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Kershaw Clash Review | Black Serrated 1605CKTST Knife

Kershaw Clash Black Serrated 1605CKTST KnifeThe Kershaw 1605CKTST is named the Clash and is an excellent, inexpensive knife from Kershaw who are known to produce a range of the best pocket knives in the market. It has the Kershaw SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism; simply push the flipper with your index finger and the blade automatically comes out and locks into place.

Kershaw backs this knife with a warranty against manufacturing flaws for the life of the original owner. Even though Kershaw is an American subsidiary, this knife is imported from China which is why it utilizes Chinese steel but it is not a poorly made knife by any means. With a semi-serrated blade, this knife can be used for everything from rope cutting to slicing.

Kershaw has been around since 1974 and was founded with the aim to design and manufacture knives that owners would be proud to own, carry and use. They have been innovators in the world of knives by developing the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism as well as being the first manufacturer to introduce interchangeable blades in their Blade Trader line.

They have recently introduced Composite Blade technology which allows them to combine two types of steel into a single blade. The composite steel has the best characteristics of edge retention on the edge and strength on the spine of the blade. Kershaw is an American subsidiary of the Kai Group, which has been a premier blade maker in Japan for over 100 years.

Kershaw 1605CKTST Knife Specs


Blade Length 3.25 Inches (8.26cm)
Knife Overall Length 7.375 inches (18.73cm)
Knife Length When Closed 3.875 Inches (9.84cm)
Total Weight  4.4 Ounces (124.74g)
Materials Used in The Blade 8Cr13Mov Stainless Steel

The Blade

Kershaw Clash Black Knife BladeThe blade is partially serrated, allowing Kershaw 1605CKTST to be multi-functional, similar to the Tac Force TF-705. The partial serration keeps the knife working even if you have dulled the rest of the blade while out in the field.

The knife comes in two blade colors. You can get a non-reflective black blade or a regular steel-colored blade. Other than color, the two colors have no difference in blade composition. The blade is a drop point style and has a hollow grind and a little recurve.

The knife arrives from the manufacturer with an extremely sharp edge. The blade has been heat-treated by Kershaw to ensure its strength, hardness, and edge retention. The knife is SpeedSafe equipped making the blade easy to deploy while maintaining safety.

Some reviewers have noted that if you try to assist the SpeedSafe mechanism the knife can fly out of your hand. This is important to note since not all folding knives have this easy-to-open mechanism and it could surprise you the first time you use it.

The Handle

Kershaw Clash Black Knife HandleThis knife has a glass-filled nylon handle with a great ergonomic shape. Your index finger fits well into the groove on the handle, giving it a firm grip.

The handle has a choice of mounting for the pocket clip, allowing you to hang the knife either tip up or tip down. The pocket clip is very sturdy and is attached with three star-headed screws to ensure it will not come loose and fall off.

The Locking Mechanism

Kershaw Clash Black Knife LockThe knife has a steel liner lock frame. The locking mechanism is automatically engaged when the knife is opened. To close the knife, simply use light pressure to push the liner lock to the side and close the blade. The locking mechanism is solid and prevents the blade from closing while in use.

Pros & Cons

Made in the USA, promising quality over other models is the best pros of this knife. Also, the unique butt cap and sheath with sharpener add value. This is a great pocket knife for survival and outdoors, we loved it!
The handle can be constructed with a little more detail, for a few customers found defects in their handle. However keep in mind this is a very small minority, we had no issues with the handle. The handle can be constructed with a little more detail, for a few customers found defects in their handle. However keep in mind this is a very small minority, we had no issues with the handle.

Final Verdict

The way Kershaw designs knives is like no other. It is a fun knife to have around. The SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism is fun to use and the blade will not accidentally open on you. The semi-serrated blade is strong and can be used as a regular blade or a serrated blade. This knife excels at cutting netting and rope with the serrated part of the blade as well as slicing meat or cutting sticks for use as kindling.

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