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How To Care Your Machete – A Complete Guide

Machete Blade CareDo you have a machete? Is it rusted or getting blunt? Want that it gets new again? Then you should do its care. There are different ways and methods that you can apply to your machete to give it a new and refreshing feel. It is good to keep it in a safe place and moisture-free area to prolong the life of the machete. To keep your weapon in tip-top form follow some of the guidelines according to its parts.

Blade Care

The blade is the core element of the machete. If it is damaged or rusted then it is useless. It is very important to keep the blade covered and don’t use things that reduce the sharpness of the blade. There are different types of blades and each one requires its own care method. Have a look at the blade type and its care.

Carbon Steel Blade Care

It gets corroded due to moisture being intact. To avoid this always clean it with a dry cloth and then cover it. It is good to apply the layer of oil to the knife. In this way, oil forms an impermeable layer that prevents moisture from contacting to the blade. In order to retain back the carbon steel shine, rub the vinegar-damped cloth on both sides and let it sit for five minutes.

Now rinse it with water and thoroughly dry it. Repeat this procedure two to three times. this will give the greyish-blue shine to your blade and it will look new. Once you complete this procedure, apply the layer of baby oil or the non-detergent oil and cover it. This will not allow it to corrode or damage the blade.

Stainless Steel Blade Care

The stainless-steel blade is easy to maintain and clean. It does not get corroded easily but it loses its sharpness. To prevent any damage, it is good to apply a layer of oil all the time on it. Although oiling is not essential yet it provides shine and gives it a new look. Add the vinegar to the cloth and then apply it to the blade. Let it dry. Now apply the layer of olive oil to it. The vinegar will remove any staining present on it while the oil will bring back its shine and polish.

You can use the club soda directly on the blade. Apply one of the knives and wipe in the direction of the grain. This will remove the fingerprints from it and give it a shine just like the new one.

To remove the fingerprints, you can also apply the glass cleaner of a good brand. Spray it on the surface and then wipe it with the dry muslin cloth. It will remove the fingerprints and give it a new shiny look.

High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade Care

In such blades, there is a high content of carbon. Therefore, they can be rusted easily, in order to prevent corrosion, first always keep the blade covered. This is because if you keep them naked, the humidity from the air can also corrode them. along with keeping in cover apply the layer of the oil on it so that no moisture can remain in contact with the blade.

Even you can drop a few drops of the oil in the sheath. In this way, it will form a complete preventive layer thus preventing the blade from getting corroded.

In case you find rust spots on it, don’t worry. Use the steel wool and lightly rub over the spots. It will immediately remove the rust. If it does not work then use wet and dry emery paper. First, use 400 grit and then 800 in order to completely remove the spots. Clear the rust particles, wipe the blade with vinegar, dry it, and apply the layer of oil to prevent further corrosion.

Handle Care

The machetes come with different types of handles. Each one needs special care and maintenance. To avoid any crack, damage, or rupturing it is good to keep your machete at some high levels. Hang it in a firm place where there is no chance that it will fall down. Especially it is made of plastic. To care about the handle of your weapon, have a look at each handle type maintenance guide given below.

Wood Handle Care

The machete with the wood handles needs more care as compared to the steel handle. This is because the wood is a natural material and it is suspected of splintering, rotting, and breakage if not cared for properly. The machete comes with any of the two types of handles.

One is the stabilized form while the other is the non-stabilized form. The former one contains the holes or pores that are filled with the resin. Thus, it is durable and is less likely to wrap. While the other one does not have many fillings so less durable.

No matter what type of wood handle your machete has you must take care in both cases. Do not expose the weapon to moisture, as it will spoil the wood and the handle will start degrading.

When you apply the layer of the oil on the blade apply it on the handle also so that it does not come in touch with the moisture. Keep in a cool and dry area. Don’t expose too much to heat as it will dry the wood and it may start cracking.

Molded Plastic Handle Care

The molded plastic handle is easy to care for and maintain. This is because they are synthetic and do not spoil with extra moisture content. You can use a damp cloth to remove the dust, debris, or oil from the handle. To avoid the slippery effect of such handles, remove the oil layer from them.

When you grease the blade try to avoid dropping off the oil on the handle as it creates a slippery effect and creates difficulties for you to handle the machete properly. Keep in a safe sheath. This is because it may break if fallen from a high surface. Therefore, keep it inside the cupboard or place it in a safe place.

Rubber Handle Care

Rubber handles are good to grip as they do not create any slippery effect like stainless steel or plastic-type. These are long-lasting and easy to maintain. If you got some stains or dust embedded on the handle, you can clean it with eh detergent. Make the detergent solution and then rub it on the surface.

After that apply the wet cloth to remove the detergent particles. Now let it dry. In this way, it will look new. Keep in mind while cleaning the handle wrap the blade so that the moisture does not hurt the blade’s sharpness or appearance. It is good to dry the whole machete at the end of the rubber cleaning session.

The rubber may break down with the passage of time. You may cover it with some plastic sheet if not in use. This will prevent the penetration of the dust particle on its surface and prolong the shelf life of the handle.

