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Buck 110FG Knife Review | Folding Hunter Knife

Buck 110FG Knife priceBuck 110FG  falls in the line of the world-famous “Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter”. After a couple of years of their incorporation, Buck Knives decided to take the next step in making knives. In 1963, Buck Knife came up with a new folding knife that can be used for hunting, with a significant point blade, and a strong locking mechanism.

The Buck Model 110 became one of the popular knives ever made in history. Since its launch, the company has sold over 15 million of those. Currently, the Buck 110 line is upgraded to use 420HC Stainless Steel and comes with a variety of options to choose the handle from. The design of this knife is one of the most copied patterns everywhere.

“The Buck knife” is a well-known tagline that represents folding knives that are known as one of the best pocket knife manufacturers. To reach that place, revolutionizing the knife industry Buck Knives have come a long way. Started nearly a century ago by the Buck family member Hoyt Buck, the company took its true ethereal form only in 1947 after opening the “H.H Buck & Son”.

Teamed as a family, they made the best handmade knives, which were really expensive. Only after the death of Hoyt Buck, the company started to muster up production and marketing on a much larger scale. Hoyt’s experience being the apprentice of a blacksmith since when he was 10 years old and made his first knife at 13. With his comeback from the US Navy, Hoyt started to make quality knives, which were hard to find these days. Following his legacy, the Buck Knife has created enormous waves in the knife industry.

Buck 110FG Folding Hunter Knife Specs

Blade Length 3.75inches (9.5cm)
Knife Overall Length 8.625inches (21.90cm)
Knife Length When Closed 4.87inches (12.37cm)
Total Weight 7.2ounces (205gm)
Materials Used in The Blade Macassar Ebony Dymondwood and 420HC Stainless Steel.

The Blade

Buck 110FG Knife BladeBuck 110FG comes with 420HC Stainless Steel as default. This steel with higher carbon content gives the required wear resistance along with the corrosion resistance as that of chromium steel. The steel is heat-treated by Buck to give a user-friendly blade that can be sharpened easily and endure for a long.

The blade is wickedly sharp when it arrives and doesn’t get blunt after abuse. The blade’s nose is designed in a way to assist the knife in many situations and purposes, the curvy tip is sharp enough to pierce through any flesh. The blade comes with a thumb resting portion in the bottom end to give the user even more comfort while playing. With no extra gimmicks in the blade, the Buck logo with the term “USA” is engraved in the blade.

The Handle

Buck 110FG KnifeThe handle is an elegant part of this knife with such a smooth finish. The handle is made of Macassar Ebony Dymondwood coupled with Brass bolsters as default. The rivets in the wood give the grip needed while holding the knife. The finger grooves in the bottom part ensure that the stay stays in our hand during use, giving better traction.

The knife looks perfect when the blade is closed. It can be carried in a pocket anywhere or used as an EDC too. The Buck 110FG manufactured in the year 2014 receives extra attention, the company has included an anniversary medallion that read “1964 50 Years” on the handle, celebrating 50 years of success of Buck 110 Folding knives. These are Special Edition knives.

The Locking Mechanism

Buck 110FG Knife LockThe Buck uses a sturdy locking mechanism that works like a charm when the blade is open, ready for play. The mechanism is really a perfection for the blade that narrow. The thumb rest in the blade gives extra support, should the lock fail. But the lock never fails. We found it similar to the Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife.

Pros & Cons

Everything about this knife is pros because of its 50-year legacy. What makes it more interesting is that this knife can be completely customized by choosing the blade from the extensive range including serration, the handle bolsters can be changed, the rivets can be included or excluded and so is the finger grooves. This gives the users an option to choose according to their interests. And finally the forever warranty by the Buck.
There are no specific cons for this pocket knife, but we felt that the handle was too smooth enough and can be one of the reasons to lose grip. And the Buck 110FG is not comfortable with XL-sized hands.

Final Verdict

This knife without any question is the most awesome knife anyone can have, the legacy it holds and Buck’s craftsmanship puts this knife in other dimensions. The Knife was made completely in the USA, so there are no defects in terms of quality. The leather Sheath was comfortable enough to carry the knife. And as usual, Buck Knives gives its customer a Standard Lifetime warranty. What else do we need? This knife is definitely the best buy.

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