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How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife with a File?

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife with a FileA pocket knife is a foldable cutting tool to carry in your pockets that gets blunt after prolonged use and this is the reason to sharpen it again for getting the ease of life.

In the market, there are many ways to get it sharpened, but today here we would cover one of the most effective and commonly used strategies on “How to Sharpen a Pocket with a File”.

So, without making a while, let yourself dive into it and explore how it can be possible.

Sharpening a Pocket Knife with a File

The sharpening process looks critical to some extent, especially becoming a hurdle for the newbies because they don’t know the right procedure to sharpen.

Whereas it actually needs a few practices just after getting technical hacks about your specific mean which makes you a sharpening master within a short time.

However, I would take you through some important technical phases to perform the sharpening by using the file step by step to make a blade extremely keen.

Techniques to Follow

Really one of the pretty remedies for sharpening dull knives. The basic need is to have a good quality hand file according to your budget and a knife that needs to be sharp with it.

  • Put the handle of your knife (parallel to the ground) in a vice system only to make sure that it doesn’t make any glide whenever you greatly stroke it with a file.
  • Basically vice is a small gadget to catch your knife firmly in it so that it may not make any position during the sharpening process.
    Now hold the file and place it on the knife blade at a 30-degree angle and begin long, stable strokes from the handle to the tip of the blade until you get a sharp edge.
  • After this, roll over the blade and redo all the above steps to the opposite side by maintaining the consistency level and sharp angle.
  • After doing it well, clean your knife blade with the help of detergent and gently wipe it the removal of some old bits of metal.
  • It is time to check out the sharpness of your blade. Simply take a white paper sheet and slice through it with your knife, if it cuts the paper smoothly without uneven breaks then it is ready to play.
  • While in the second case, if it makes any jerk then obviously you need to focus on that certain area and re-again all these steps until you get your desired results.

So after implementing this way, you will meet your sharp cutting edge only in several minutes, and yes, there is no doubt, it is such a convenient technique for the proper maintenance of your blade even if you are anywhere.

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