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Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops Knife Review

Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops Knife ReviewThe more you carry around a pocket knife, the more uses you’ll find for it. Smith and Wesson stand specialized around the world of ergonomic pocket knives. It features a beefy hybrid serrated and straight blade to cut everything head-on.

In addition to the iconic serrated blade, it elegantly includes rescue tools such as a webbing cutter and a steel punch to break the toughest glass.

There’s no spring assist, you can deploy the blade quickly in certain situations. With the fine dimension and specialized features, it’s pretty spectacular for the price.

Extreme Ops Pocket Knife Specifications

Blade Length 3.1 Inches
Weight 68 Ounces
Blade Shape Clip Point
Material 74 Ounces
Dimension 4 x 0.3 x 1 Inches
Blade Edge Combination
Functions 4+
Handle Material Aluminum

Extreme Ops tactical pocket knife has a built-in liner lock system for added security. It’s made with high-carbon stainless steel. The webbing cutter is carefully integrated into the shape and sharp enough to cut the seat belts.

Straight & Serrated Blade

Straight & Serrated BladeThe foremost thing about the Smith and Wesson Ops knife is its two-in-one stainless steel. It’s intentionally durable and thick for heavy tasks.

The edge was least sharp even when brand new, you cannot cut a tomato. But don’t worry its straight part is user-friendly sharpened. You can also maintain the factory specs’ steep edges angle and get a sufficiently sharp edge. It’ll even withstand rough uses even on abrasive materials.

Unlike other pocket knives, its straight part leaves an option for easy sharpening without damaging the serrated part. You can easily sharpen its straight part by reserving the serrated portion.

The Smith and Wesson “Tanto” shaped blade gives a unique look and is intentionally designed for a marginal increase in strength.

Inside the v-shaped seatbelt cutter, a small yet sharp blade is sharp enough for the toughest cuttings.

Comprehensive to Use

Material & ConstructionSmith and Wesson Ops pocket knife is a study blade designed for extensive heavy cuttings. It has a less rounded and slightly thin handle.

The best part about its handle is the finger indentations that provide a secure yet comfortable grip. The textured material improves its look and provides a rigid grip while sweating.

There’s no need to use either hand for opening the blade. Press the thumb stud for fast and easy deployment. The best part is, you can lock the blade on two-three different angles for certain users.

Material & Construction

Material & ConstructionSmith and Wesson Extreme Ops tactical pocket knife made with black high-carbon stainless steel. Its blade is partially serrated and has a clip-point design for easy penetration in abrasive material.

The knife we tested reveals the attention to detail that all parts are bolted together through user-serviceable fasteners.

The company had several quality checks on each single pocket knife to make sure the knife worked well.

Pros & Cons

Extreme Ops is a durable yet lightweight pocket knife featuring a 2-in-1 straight and serrated blade for the toughest cuttings. Offers a built-in thumb stud button for expanding the blade. You can lock the blade on several angles for certain uses.
Even when brand new, you need to sharpen the blade. The deployment isn’t easy, you need to apply force to press the thumb stud.


If you’re looking for a durable yet light-weight pocket knife then the Smith and Wesson is a perfect choice. It features a multi-purpose stainless steel blade to cut everything head-on.

The serrated portion of the blade can be used for rough cutting on abrasive material or rescue purposes. The best part about the knife is its steel punch that can break the toughest quality glass.

Overall, it’s not a bad decision even though these features are spectacular for the price. Its aggressive clip-point blade shape is most suitable for the heaviest outdoor tasks.

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