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How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife with a Knife Sharpener?

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife with a Knife SharpenerLooking for the adept method to use knife sharpeners! Well, if you already tried the blunt knife instead of the sharper one, especially for chopping the vegetables then obviously you found it most frustrating.

Although, that was the right time to first go through the sharpening process and then perform any type of cutting work. But no worries!

Because this article is going to guide you on “How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife by Using Different Knife Sharpeners?” by paying little attention only within a few minutes.

So grab a drink and snack, and get ready for some educational tactics after making a few practices on this technique, everyone will be able to effectively sharpen their knives.

Sharpen Knife by Using Knife Sharpeners

Simply sharpening the knife is the process of removing rust and small breaks from the edge layer to form the new blade edge which actually cuts your things.

However, there are authentic ways to get your knife razor-sharp by using the three different types of sharpeners which work very effectively as well as the cause of ease for the newbie.

So, I have detailed all three sharpeners step by step, specifically including the working phenomenon of each one so that you can get the most precise cutting.

Electric Knife Sharpener

Electric Knife SharpenerOne of the most convenient ways to get a razor-sharp edge of your knife is as it is the role model of precise cutting as well as its consistent behavior.

Due to their incredible outlet, they are especially used by kitchen chefs. Basically, this sharpener consists of a two-stage process of slots/settings.

The first one is the coarse grit slot that actually works to remove the old bits of steel from your loving blade by using abrasive materials like a diamond.

While the second stage is of the fine grit settings which give the final touches, to make your knives enough sharp and polished well.

Only you need to insert the knife into the slot and make a strong grip over it. Then pull it back towards the blade tip very slowly and carefully.

Make forward-back moves of your knife at both sides into the coarse slot until your desired result. You don’t need to worry about the angle because it has a built-in angle of 15 degrees.

Now shift your knife into the finer grit for the final touches. Repeat all the steps of coarse grit into the fine grit at both sides very carefully.

Now wash your knife blade with detergent to make sure that all the metal layers are properly removed and then keep it away to dry.

In this way, you would get the keen edge of your knife. Electric versions are as efficient as it would take several minutes to reshape your knife blade correctly.

Manual Knife Sharpener

src=”https://bestmachete.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Manual-Knife-Sharpener.jpg” alt=”Manual Knife Sharpener” width=”300″ height=”300″ />Using the manual knife sharpener is the second cheapest and easiest way for getting the keen edge of your knife blade. It is also known as a “pull-through sharpener”.

Similar to an electric sharpener, it also has two slots named coarse grit (to sharpen) and finer grit (to polish the blade). See the procedure below;

Place the sharpener on a flat surface and hold the knife with a firm grip to make sure it doesn’t make any slide.

Now insert the blade into the coarse grit and pull it towards the opposite directions only for a single minute until you get your satisfaction.

Repeat the same step into the coarse setting across the other side of the blade to maintain the edge equally. Just put slight pressure on the knife during sharpening.

Now move your blade into the finer grit slot and repeat the same phenomenon as in the coarse grit. Here you must remember the number of strokes for the 2nd fine stage.

Time to wash the cutting blade by using the soap and wipe it with a towel to remove any residual metal filings. Now the knife is ready to cut!

Whetstone Knife Sharpener

Whetstone Knife SharpenerConsidered the traditional way for the maintenance of knives but effective and precise for the dull ones. It also has two slots (coarse and fine settings).

One thing that needs to be remembered is the angle of your knife blade. It may be 15 degrees or greater but you should have the right one. Mostly have almost 15 degrees angles.

This method is a bit difficult compared to others so, your main focus should be on the work that you are going to perform.

Place the stone on the wooden board with your first hand such that the coarse side is facing toward you. Now lubricant the stone with mineral oil well as it limits the excess of heat and friction.

Now hold the knife and set the accurate angle on the stone. Begin strokes with a great deal of consistency by applying normal pressure on them.

Rub it greatly from both sides of a knife until you achieve your desired pinpoint. About 10-15 strokes are enough to get sharpened.

Now flip the stone over fine grit for the final touches of polish. Repeat the same task of coarse grit over the finer grit by equally dividing the number of strokes.

The angle which is applied at both sides should be the same and prefer the consistency for getting the precise results of cutting.

Finally, clean the blade with some detergents and wipe it well. In this way, your knife is ready to perform effectively in the kitchen or anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

Fortunately, I have covered the fundamentals of sharpeners and now just after making a few practices, everyone can be eligible to sharpen their knives precisely, well. Best of luck!



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