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How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife without a Sharpener?

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife without a SharpenerUsing a dull knife not only causes danger but also makes slicing painful.

In the wilderness, you don’t have a sharpener all the time around you to reshape your knife blade as razor-sharp, which obviously makes you very annoying.

But don’t worry! This expert guide would take you through some tricks about sharpening the knife without using any sort of sharpener.

Here you would use some pieces of household materials (Coffee mug, Leather belts, Car window) which genuinely enable you to get your blunt knife into the new one.

So, without making a while, let’s dive in and explore how it can be done.

5 Effective Ways to Sharpening a Knife

Ideally, knife sharpeners and stones are specially designed to perform this particular sharpening task but if you are in the middle of nowhere with no sharpening tools,

Then there might be a need for some faithful tricks that you can use effectively to survive. Just have a look at each method to make your knife super sharp in several minutes.

01. Coffee Mug

Coffe MugNo doubt, a coffee mug is one of the most popular remedies which every chef’s family uses to sharpen their kitchen knives as well as a pocket knife.

As the majority knows, most of the surface of the tea mug is polished and the bottom rim is roughed which entirely helps to extremely sharpen a dull blade anywhere.

Simply place your mug upside down and search for the raw part, hold the knife and insert it over the mug at 15-20 degrees, and then move it forward and backward.

After getting your desired results, repeat the same method across the other side, and in this way, you will meet with your super-sharp knife edge.

03. Car Window

Car WindowSharpening with a car window might be a weird hack for you but in real life, it is the perfect honing device during a trip where you are not with your home accessories.

Just open the car window to its half and you will look at the uneven edge which genuinely works like a sharpening rod, put the blade at 15-20 degrees over the window.

Now begin long and stable strokes with your knife over the curved edge of the car 5-10 times and continue it until you get your desired sharp edge.

Turn over the knife and redo all the steps on the other side of the blade by maintaining your angle and number of strokes for getting an equally sharp edge. Your knife is ready to play!

03. Leather Belt

Leather BeltActually, a leather belt is a regular men’s accessory to wear but you might be wondering after knowing how it works for sharpening the blade.

A leather belt has two sides plane and a bushy one. The bushy rough portion acts as a sharpener for the exact maintenance of your dull knife in no time.

Lay down the belt over a hard surface in such a way that the rough side is facing you, hold the knife with your dominant hand, and place it over the belt at 15 degrees angle.

Now pull front and back 10 times consistently, until your wishing output. Then redo this trick across the second side of the blade for getting a deep piercing in the food.

04. Another Knife

Another KnifeOne of the amazing remedies to sharpen your knife effectively. Generally, this hack is used in kitchens, especially by chefs for getting a keen edge instantly.

Only you need two dull knives, hold the first one in your right hand which you want to sharpen, and take the other knife in your left hand which will help you sharpen the first one.

Now place the right-handed knife over another blunt one at 10-15 degrees and rub it for 5 to 10 minutes to its full length by maintaining consistency.

After getting this, replicate the same steps across the second portion of your knife, so by doing it well, you will get a sharp enough edge for chopping vegetables.

However, it is the cheapest method to sharpen, and all you need is some practice only in the case of newbies. Moreover, butchers also used this strategy for cutting meat.

05. River Stones

River StonesRiverstone might be a healthy option for sharpening the knife blade, especially for those who love to spend a lot of time camping, hunting, and fishing.

The method of using a river stone is quite simple. Just keep the fresh piece of stone over the smooth surface and grasp the knife with your right hand.

Insert it on the stone at 10 degrees and stroke it well from the grip of the knife to the tip of the blade 10-15 times and continue until you get your desired blade edge.

Now flip over the knife and repeat the same technique as above. After this, wash your blade with detergent and wipe it with a clean cloth for removing the old bits of metal. The blade is ready!

Final Thoughts

In the above, I have covered most of the effective ways to sharpen the blade. All of them are work-full methods and you can choose your loved one just according to your means.

Carrying a perfect blade knife is a need of life and there is always a time when it gets dull and you need to sharpen it again no matter with sharpeners or any household things as above.

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