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Machete vs Tomahawk – A Comparison of Cutting Power

Machete vs TomahawkAre you looking for a versatile cutting tool that can be used for various tasks? Machete and Tomahawk are the two best sharp-bladed cutting tools available on the market. Besides many similarities, these cutting tools differ in many ways. For instance, a machete has a large blade that can be used in warfare like a long-bladed knife or as an agricultural tool comparable to an axe. The blade normally has a length of 30 to 45 centimeters and a thickness of less than 3 millimeters.

In comparison, tomahawks are a single-handed axe. It typically has a straight shaft and resembles a hatchet. Before the arrival of European settlers, heads were made of stone, bone, or antler. Later, iron and steel heads were added. Comparing both can help you make a better decision in choosing the right one for your cutting needs. 

Machete Features

A machete has a very long blade that can be 26 to 28 inches long but has no removable bits (unlike the Tomahawk). The tool can weigh about 0.5 KGs or one pound depending on the type of materials used for the handle and the blade. 

The handle of a machete is shorter compared to its blade. A machete is a great tool to have when you are outdoors. It is an excellent option for slashing, clearing brushes, chipping, and cutting small trees. Let me share the notable features of a machete.


The length of a machete blade can vary from 10 to 28 inches. Shorter blade designs are easier to pack and provide greater agility. 

On the other hand, long-bladed machetes provide broader swing arcs and are ideal for swiftly clearing off greater regions, either from plant life or any potential danger. Depending on the machete’s intended use, you can sharpen the machete blades with tools and without tools.

Most machetes come with sheaths designed to shield both the user and the blades when not in use. The machete sheath can transport the machete by being tucked inside a tool bag or fastened to your belt.

Handle & Grip

The machete’s handle or grip, which is its shortest component, can be made of wood, plastic, or carbon fiber. It is made to provide a secure grip, so the tool doesn’t slip while being used and hurt someone or a thing.


The cost of the machete (just like anything else) is dependent on what type of material is used for the blade and grip. A machete can cost as low as $20 and has no upper limit. The price of a machete depends on the design and length of the blade, the comfort of the grip, and the material used for the sheath. 

Furthermore, the price also depends on where you buy the blade. Some places would sell blades cheaper than other stores. It all depends on the location of the store. Even if you are shopping online for a machete, some vendors will offer the blade at a lower price than others. So it is a good habit to compare the prices before clicking ‘buy now.’

What is Machete used for?

What is Machete used for?Because of its lightweight construction, a machete has a clear advantage over a tomahawk as a daily tool. It is because it may be used to remove shrubs and cut and maintain trails—things that a tomahawk cannot. 

Also, you can use it to cut compost into small bits so that it decomposes more quickly. A machete can be used to harvest a variety of agricultural products, including sugar cane, rice, corn, oats, buckwheat, and many more. 

You can use a machete to remove dead plant leftovers or cover crops from your garden by scalping the above-ground plants to preserve root biomass.

Tomahawk Features

A tomahawk offers a removable head that has a slim edge. It is small, portable, and not very heavy. The handle of the Tomahawk can be as long as 20 to 21 inches. The tool itself is fantastic for wood cutting, digging, breaking, hammering, hunting, and chopping. Other features of Tomahawk are the following.


The replaceable head of a tomahawk is one feature that sets it apart from a machete. To make it more portable, you can simply disconnect the head from the long handle and store it inside your backpack.

The narrow head design on a tomahawk serves multiple functions. It has the three head styles listed below:

Tomahawks with a single blade and a spike are the most popular kind. It has a hammer, spike, or blunt point on one side and a sharp blade on the other.

  • Single Blade (With its single-sided edge, it resembles a light hatchet)
  • Double Blade (An ax-like head having cutting edges on both sides)

A tomahawk’s cutting edge is made to be thin and slender to penetrate deeper while exerting less power.


Tomahawk handles typically range in size from 15 to 22 inches. When utilizing the Tomahawk to split wood, chop trees, pound through tough materials, bust locks, or even for self-defense, this long handle is crucial for providing leverage.


The axes are constructed from premium steel that is impact-resistant and durable. To ensure longevity, the handles are either composed of composite materials or oak. 

In addition, Tomahawks often have small, light axes, making them simple to carry while camping or hiking. Its size and balanced weight make it perfect for self-defense and combat sports.


A tomahawk can cost anywhere between $45 to however high, depending on what material was used for the head and what wood was used for the handle. Moreover, the price depends (just like the machete) on what type of head is used, how long the handle is, what type of grip the tool offers, and where you buy it from. 

The same Tomahawk is available at different prices depending on where you buy it from, so don’t forget to compare prices before buying a tomahawk.

What are Tomahawks used for?

What are Tomahawks used forThe typical tomahawks are made to be multipurpose instruments that may be used for a variety of tasks, such as cutting, splitting firewood, digging, hammering, and self-defense. 

A tomahawk can accomplish various things that you couldn’t otherwise accomplish with a machete alone. A tomahawk is a beneficial instrument that may also be used for hunting in addition to battle to deflect strikes from an assailant.

Machete vs. Tomahawk: Which is Better?

It all depends on what you want to do and the circumstances because a machete and a tomahawk are very different tools. 

A tomahawk can be used for light- to medium-duty work and cutting, chopping, digging, and hammering.

A machete, on the other hand, helps cut through bushes and other vegetation, for farm labor, for butchering wild wildlife or cattle, and for maintaining campsites. 

Even though a machete is an ultimate tool in terms of what it can do, as this enlightening video illustrates, you should think about owning both.

Final Words

Both the Tomahawk and machete are excellent tools that offer superior cutting performance. Tomahawk is portable, easy to store, and best for small cutting tasks. On the contrary, with its large blade, the machete offers a broad swing to help you cut small trees, clears brushes, and is also the ideal tool for survival. However, I would prefer a machete over a tomahawk just because they are great outdoors and can do almost everything a tomahawk can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Tomahawk an Axe?

Tomahawk is a single-handed axe that resembles a hatchet with a straight shaft. Indigenous peoples and North American nations commonly use it.

  • Which is better, a Machete or a Hatchet?

A machete is a better cutting tool than a hatchet. The large blade with swings allows quick cutting through brushes, trails, and small trees.

  • What are Tomahawks Good for?

A tomahawk is used for splitting, digging, chopping, prying, and cutting. However, being a single-handed tool, you can’t use a tomahawk for heavy cutting tasks.

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