very own finger-grooved version of the classic 110 Folder. In dimensions, this knife has 3.75 inches long blade and weighs around 7.2 ounces.

The smooth or serrated blade is made out of 420HC stainless steel which makes it sturdy and competent for any type of task at hand. The handle is a natural wood grain handle made of Macassar Ebony Dymondwood, with polished brass bolsters.

The knife measures around 4 7/8 inches long when closed, and comes with a black leather sheath. And, like all other Buck Knives, the 110 also comes with Buck’s ever-unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Quick Features
  • The Brass Blisters On The Handle Feature A Perfect Combination Of Balance And Sophistication.
  • It Has Excellent Strength, and Edger Retention, And The Blade Is Corrosion-Resistant.
  • 3-3/4″ Blade Is Razor-Sharp And Effective In Cutting Abrasive Materials.
  • It Also Includes A Genuine Quality Leather Sheath With A Belt Loop For Convenient Carry.
  • Available With Family Etching Tradition With The Buck Logo That Gives An Adventurous Look.
  • Proudly Made In The USA And Available With A Forever Warranty.
  • Clip Point Blade
  • Easy To Open And Close
  • Heavyweight Yet Durable
  • Wooden Crafted Handle
  • Finger Grooves For A Firm Grip
  • Brass Bolsters
  • The Tip Broke Off
  • The Brass On The Handle Was Dis-Colored

06. Smith & Wesson SWATMBS Swat Review

Smith & Wesson SWATMBS SwatThe Smith & Wesson SWATMBS knife is plain perfection. The blade on this knife is a spear-point serrated blade. It is coated with stainless steel which provides it with its sturdiness and rust resistance.

The handle on this knife is plain black and made from aluminum and has inserts that improve the grip of the user on this knife. This knife has a simple but very effective locking mechanism.

In order to open the blade, either the thumb stud on the blade can be used, else the small lever on the back of the knife can draw the blade with a mere pull on it. The torsion bar takes over immediately after the blade is moved out a few degrees.

Also, pulling the lever all the way down can completely open the blade into an open position and lock it there. The knife is accompanied by a handy pocket clip which ensures that the knife allows it to be conveniently carried around. That’s a wrap of our best folding knife guide, hopefully, you have the folding knife for you!

Quick Features
  • A.G.I.C Assisted Opening Makes The Folding Knife Ideal For Everyday Carry.
  • Features Security That The Blade Will Never Slip, It’s Complemented With A Liner Lock System.
  • The Plain Black Handle Of The Knife Is Crafted From Aircraft-Grade Aluminum.
  • Support Ambitious Thumb Stud And Flip Finger For The Easy And Fastest Deployment.
  • Clip-Point Blade Design Can Penetrate Through The Toughest Objects.
  • Surprisingly, With The Added Bulk, It’s Not A Really Heavier Knife Than Other Slimmer Knives.
  • Sturdy And Well Made
  • Spring-Assisted Opening
  • Good Pocket Clip,
  • Grippy Handle
  • Safety Switch
  • Smaller Model

A Buyer Guide to Best Folding Knife

A trusty folding pocket knife will never deceive you for household or outdoor tasks. Whether you have an emergency or just need ordinary cutting, it becomes handier in all situations.

According to us, the best folding knife is an essential tool and comes useful in everyday tasks, so we killed a lot of time researching, inspecting customers’ reviews, meeting pros, and checking individual knives in real-life experience.

After all the experience, we concluded some critical factors that you must consider while buying a tactical folding knife.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Folding Knife

Consequently, here is the guide that you can follow up to buy a suitable folding pocket knife for your situation.

  • The Use: A good pocket knife undoubtedly comes handier in all situations, but if you are looking for a specialized field, you should buy a particular knife that’s designed for you. For example, if you’re considering cutting ropes or camping, you should buy a razor-sharp blade with a little bit of serration.
  • Locking Mechanism: The locking mechanism is the factor that you must consider because it ensures your safety while using or carrying the blade. There’re certain locks used for holding the blade in place, such as liner lock, compression, or collar lock.
  • Size & Weight: Some of the best folding pocket knives are measured large to fit comfortably in hands of all sizes. A large handle gives you a fine grip and is effective in cutting abrasive materials.
  • The most moderated length and weight for knives are 4 inches and 4 oz. which suits everyone to carry.
  • The shape of Blade: There are various blade designs available, but the most versatile and effective in slicing and abrasive cuttings has always been drop-point. It features a razor-sharp blade edge with a fastener tip that can penetrate through the most rigid materials.
  • Handle Material: Many raw materials are used for constructing the handle, but the G10 has always been the best overall. It keeps its toughness, features a firm grip, and lasts forever. Furthermore, also consider the finger grooves and front finger safety grooves for a strengthened grip.
  • Pocket Clip: Some of the best folding knives for camping are available with a pocket clip that makes it convenient to carry the knife. There is also a pre-drilled hole to choose the tip position up or down with your decision. Always make sure a pocket clip or a leather sheath with a belt loop for carrying the pocket knife conveniently.

How to Choose the Best Folding Knife

There is a wide variety of pocket knives available in the market and choosing from them is not an easy task. The points below are some of the characteristics that should be present in a good folding knife.

  •  You should be first sure about how you intended to use it. For example, if you’re cutting an abrasive material like rope or cardboard, you might want to consider a more wear-resistant blade.
  • The most important aspect of a knife is its blade geometry, and mainly its thickness. This directly is related to the type of material the blade is made of. Hence, choose a knife whose blade is made of a good quality alloy, which can bear wear and tear.
  •  The edge configurations of the knife are also important like the V grind or chisel grind. There are certain alloys that work better at particular angles. This is important when selecting the best folding knife.
  •  If neglected, almost any stainless steel can rust, but stain-resistant steels are a good option if you are opting for humid or aggressive environments for your outdoor trip. But, if you’re not worried about the corrosion of your knife, then there are a lot of great alloys to choose from.

Final Verdict

It’s worth spending time finding the best folding knife that suits your needs. However, we’ve made your work short and straightforward; you can conveniently pick the pocket knife that is reasonable for you.

Overall, Buck 110FG Folding Knife is the best razor-sharp folding knife that is heavyweight but durable enough to use through the years. Its wooden handle gives a traditional, adventurous look and the golden blisters on the ends promote its beauty.

However, Smith & Wesson is also an appropriate choice, especially for those fond of camping.

That’s it for today’s article; we hope it will be helpful for you, especially in finding the best folding knives.

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