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Benchmade Griptilian Knife Review | BM-550 KID

Benchmade BM-550 KID Griptilian Knife ReviewThe Benchmade BM-550 KID Griptilain is a full-size, high-quality folding pocket knife. With this model, Benchmade showcases a knife that consists of a smooth operating punch. The blade is excellent, versatile, lightweight, and opens more smoothly.

This knife can be returned to the company throughout the knife’s lifespan for very inexpensive factory sharpening. It is an extremely utilitarian knife. Since it is both practical and neutral from tip to toe, it can be classified as one of the ever-so-functional everyday carry knives.

The Benchmade Griptilian is without a doubt, one of the best folding knives in the making. In terms of customization, there is something for everybody in this knife. With Griptilian, Benchmade has offered a wide variety of options, starting from different sizes to different colors, as well as slightly varied features of the blade. Now, let us check out the specifications and features of this knife.

Benchmade BM-550BKOD Griptilian Specs

Blade Length 3.45 Inches
Knife Overall Length 8.07 Inches
Knife Length When Closed 4.62 Inches
Total Weight 3.25 Ounces
Materials Used Ambidextrous Thumb-Studs, 551 Modified Drop-Point, and stainless steel.

The Griptilian gives a light feel to the hand. The full-size handle of the knife fits in very easily in a loosely clenched fist and leaves smooth curves to press through the sturdiest cutting tasks. The Axis locking mechanism is exclusive to Benchmade. The knife opens quite smoothly, but once it’s open the blade tends to be rigid in its place until the Axis lock is actuated. The Axis lock is just a spring-laden bar, which automatically descends in place as soon as the knife is opened and can be easily glided back, to let the knife close. This mechanism makes it rigid enough not to move without purposely being pulled. When the bar is dragged back, the blade closes with a smooth stroke with just a bit of smashing at the end.

The Blade

The BladeThe premium stainless steel blade has been carried over. The drop-point blade has a perfect length for a varied number of everyday tasks, but it is still a tad bit small to carry. The blade is sharpened on both sides. And it claims to stay sharp for several months with moderate use.

Moreover, Benchmade offers a lifetime sharpening service for this knife. The 154CM blade has been rated 58-61 HRC on the hardness scale, so will absolutely retain that tough nature over time.

The pocket clip in the knife has been fitted in such a way, that you can pull the knife from its clipped location and expand the blade with just a flick of a thumb. And all of this, without even slightly overhauling the knife. The pocket clip can be swapped for this action, irrespective of the knife being carried in the left or right pocket. This makes it easier for the left-handed people to use the knife.

The Handle

The HandleThe handle consists of glass-reinforced polymer, which provides a grip with a firm composed surface. The grips are going to fit well in the hand, and the knife can be held hard and steady with comfort. When folded, the knife appears lean enough to fit into your pocket.

The handle is held together by stainless steel liners, this increases its durability. It has a lanyard hole at the back, to facilitate those who like to carry their knives that way. A little bit of disappointment is that a separate sheath has not been included with this model.

The Locking Mechanism

The Locking MechanismAlthough the Griptilian is much lighter for its size, it still takes the space of a Godzilla, when kept in a pocket or purse. It can be kept as a backup hunting knife, in a glove box for very occasional trips.

Pros and Cons

This knife will definitely make you appreciate the craftsman construction. Then, there is the added perk of impeccable customer service. The Griptilian is equipped with a proven and well-respected blade. The ergonomics of this knife are appreciably smooth and comfortable. It has been bestowed with a super smooth blade action. Plus, it has a perfect lock-up mechanism. And the knife has an amazing grip textured handle.
The knife can be nominated as a little bit large. The handle material may feel plastic-like to some but, the sturdiness of the handle makes up for this feeling. The locking sound has a somewhat loud click to it.


Griptilian has impressively mated a signature blade with the traditional Benchmade construction. The opening and closing workings of the knife are absolutely smooth and well-planned. The versatile blade, light weighted feel, and impressive lockup mechanism, all of this outrun the space neediness of this knife. Hence we would suggest if you are used to your knife a lot, or maybe if you deal with a large number of heavy tasks, then this Benchmade Griptilian knife is the perfect fit for you.

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