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Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara 2 Review

Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara 2 Knife ReviewThe Golden, Colorado-based cutlery knife manufacturing giant – Spyderco is known for its premium quality and ergonomically designed pocket knives. Even though the products are manufactured in different parts, they bear the company’s promised quality and standards. They meet up to the promise of redefining the pocket knife, instead of applying makeup to it.

Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara2 is Spyderco’s affordable line of products. From the manufacturing unit in China, Byrd promises to deliver the same splendid design, quality, and build as compared to the company’s high-end product line. The comet-shaped or droplet-shaped spydie hole is the latest innovation from Spyderco in their budget line products.

Spyderco’s out-of-the-box thinking and peculiar designs have gained so much recognition in the pocket knife industry. All major models from Spyderco range high in terms of price. Byrd is Spyderco’s ticket in taking over the low-cost pocket knife market, which is mostly dominated by small local brands.

The Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara2 or (gen 2) is truly an inspiration from the Endura First generation, as they look similar in terms of the outline and design with few differences. Spyderco has given its low-end customers a pocket knife to boast of, with the same kind of build quality.

Blade Length 3.75 inch (95mm)
Knife Overall Length 8.563 inch (217mm)
Knife Length When Closed 4.844 inch (123mm)
Total Weight  3.4 ounces (97gm)
Materials Used in The Blade 8Cr13MoV Steel with Fiber Reinforced Nylon Handle.

The Blade

Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara 2 Lightweight KnifeThe knife’s blade is made out of 8Cr13MoV Steel, this is a Chinese version of AUS8 with similar properties and performance and provides the same function. The steel is rust-resistant and offers great durability & hardness for a less budget, hence Spyderco makes use of this steel in its Byrd series.

The grade of the blade differs from the people making it. Overall it’s capable steel and shows no sign of weakness. The blade’s edge stability is good, it can be sharpened without breaking. The Byrd series uses a unique set of this steel for maximum efficiency and long-lasting use.

The blade also features a comet-shaped spidey hole, to assist in one-handed opening. The jimping on the spine and at the back of the knife gives a better grip while holding the knife open. The finger choil also increases the steel handle’s usage. The blade is fully flat, to give a greater cutting precision. It’s as good as,

The Handle

spyderco byrd cara cara 2 reviewCara Cara 2 comes with 3 different handle materials namely textured G-10, Stainless steel, and the lightweight FRN. This lightweight material doesn’t contribute much to the overall weight, hence we chose Fiber Reinforced Nylon over the other two. The handle is textured to give a better hold of it, even while in action.

The company claims it to be “bi-directional” textured, nothing fancy, other than the raised textures at one end giving extra tight gripping in our hand, also felt great to hold it.

The handles hold the blade through phosphor bronze pivot washers, this can be tightened or loosened according to the user’s need, providing smooth deployment and closing of the blade.  The 4 screws hold together the entire construction of the handle.

The Locking Mechanism

The Byrd series comes with a decent locking mechanism; the typical back lock. The lock is positioned mid-way with Spyderco’s safety measure called David Boye cut-away dent that permits tight gripping without releasing the lock, even accidentally. The clip on the handle locks the knife in your pocket, supporting all 4 possible ways of using it.

Pros & Cons

Giving the people an Endura 4 for a cheaper price. The design of the knife is excellent compared to other knives, the Spydey hole also adds to a knife’s advantage.
The noticeable disadvantage of the knife will be the mediocre quality blade, it’s sharp but very thin. For some people, the screws were an issue during the shipping itself. Since this is a budget knife from China, Spyderco doesn’t have the best customer support or parts for this product.

Final Verdict

Even though a lot of concerns arise while choosing this knife, because of the “Chinese made” tag. We say that it is worth the money spend, Byrd being a line of budget knives, Spyderco has given a splendid product for the price.

The blade tends to last longer bearing the everyday abuse a pocket knife can get, and the handle being lightweight makes it easy to carry everywhere for all kinds of purposes like cutlery cutting, outdoor usage, and sport or be it defense purposes, Cara Cara 2 keeps up a good reputation.

Priced at such an affordable price, few people started to call it “Poor Man’s Endura 4”. That says all, in terms of function, performance, and quality from Spyderco. Cara Cara 2 comes with a limited warranty for manufacturing defects. All this puts Byrd Cara Cara 2 in our best-pick category.

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