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Buck 770 FlashPoint LE Knife Review

Buck 770 FlashPoint LE KnifeBuck 770 FlashPoint LE Knife, this knife incorporates a lot of features and extra tools with its peculiar design. No matter how strange it is, Buck has done it again, the ergonomics of the knife make it apt for holding and provides complete comfort and power when in hand.

Buck is a foremost American knife maker that specializes in manufacturing the highest quality knives with top-notch features. The Buck Knives were in fact creators of many common knife features found in all pocket knives. The Buck Knives is praised as a True American Company, for all of its Hunting Knives are manufactured in America and 95% of its new knife series is also manufactured in America. The promises supreme quality, which it never fails to deliver.

The company also provides its user with a lifetime warranty for their knives, making it the most loved brand. The designs by Buck Knives sometimes seem weird, but later on, they turn out to be the most efficient and sound ones. Buck also has a record for producing art knives under license for many governmental and non-governmental organizations across the world. The folding hunting knife of 1962 was one of a kind that still stands on top after 50 years.

Customers these days have a huge range of options from various knife makers, all they seek is a stylish knife with a sharp blade that lasts long. Many companies design their knife to meet their needs but fall short on quality. Buck Knives who have pioneered in odd designs, comes up with a stylish small pocket knife that can be used for all general purposes and also for outdoor activities like camping, trekking, hiking, or long motorcycle riding

Buck FlashPoint Hunting Knife Specs

Blade Length 7.37inchs (18.71cm)
Knife Overall Length 2.87inchs (7.3cm)
Knife Length When Closed 4.5inchs (11.4cm)
Total Weight 4ounces (113.4gm)
Materials Used in The Blade Carabineer/Bottle opener & Carbon Stainless Steel

The Blade

Buck 770 FlashPoint LE Knife reviewThis knife carries the company’s standard 420 HC Stainless Steel that comes with a satin finish. The knife has a modified drop-point design for greater power while piercing or stabbing. The Steel, however, is treated with heat in Bucks’ facility for more edge retention and stability. The Chromium composition of this knife gives considerable corrosion resistance.

The blade is rigid and has higher durability. It doesn’t wear off soon, the sharpening can be done by anyone with common tools. The blade’s design has a drop point in the front and rotator grooves in the rear end. This end is used in the one-hand opening that follows SafeSpin technology. The blade has a small amount of jumping on the neck for extra grip. This blade is also partially serrated towards the handle.

The Handle

Buck 770 Knife reviewBuck has used anodized aluminum handles with a few rubber inserts for a proper grip. The body of the handle is where one recognizes the design of the knife mostly. The handle of Buck FlashPoint is unique, as said earlier. But not to mention that the ergonomics is great here, with maximum grip and control over the knife when held. The handle has a pivot that joins the blade, which makes up the SafeSpin opening.

The button provided on the handle has to be pulled or pulled according to the model and roll the blade rotator in a clockwise direction. This mechanism is found in a bunch of Buck Knives. Also, the handle features a Carabineer clip that can be tied with the zipper, rope, belt, or any other accessory. The handle has an extra removable clip on one side that can be used to clip into a pocket or belt.

The Locking Mechanism

The slide-lock in this knife locks the blade open while in use and also when closed for greater safety. The SpinSafe technology gives an extra bit of security by keeping the pulling finger opposite to the blade’s cutting edge.

Pros and Cons

Unique design, additional tools like a carabineer clip, bottle opener, and pocket clip, and the sharp edge technology make this EDC knife one of a kind. Buck also has considered the security measures and provided SafeSpin opening. This knife is really worth a try for all adventurers out there.

Since manufactured in China, there’s no guarantee of the quality but while testing it we realized it is the same as other made in USA buck knives, just cheaper because it is made in China. The SafeSpin is comfortable only for right-handers.

Final Verdict

The company’s journey started with Hoyt Buck’s passion for making knives, the same passion drives Buck to give the most sophisticated and excellent knives of all time. This stylish pocket knife does the job well in assisting a person during any kind of outdoor activity. The bottle opener will come in handy where we least expect it to. Buck could have given a few changes to it, in terms of price. But Buck maintains the same standards even though the knife is imported. For all keen knife lovers and frequent adventurers, this knife is a must-to-try one. And it will serve the expectations.

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