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Kershaw Link 1776 Pocket Knife Review

Kershaw Link 1776 Pocket Knife ReviewKershaw Link 1776 is the best addition to your EDC tools. It’s the most versatile pocket knife with a retractable stainless steel blade that has the ability to cut everything head-on.

Kershaw’s most patriotic model 1776 is made to be the best collectible utility knife ever. Its moderated size is convenient to carry and has a reversible pocket clip for ease of access.

The knife maintains an ideal spot between tactical quality and affordability and it’s guaranteed for state-of-art construction and lifetime free service.

Kershaw Link 1776 Knife Specifications

Blade Length 4 Inches
Weight 27 Ounces
Blade Shape Clip Point
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension 96 x 1.42 x 1.18 inches
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Shape Drop Point
Handle Material Aluminum

This is, above all, a spring-assisted pocket knife that is crafted beautifully and has an expensive liner lock system. What really struck people about this knife is its wonderful craftsmanship and it’s proudly made in the USA.

The slate gray color of the knife promotes its aggressiveness and makes it the best choice for adventurers.

The Blade

Kershaw Link 1776 Knife BladeKershaw Link 1776 is packed with a blackwash stainless steel blade that’s ready to cut everything head-on. It’s retractable and features fast deployment for emergency use.

The blade has carbon and chromium for strength and corrosion resistance. Its blackwash finish creates an effective coat to hide the scratches on the blade.

The finishing is held well with the expensive technology for intense use. 420HC stainless steel blade itself is much more durable and holds edges well.

It hasn’t any lateral movements, especially when opened which feels solid. Furthermore, the clip-point design can penetrate through abrasive materials easily.

The Handle

Kershaw Link 1776 Knife HandleKershaw Link 1776 is a spring-assisted folding knife paired with a durable yet comfortable to-hold grip. The handle is made using machined aluminum alloy and anodized dark gray that gives extra potential to its look.

Its bevel edges add additional comfort while extensive cutting. It fits neatly in the palm and gives a secure hold on the blade.

The handle features a built-in flipper for quick opening. A reversible pocket clip is attached to it, particularly for easy accessibility.


Kershaw Link 1776 Knife ConstructionKershaw Link, 1776 is a durable yet lightweight pocket knife made with state of art aluminum material. Its slate-gray color gives a unique adventurous look and has carbon and chromium for corrosion resistance. Overall it’s durable, supports a linear locking system, and has several features for fast accessibility.

Pros & Cons

Kershaw Link 1776 is a sturdy pocket knife featuring a fast flip, linear lock system, pocket clip, and several other convenient benefits, especially for the fond of outdoor adventures. The blade is razor-sharp, you can re-sharp it as a DIY task with the ceramic sharpening rod easily.
Everything except its large size is superb in Kershaw pocket knives. If you’re looking for a short-measured folding knife then it isn’t for you.


Kershaw Link 1776 is going to be your next favorite folding knife. It’s a durable yet lightweight knife built for doing all outdoor and household tasks.

It’s 7.6” measured when expanded and can penetrate through the toughest abrasive material. It is the perfect choice to survive every outdoor/indoor situation.

The “Link” in its name is especially used to pretend a relation between expensive USA knives and an affordable assisted opener.

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