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Tac Force Knife Review | G’Store Vintage Pocket Knife

Tac Force G’Store Vintage Knife ReviewThe Tac Force Vintage pocket knife is a critical choice for those fond of outdoor camping or adventurers. It’s convenient and perfectly weighed for pocket carry.

Its high-end carbon stainless steel blade with its clip-point design gives an aggressive look and can cut everything head-on. The iconic hybrid side features rescue properties to break glass and cut the seatbelts.

The ultimate knife is paired with a wooden handle and has finger indents for a secure grip. It features a built-in thumb stud for quick deployment when needed.

Tac Force Vintage Pocket Knife Specifications

Blade Length 5 Inches
Weight 63 Ounces
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Edge Plain
Overall Length 8 inches
Handle Wooden
Dimension 2 x 1.69 x 1.1 inches

Tac Force Store vintage pocket knife is an innovative pocket knife ideal for daily carry. It offers a razor-sharp blade with hybrid serrated and straight sides.

Its blade deployment system is really impressive even though many users keep pressing the thumb stud in their spare time. The handle is polished and varnished for added smoothness and molded look.

There’s no way it comes open in your pocket, the blade is held down using the ultimate liner locking system.

The Hybrid Blade

Tac Force G’Store Vintage Pocket Knife ReviewTac force G’Store wooden handle pocket knife is paired with a high carbon stainless steel blade which is measured 4.5 inches. Its continuous design is similar to the KA-BAR knife blade that has hybrid serrated and straight full sides.

Its aggressive clip-point design is helpful in cutting abrasive materials. The blade edge is razor-sharp and withstands extensive cuttings with consistent edges.

To hold down the blade securely in the folder, the company used an expensive liner locking system. The serrated side of the blade can be used for rough cutting such as for carving wood or cutting seatbelt.

The Handle

Tac Force G’Store Vintage Pocket KnifeThe best part about the construction of the Tac force pocket knife is its wooden handle. It’s wonderfully crafted with finger indents for a solid secure grip.

As it’s made using wood, it’s polished and varnished for the ultimate smoothness. Its dark brown color gives an expensive look to the folder.

The handle provides sufficient storage to cover the blade. It features a built-in liner locking system to hold the blade safely. You don’t need to flip it, just press the thumb stud to open the blade.

Material & Construction

tac force knife reviewI’ve been using the Tac wooden handle pocket knife for the last summer. It’s a durable yet lightweight pocket knife intentionally designed for pocket carry.

The handle has a stainless steel pocket clip that you can use to attach the knife to your belt or pocket. The handle is made using lightweight wood and varnished for a smooth look.

The blade is made using high-carbon stainless steel which is resistant to rust and other weather conditions. Sharpening the edges is straightforward even if you can do it as a DIY task.

Pros & Cons

Tac is the best tactical pocket knife that features a hybrid stainless steel blade, a fast deployment system, an expensive liner locking system, and a pocket clip to clip it on your belt or pocket. It has a wooden handle with finger indents for a secure grip. The blade is razor-sharp just out of the package.
Overall the pocket knife is well-built but the only issue that you may have is its small finger indents. If you have large fingers then it may not be comfortable to grip for you.


Tac wooden handle pocket knife is the best addition to your EDC tools. It’s made with state of art durable material and guaranteed to last forever.

It features all characteristics that you consider to be in an expensive pocket knife. The ergonomic handle style feels expensive and provides pocket clips for convenient carry. Furthermore, its moderated size suits every outdoor person.

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