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How to use Machete for Hiking- Easy Ways

Hiking is an exciting outdoor experience, especially one with a set of challenges and risks. I realized the importance of optimum physical stamina and the right survival gear, such as the best machete, to deal with the worst conditions in mountings and on hiking trails a month ago when I was out with my friend.

From chopping onions to whacking bushes, a machete is a versatile tool that can be used for hiking and other outdoor activities. However, the most common question we come across is, how to use a machete for hiking? Of course, a machete is a sharp tool that can be harmful if not used properly. Let’s find out some easy, safe, and effective ways to use a machete for hiking.

How to use Machete for Hiking- Easy Ways

The first thing you should ask yourself is should I carry a machete during hiking? The answer is yes, you should. You can use the machete to open canned foods, cut wood for a bone fire, clear bushes during hiking, and above all, use it as a survival tool during dangerous situations. Remember, you will be carrying the tool all the way, so you have to consider the weight carefully.

Most people don’t pay attention to the practicality of the machete. Imagine you are in the woods or hiking through crowded bushes; you don’t want to take a fancy knife with illustrations. A survival tool like a machete is the best multipurpose tool you can carry with you.

Check the blade sharpness for superior results. Hollow machete handles are useless, and you can swing the tool with full power without durable handle support. Make sure the machete handle is durable and well designed with contoured edges for ultra-comfortable hold.

Using Machete for Hiking

Suppose you are hiking steep mountings; carrying a sharpened and durable wooden stick is not just for safety but to support you through the tedious and rough journey. In such situations, carrying a machete helps to shape and sharpen a wood piece where the need for it arises. Besides this, you can use a machete to cut a wood piece for tent pegs, fire, and as a survival real online casino in Australia tool against any lurking wildlife.

Hiker prefers carrying canned foods that can help them to keep their energy level up through rough and tough rides of hikes. Remember, carrying excessive weight on long hiking trails is tiresome activity, and you can’t take your entire kitchen cutlery with you. That’s where you need a machete with a sharp blade. Use the machete to open food cans and cut fruits and vegetables for food during hiking.

Another prominent benefit of taking a machete for hiking is the use of it for cutting items like cords or ropes when needed. Do you think you can cut through the hiking cords or ropes with bare hands? Don’t even think of trying because you may hurt your hands. Take out your machete and cut through the ropes like butter.

Hiking may be fun, but it is one serious activity that can lead to life-threatening conditions. Ask any professional hiker, and he/she may tell you a few grizzly stories of their hiking adventures. In worst conditions, you may need to tear through your clean clothes to help stop the bleeding. You can also use the machete to trim the edges of the tent for an ideal fit and setup.

Do you remember Hansel and Gretel? Those kids left bread pieces on the road to retrieve their path back home. In these cases, a machete helps you crave directions and essential messages if you don’t want to get lost in the woods. You can also leave SOS messages for friends to notice and get help when needed.

Building camp is essential when you are planning to spend a few stressed free days while enjoying hiking with your best friends. Having a safe and sturdy shelter helps protect from harsh weather and also from wildlife threats. Take out a machete, cut woods to build tent support, dig holes for tent pegs and trim machete edges for perfect fitting. You can also read our top 10 best machete fo hiking Here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I take a Machete for Hiking?

Machete is one of the versatile hiking tools you can take in your backpack. Whether you want to use it as a survival tool, cut wood, clear bushes, or open canned foods, a machete is an ideal tool for hiking.

Is a Machete an effective Weapon?

Machete is an intimidating and effective defensive weapon that be used in different situations. Featuring a blade length of 8 to 28 inches, the machete can be a sharp sword when needed and split a skull conveniently as it cracks coconuts.

How thick can a Machete be Cut?

Machetes have sharp, large blades that can easily cut through 0.12 inches thickness. Depending on the blade length, sharpness, and swing power, the machete can be a deadly weapon against anything.

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