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Spyderco C12GS Civilian Folding Knife Review

Spyderco C12GS Civilian Folding Knife ReviewSpyderco is a pioneer maker of pocket knives. They started out to give quality common knives, but their experience, craftsmanship, and patented designs took them to an entirely new level. They started manufacturing the best tactical knives. Civilian is none like any other knives from Spyderco.

This weapon knife can come in handy for saving a person’s life as well as defending oneself from an unexpected life-threatening situation. Spyderco’s civilian will be our favorite “non-fancy” defense knife. This small powerful knife can cause just the right amount of damage we wanted to.

To manufacture such a lethal knife, the company must require Government permission. But Spyderco’s reputation got itself a request from the government to make such knives. Yes, that’s right, sometime around the 1990s a dedicated branch of the U.S. Law Enforcement agency approached Spyderco to manufacture a knife that could be used by their undercover agents.

These officers who mingle themselves as commoners, face life-threatening situations when on fieldwork. These officers were not allowed to use firearms to avoid suspicion, however, the knife was an option.

Hence Spyderco was asked to design and make a knife that could prove to be life-saving for these officers, thus Civilian came to be. The design was successful enough, that the company rolled out a trainer version for the general public.

Kershaw 1605CKTST Knife Specs

Blade Length 4.125inch (105mm)
Knife Overall Length 9.188inch (233mm)
Knife Length When Closed 5.188inch (132mm)
Total Weight  4.75ounces (134gm)
Materials Used in The Blade VG-10 Steel

The Blade

Spyderco C12GS Civilian Folding KnifeThe civilian features a patented reverse S-shaped blade, this ergonomic design gives a perfect edge while using it for self-defense. The VG-10 blade used in this knife is capable of cutting through most of the things, however, the short size doesn’t allow certain methods of cutting.

This VG-10 stainless steel is known for its sharpness and strength. Coupled with the knife’s design for tactical use, the blade is razor-sharp and deadly. That’s why this knife is not recommended for general purposes or everyday usage.

The blade can be made even sharper with tools, but it’s not necessary as the blade doesn’t lose its sharpness soon. The micro-thin tip is sharp enough to pierce the outer coat –denim and then penetrate the flesh. The blade’s deployment is rocket-fast, which is needed in most situations.

The Handle

Spyderco C12GS Civilian Knife review (2)The Black G-10 handle is a real fit for the blade, making it a perfect flawless product. The handle comes with curves at the right place making it safer for the person to hold it while using it for defense. The textured surface on the handle gives a proper grip, even while having wet hands or while wearing gloves.

The sleek design of the handle makes the knife fit inside the pocket without making an impression on the outside. The handle also comes with two position clip that helps in discreet carry. When the knife is closed, the product gives a comfortable feel as if it was designed for our palm, concealing the knife inside.

The Locking Mechanism

Spyderco C12GS Civilian Knife review (1)The knife, which was designed to be used in the most dangerous situation also comes with a safe locking mechanism that doesn’t allow the blade to close itself while in combat.

The locker provided is stronger than the lockers that feature in other Spyderco knives. The washer holds the blade tight to the handle and provides smooth deployment of the knife, also while closing.

Pros & Cons

There are a whole lot of things to put in this list. The main would be, the completely serrated blade from tip to handle. Other tactical knives have only partial serration. The locking mechanisms and the company’s trademark “Spydie Hole” is a pros compared with other models in the market.
We couldn’t find much of negatives for this pocket knife, however, the Stainless Steel used is pretty much of low grade for the price tag the knife holds. The tip of the knife proved to be weak in a few cases, this creates a bad impression for our “Civilian”.

Final Verdict

This knife is clearly made for self-defense and for no other reason. People buying Spyderco Civilian for any other purpose other than self-defense are paying money for getting hurt. It is against the law to use this knife in a certain state. But the knife used for the right purpose can save someone’s life. Even people without any kind of training can do a lot of damage. The knife is designed to cut deeper and go deeper.

However, this Civilian model available for general purposes slightly differs from the military model. But the company kept most of the design and function unchanged to attract customers. This knife is suitable for all kinds of people living in a dangerous neighborhood or indulged in business that poses a threat to their life or anyone else’s. For other knife lovers, this piece of art will add extra beauty to the showcase.

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