Stainless Steel Handle Care

You can take care of a stainless-steel handle just like the blade. Although these are slippery in nature they have the longest shelf life as compared to other handles This is because the steel does not break, splinter, rot or even corrode. In order to maintain its shine and give it a new look. Use the vinegar-damped cloth and rub it on the surface. After that wash with water. Let it dry or use the muslin cloth to wipe out the watermarks.

You can also apply furniture polish, glass cleaner, or baby oil to protect the handle from moisture and give it a shiny appearance. Although this makes the handle slippery. When you have to use it, remove the oil from the handle so that you can easily grip your machete.

Leather Handle Care

Maintenance of the leather is a tricky task. This is because if you use any hard material on it, this will get scratches on it. Just like leather clothes, it is good to take care of the leather handle. You can brush polish over it to give it a shine. Try to use the polish especially made for leather cleaning. Never use detergent and direct water contact to clean it as it may damage the handle.

In order to prevent the leather from drying, apply the special leather crema or gel over it. Do not use any other moisturizer as it will damage the appearance of your leather. If there are present any dust particles, then use a damp cloth to remove them. Don’t use the detergent chemical to clean leather as it causes abrasion, cracks, or creates dryness in the handle.

Micarta Handle Care

Micarta is a thermosetting type of plastic that contains carbon, fiber, paper, canvas, and linen. It is easy to maintain. You can clean it directly with water or soap. If you find any debris or stains on it, use the sponge and rub detergent on the surface of the handle.

After that clean it with a wet cloth and then let it dry, I will give it a new refreshing look. Micarta handles get darkened with time but there is no need to worry, you can still use it and grip it firmly. If you are concerned about the darkening of the handle then you can send your machete to the knife cleaning store. They have special sand treatments that will refresh your micarta handle and make it just like a new one.

Sheath Care

Just like the machete sheath care is also important. because if the protective layer gets damaged then there are chances that the lifespan of the machete also reduce. Therefore it is good to take care of the sheath. Do not place in a high humidity zone, dusty place, or in too much rain.

All these factors may create cracks or holes in it. That will in return damage the machete. The care of the sheath according to the nature of the material is described below.

Nylon Sheath Care

Nylon sheaths are easy to maintain. You can use the detergent solution in order to remove the stain and dust particles from the sheath. First, use the dry cloth and remove all the dust particles .s after that use the sponge dipped in detergent to clean the surface. Now use water damped cloth to remove the detergent from it. This will give back you a new nylon sheath. Place it in sunlight in order to remove any smell if previously present.

Leather Sheath Care

No matter what type of leather is you have to take care of and prevent abrasion. Don’t use detergent for cleaning leather. Just use the brush to remove all the dust or you can use the light wet cloth to remove the stains from the sheath. Even you can use a good quality leather cleaner to clean the sheath and make it new.

Kydex Sheath Care

Kydex is the thermoplastic vinyl chloride material used in a variety of things. These are widely used for making the sheaths for the Machete. To clean the Kydex just use a dry cloth.

To remove the stain, you can use a wet cloth, and after that use the air compressor to remove all the dust from the surface. Even you can place it under the water to clean it.

Make sure to remove all extra water and use the hairdryer to dry the moisture. This is important because any moisture inside the sheath can create a smell as well as may corrode the machete. Therefore, be careful because any moisture content can damage your weapon.

Storing Your Machete

Machete is a weapon and can be dangerous if not stored properly. It is important to keep the sheath in a dry place. Before you place, the machete in the sheath spread an oil layer over it so that if there is humidity it will not able to touch the blade. The machete with the wood handle must also be placed in a cool but dry place.

As this is a weapon and playing with it can be dangerous. Therefore, place it in the locked cupboard or at a high place to keep it out of reach of the children. Whenever you use it, don’t be a hassle, and never leave it naked on the table. Rather you must pack it in the sheath, place it in the cupboard and then leave the remove. Remember that proper storage is important otherwise you have to bear the negative consequences.

Tips for Maintaining Your Machete

In order to keep the machete clean and rust-free, it is important to follow the guidelines given below:

  • Keep in the cool and dry place
  • Keep the machete dry and remove all moisture before placing it in the sheath.
  • Apply the oil layer to prevent moisture contact.
  • Before placing in the sheath make sure the sheath is dry.
  • Don’t use detergent for cleaning the leather sheath as it may create abrasion and cracks.
  • Don’t use water for cleaning the wood handle sit may create swelling of the wood handle.
  • Keep the machete out of reach of children to avoid any accidents.
  • Keep it in a high place or the cabinet to avoid falling down the weapon.

Final Verdict

Machete is the weapon that needs care. This is because minor carelessness may rust the blades and make them useless. Therefore, avoid keeping in a humidor-damped place. Rather keep it in a cool and dry place to improve the lifespan of both the handle and the blade as well as the sheath. You have to be careful in storing the machete otherwise it will be not helpful when you have to use I. keep all things dry and clean. Apply oil and give your machete a long-life span.

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