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How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife with a Rod?

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife with a RodSharpening by using honing rods can be the most effective and reliable way to sharpen your dull blade and definitely after a bit of use, the results would match your desires.

The mechanism of using a rod is totally similar to sharpening stones, the only difference is that the stone is laid on a flat surface while the rod works vertically.

So, let’s see the technique on “how you can use a sharpening rod” for converting your blunt knife blade into a fresh one, after spending a few minutes.

But before diving into sharpening, just try to know a bit more about the types of honing rods which will genuinely enhance your knowledge as well as sharpening skills.

Different Types of Rod

There are three different types of sharpening rods available in the market known as steel rods, ceramic rods and last one is diamond rods, as all of them do the almost same work.

Steel Sharpening RodsSteel Sharpening Rods: These are the most commonly used rods due to their durable fact and are often included in the knife sets of kitchens. These are made of highly abrasive materials so that everyone could get a razor-sharp edge without warping steel.

Diamond Sharpening RodsDiamond Sharpening Rods: A quick and very efficient way for sharpening the blunt knife due to its perfectly hard and long-lasting feature. This technique is a bit more expensive than others and needs to have deep practice to maintain the blade angle on it.

Ceramic Sharpening Rods

Ceramic Sharpening Rods: Ceramic rods are slightly abrasive as compared to others and offer a bit more diversity which endures bending. Generally, they get used by those who love to sharpen blades with stones. Moreover, the cheapest way for getting a keen edge.

Sharpening with a Rod

Sharpening with a rod is one of the most popular strategies specially used by chef masters in the kitchens for achieving a sharp edge of the blade.

Simply you need to run the blade along this rod by fixing the angle and in several minutes you will meet your desired sharpening blade.

Follow the steps to get your work done properly.

  • With your first hand grasp the rod by its handle and position the tip firmly on a flat solid surface. Also, make sure that the surface is not slippery, and to avoid this, place some old towel or rag under the rod tip.
  • Insert your knife blade over the smooth surface of sharpening steel just according to your desired bevel angle. Typically an angle of 25-30 degrees is used to sharpen. If you don’t know the exact one, then consult with its manufacturer.
  • Similar to the sharpening stone, begin to stroke the dull blade from its handle to tip, over the handy rod by applying pressure slightly. Run it along the rod until your desired sharpening edge.
  • Now switch the other side of your knife and redo all the above-mentioned steps to it. One thing must be in your mind to always try to maintain an accurate angle as well as consistency during the sharpening process.
  • After getting this, wash your blade with detergent to make sure that small bits of metal have been properly removed, and wipe by using a clean cloth to make them dry.

So, in this way, you will get a razor-sharp blade of your knife within a couple of minutes depending on your sharpening skills and practice. Best of luck!

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