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How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife With Another Knife?

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife With Another KnifeA perfect pocket knife is a versatile tool to have especially in the wilderness.

Fortunately, a wide variety of sharpening equipment is available in the market. But in the case of camping with friends in the wilderness, there might not be a sharpening tool with you.

Due to this, you may face a lot of survival problems there as you have nothing to sharpen with you. But in those desperate situations, a dull knife can be a great sharpening tool.

As you know, an abrasive type of material is required for sharpening, rather than the knife because it is not harder than any sharpening stone.

However, you can use another knife for a temporary sharpening of your actual knife. Only place the knife over another at a specific angle and gently rub for 5-10 minutes.

So, without making a while, let’s see how this technique can work.

Sharpening With Another Knife

This technique is quite simple and easy for sharpening. All you need to have is a single piece of spare dull pocket knife with you to perform the sharpening process.

Step by step guide is given below;

  • Hold the knife firmly in your right hand which you want to sharpen as well as grasp another in your left hand which will help you sharpen the blade.
  • Fix the angle (your desired angle) of your right-handed knife along the left-handed blade and gently rub it to its full length for 5-10 minutes as well.
  • After getting the results, turn over the knife and place it at a similar angle (of the first side angle) over the left-handed knife and replicate the same phenomenon as the first one.
  • In this way, after washing the knife you will successfully achieve your desired blade edge which ensures you the good cutting of things in a few seconds.

Final Thoughts

Sharpening by using another knife is not the most efficient way to sharpen. But it can be a good option to have especially when you have nothing with you to sharpen your pocket knife. Best of luck!

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