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Tac Force TF-705 Knife Review

Tac Force TF-705 Knife ReviewThe Tac Force TF-705 has a high-carbon Stainless steel blade with an assisted opening mechanism. The blade is partially serrated for increased functionality. The handle is made of aluminum and features a drilled hole design and has an integrated bottle opener and glass breaker.

The spine of the knife has a dual lanyard slot. The Tac Force TF-705 series of knives are the perfect carry-along accessory for your next camping or hiking trip. It is extremely durable without sacrificing anything when it comes to portability.

You are also sure to find a Tac Force TF-705 in just the color you are looking for. Master Cutlery manufactures over 5000 products such as Knife, and also produces Machetes they have and has been a family-owned business since 1982 and is the largest wholesale knife manufacturer in the United States.

They are known for their superior customer service, outstanding product quality, and unique design concepts. The Tac Force TF-705 is part of their Military/Tactical/Combat/Self Defense product line. The Tac Force line is used by EMTs, Fire crew, Rescue crew, and first responders.

In addition to its use in emergency situations, the Tac Force line also includes offerings of interest to hunters and collectors. The Tac Force line also has knives designed for the fantasy genre. The common characteristic of all knives in the Tac Force product line is the Spring Assist feature.

Tac Force TF-705, Specs

Blade Length 3.5 Inches (8.89cm)
Knife Overall Length 8.0 Inches (20.32cm)
Knife Length When Closed 4.5 Inches (11.43cm)
Total Weight 4.8 ounces (136g)
Materials Used in The Blade 440 Grade Stainless Steel

The Blade

Tac Force Knife ReviewThe blade has a partially serrated drop point design with a thumb slot for easy manageability. The blade can withstand the abuse that comes with use on tough jobs and will hold its edge well. The blade is designed to be able to cut through thickets, cut meat and prepare to kindle.

The blade has a spring-assisted opening mechanism. There are reports that the blade can develop rust. The rust can be removed by sharpening the blade. The half serration will keep the blade usable should the regular half of the blade become dulled wild out in the wilds. The blade is made out of the same firm steel as the Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife.

The Handle

tac force pocket knife reviewThe handle is made from aluminum and has a great grip in all weather conditions as well as when you are working with sweaty hands. The handle is contoured for comfort as well as exceptional durability and has a drilled-hole design.

The soft smooth finish on the handle provides a great feel when holding the knife. Depending on the color style you select, you can have Police, Fire, or Rescue stamped on the handle. Not all styles have been stamped. The stamping does not indicate anything special about the particular style other than ornamentation. It is important if you are a member of the Police, Fire, or Rescue units where you would probably want it to match your specific line of endeavor.

The Locking Mechanism

tac force pocket knifeThe Tac Force Linerlock is a normal liner locking mechanism. It securely keeps the blade from closing until you want it to. To close the blade, simply push the liner lock to one side and push the blade back into the handle. Its closing mechanism is very similar to the Spyderco Civilian. Our verdict on the Tac Force TF-705

Pros & Cons

The built-in can opener comes in handy out in the wilderness. The glass breaker is handy to have, even if it is not something you would require very often. The spring-assisted design will not jam. The knife has a protracted tang with a lashing hole that makes this a great inexpensive survival knife. The dual lanyard slots on the handle offer you a choice of how to loop your line through the knife.
The blade stays sharp for a very long time thanks to the special heat tempering developed by Master Cutlery. If there is any downside to this knife, it is that the bottle opener can only be used when the knife is open. This can be dangerous after having opened a few bottles of adult beverages.

Final Verdict

t It is going to be hard to find a better knife under $10. It is almost impossible to find a knife at this price that has a blade that is this strong and will hold its edge for so long. The Tac Force TF-405 series proves its value by being carried by police, fire, rescue, and first responders.

The choice of colors is incredible, from basic black to camo pink to rainbow blades. This knife is perfect for camping and hiking, but we do recommend the Benchmade Griptilian knife over this pocket knife.

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