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Tips for Sharpen Your Machete

No matter what type of sharpening tool you are using it is important to follow the proper pattern and way to avoid any damage to the blade. In case you start in the wrong direction then it means you will definitely lose your favorite weapon. In order to sharpen your machete, follow the tips given below in order to save your weapon

  • It is important to clean your blade first.
  • For using the sander you have to run the blade from the above side and then towards the tip. Try to maintain the angle of the knife.
  • Keep it in a curving motion across the belt.
  • Repeat the process for two to three minutes, not more than otherwise, the blade may lose its original shape
  • For using the whetstone method, properly dip the stone in the beaker to make it wet to get the required results. After that move the edge of the machete from the base to the tip of the stone.
  •  It is good to use a belt that has a bit of play in it. This is because it will give the convex utility edge to your blade. This will improve the overall functionality of your weapon.
  •  For whetstones, it is important to dip in water for some time to get better results. Otherwise, friction may damage your blade.
  • Choose the whetstone grit according to the requirement and convenience of use. The high-level grits are professionals and they have a lot of practice to use it. You should use the low-level grits to fulfill your need of sharpening the blades.
  • For all types try to start sharpening the blade a few inches above the base.
  • Before sharpening removes any oily content from the blade and clears all debris. Similar to your tool must be free of the dust that may create resistance.


In order to sharpen your machete, it is important to follow the right way. There are no specific rules for the sharpening of the blades but you must be focused. In this way, you will be able to get the fine sharpening of the blade. Hence you can cut the woods or crops efficiently without getting hectic.

Learn the proper method, use the appropriate tool, and start sharpening you’re of your weapon. In this way, you will get a positive result and will be able to cut the crops or woods without getting exhausted.

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