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Spyderco Endura Knife Review

Spyderco Endura 4 Knife ReviewNearly after a decade of Spyderco’s birth, the company spiced things up by giving the two best-selling knives of all time, the Delica and Endura. They became the parents of the current lightweight performing knives of today, and also at an affordable price.

Today after a lot of tweaking, refining, updating, and upgrading Spyderco has given us the best of the series, the new Endura 4.

With its journey starts with Sal Glesser and his wife Gail, in their old bread delivery truck. This Colorado-based knife manufacturing giant, Spyderco has grown so big, that it has kick-started and pioneered most of the common knife features like a round hole in the blade, pocket clip, and so on.

They started to outsource and moved a large part of knife production to foreign contractors. And this sleek, Endura 4 is a crown product of Spyderco which comes from the company’s Japan manufacturing unit.

The company doesn’t just have big numbers in revenue, but they have reached more people and places that scale greater than the revenue. Spyderco is the choice of most people from common householders, to hunters, and adventurers.

Spyderco Endura 4 Knife Specs

Blade Length 3.75inch (96mm)
Knife Overall Length 8.75inch (222mm)
Knife Length When Closed 5inchs (127mm)
Total Weight  103g (3.6once)
Materials Used in The Blade FRN and VG-10 blade steel.

The Blade

Spyderco Endura Review Endura 4 features a VG-10 blade, these blades are stronger at the tip and have a larger spydie hole of 13mm. This blade comes in handy for most of the chefs who travel around frequently. Spyderco’s use of this material on its widespread models has given VG-10 a bigger market.

Almost all manufacturing for VG-10 is made in Japan. The blade also comes with slip-resistant jimping in the spine. The phosphor bronze-made washers give a smooth feel and experience while opening and closing the knife. Even the clip is upgraded to give a better experience.

The Handle

Spyderco Endura 4 Lightweight Signature KnifeThe handle is made up of the company’s trademark and the most commonly used material in its knives – FRN aka Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. The handle features a bi-directional texture for perfect traction and ergonomics. There are two skeletonized stainless steel liners inside the handle that provides the knife a strong grip without the inclusion of any unwanted weight.

These skeleton liners provide to be an anchor for all the components inside and outside the handle, making it extra tough and rigid. The clip at one side of the handle gives the option to tie on to a pocket or to hang on to something. The flat curved handle looks stylish.

The Locking Mechanism

Spyderco Endura ReviewThe Endura’s handle and design feature a lot of screws that make it completely customizable. The opening and closing of the blade proved to be very smooth and effortless that can be used perfectly by left-handers too. The hinge tends to become loose after countless uses.

But the whole design is customizable so the screws can be tightened and made new as before. This ability allows users to set their own tightness according to their needs. The lock makes sure the blade doesn’t close itself while in use. The old Spyderco Civilian lacked this feature.

Pros & Cons

The plastic FRN handle makes this knife really weightless, cleaning the knife was never easier and less time-consuming before. The speedy hole is also a pros compared to other brand knives in a similar range.
The few things that Spyderco could have changed is giving a better blade, this one needed a lot of sharpening now and then. The ergonomics were not that comfortable when compared with other models in Spyderco. The Clip created a fuss, no matter where it was put, this problem is negligible in most models but in this, it was hindering.

Final Verdict

The blade that comes with this knife is also known as Japan’s super steel. It has excellent rust resistance, making it a suitable option for use in all kinds of environments (dry or wet) without a sign of a blemish. The blade can also be sharpened very easily. Most of the VG10 knives cost more than $100, but this model from Spyderco is economically the best option. This knife can be used by all kinds of people in different professions. This is one of the best busy models from Spyderco giving the best value for money.

Since this pocket knife has already received enough recognition, we can easily vouch for the fact that it has one of the most widespread positive responses and Spyderco considers it as a trademark owing to its high demand. It has been in the market for a long time and has generated impressive revenue throughout its course of time. Thus, with such products, the company is definitely aiming to set a benchmark in the market that will intimidate all of the other companies that manufacture knives.

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