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How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife at Home?

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife at HomeA Premium quality pocket knife plays an important role everywhere, especially when you are going camping with your friend to entertain the vacation. Only a few gears are required to survive there, specifically a sharp pocket knife for cutting purposes. Without this tool, you can’t live there properly.

However, after making a few cuts, your knife will get dull. At this point, you need to sharpen the blade of your knife even though there is no sharpener stone. So at that time if you don’t know the fundamentals of sharpening the knife with a few household things then you might be a lucky guy after going through this article.

Because here I would cover the “basics of sharpening a knife at home”, one of the main guides that you need very urgently in the wilderness. So without wasting any time just read out this faithful guide in a couple of minutes. However, without making a while, let me move to our work.

Things that You Can Use to Sharpen

Well, there are multiple working ways to sharpen a pocket knife at home without any sharpener few are listed below, just take a look step by step.

Using Coffee Mug

Using Coffee MugSharpening the knife blade by using a mug/cup is one of the easiest remedies which enables you to get a razor-sharp edge of your knife in only a few minutes.

You probably know that most of the surface of the mug is polished while the circular bottom edge is roughed, which genuinely helps you to sharpen the blade by stroking well.

The downside surface of the mug is generally made of coarse grit, medium grit, or fine grit stones. Moreover, the rough surface will provide your knife blade with a sharper edge.

Just place the mug upside down over the wooden board or piece of cloth to make sure that the base does not make glides for achieving an accurate angle.

Now position your knife at 10 degrees and begin the strokes over the mug until you get your desired pocket knife edge. Repeat the same steps across the blade by maintaining the fixed angle between the mug and knife blade, carefully.

Really this method is amazing to sharpen even if you have nothing except a mug and obviously, after trying it, you would love this hack for making the blade a razor-sharp edge. A bit more is that you can also use a ceramic plate or bowl, well.

Using a Nail File

Using a Nail FileThis method is also quite similar to the first one “coffee mug”. In your room, you may have a nail file that will exactly work like a sharpening stone.

Just put the rough side of the nail file over the table with your first hand and then hold your knife with the second one and keep it at a 10-degree angle.

Begin 10 to 15 strokes over the file repeatedly until you gain satisfaction. Now turn over your knife and replicate the same phenomenon to it equally as on the first side.

After this, your knife will be ready for making the deep cuts, well.

Using a Car Window

Using a Car WindowOne of the amazing hacks for sharpening a pocket knife blade especially when you are going to trip at quite empty places where there is nothing to sharp.

Here only is need to slide down the half window of your car and search for the slightly rough surface at the top. Then hold your knife and fixed at your desired consistent angle.

Now make strokes 10 to 15 times in the forward-back positions with consistency until you have a sharp edge. Turn over the knife and redo the same steps equally, well.

Obviously, this would be the cheapest and most convenient way to sharpen your knife and does not take more time to do it. So practice this well and enjoy the way.

Using Your Leather Belt

Using Your Leather BeltAlright, a weird hack for sharpening the knife than others, but a really work-full method for the maintenance of your knife, that genuinely keeps it much longer and sharper than usual.

Just lay down your belt over the table as the backside of it is facing you. Hold your knife at a 10-degree angle to the belt and make strokes as you desired, very smoothly.

Now flip over your knife and do these steps again, by hardly focusing on the consistency of angle, during the stroke for getting equal cuts at both sides, well.

So in this way, you might find your knife sharpener only in a few practices.

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