Best Ways to Sharpen Your Machete Like a Pro

Do you have a machete? You have been using the weapon for many years but now it’s losing its sharpness? Want to use some simple techniques at home in order to sharpen the blade again so that it can chop plants quickly?

Then here we will provide you some quick methods that you can follow to improve the sharpness of the machete. Before using the method, you should know what is the type of your machete and what method is suitable for it. Some of the common types of machetes are:

  • Barong machete a leaf-like machete that is used for chopping the bushes and for hunting purposes. Mainly the sanders are used to improve their sharpness.
  • Billhook machete is the type that is for agriculture purposes. The file or the stone is used for sharpening the blade
  • Bolo Machete a long blade weapon that is sharpened with the help of the sender or the grinder.
  • Bush machete another elongated type. Mainly the belt sander is eh good option to stop and sharpen its blades.
  • Golok machete can be sharpened with the stone.

No matter what type of machete you have. it is important to first know about the blade and then apply the technique. This is important to keep the quality of the blade maintained. If you don’t focus and use the wrong sharpening technique then you may have to face the problem. This is because the minor mistake can change the appearance of the blade as well as besides getting sharpen it will become dull. Therefore, it will become useless.

Best Methods to Sharpen the Machete

Have a look at the methods given below. Learn and apply to get benefits.

How to Sharpening a Machete With a Belt Sander

This is a simple method to quickly sharpen your machete. For this, you need to have a belt sander. This is an easy method and best for machetes with long blades.

To sharpen the blades, you have to apply light pressure and keep the machete straight. Don’t try to overheat the machete as it will not only damage the belt but also the carbon steel machete blade.

By using the method one must use certain precautions that keep the machete straight. Don’t apply high pressure or overheat in order to avoid any damage. If you nat the safe sharpening of the blade then it’s good to apply low pressure on the tool. You will get the convex sharpening with the utility edge by maintaining the proper techniques.

The belt sander is available in the moderate price range. If you are fond of keeping the weapons then buy the tool and remain tension-free. You don’t have to go anywhere, use and sharpen your machete blades.

How to Sharpening a Machete With a Grinder

Another suitable method through which you can sharpen your blades is the use of the grinder. It is best for blades that are totally blunt and need aggressive sharpness. This will not only sharpen the blade but also give shine to your blade. This means this is an effective way to give your machete a new look.

In order to sharpen your blade, you have to use the grinder in a spacious place. This will provide an even edge. Along with the process generate the heat, so using the machine in the low space may be irritating for you as well.

If you do the grinding at high rpm, it may overheat which in return damage your blade. Therefore, keep rpm less. If there is a need to keep the rpm high then it’s good to keep water with you. Pour some water frequently on the grinder this will help in moderating the temperature of the grinder. Even this will create an overall environment comfortable and you will complete your task without any temperature issue.

Another reason to keep the low temperature is that it maintains the blade composition grade. Otherwise, the high temperature may cause the low grading of the carbon blades. In this way, despite getting benefits you will have to lose your machete.

Therefore, to maintain the grading of your machete blade and to get the best sharpening result to follow the proper pattern, maintain the temperature, and apply the technique.

How to Sharpening a Machete With a File

Sharpening a machete with a file is the simplest method that can help you to improve the sharpness of the blades. You don’t have to apply any particular technique just focus on the method to get fruitful results.

Before you know the right method, it is important to know about the type of files. Mainly two types are available. One is the double cut and has a rough appearance. The other one is one cut and is smoother as compared to the former one.

No matter what type of file you are using. One and only important thing you have to focus on sharpening by the file method is to hold the machete and the file tightly. In this way, you can complete the procedure smoothly. If you lose the grip then you may get cut in your hand or may create abrasions on the blade that may damage the grading of the machete.

Now when you have placed the machete and file in the position with proper grip, the next step is to start the sharpening process. For this purpose, you have to pull the file towards you and then push the file repeatedly on the blade. Repeat the procedure until it gets some shine. You have to draw the machete against the file. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

You can keep the file in your pocket. This is the best option to take with you in the woods. If there you feel that your machete is losing its sharpness then take out your file and sharpen your blade.

This is the quick, cheap, and easy DIY way to sharpen your machete blades. Through the blade, you can sharpen all types of machetes but this is an excellent one for the sharpening of Gerber gator type machete.

How to Sharpening a Machete With a Dremel

The Dremel is also a useful tool that helps the sharpening of the machete blades. This is the handheld rotating sharpener through which you can retain the sharpness of the machete. Just like the grinder you have to make a strong grip with Dremel also. In this way, you will able to sharpen your machete comfortably. Once you have a grip, power up your Dremel and then run it on the edge of the tool.

Through this handheld tool, one problem may occur that is an evening of the tool as you run laterally. To avoid this keep the line straight and according to the shape of the blade. This has become the best sharpener for the machete as you can do a sharpening of the little portion without touching other parts of the blades.

Make sure when you start your Dremel, you have applied a strong grip and complete focus on the tool. This is because the little distraction can make your blade look weird and it may lose the original shape as well as it may lose its high grading.

Keep in mind if you have to sue the Dremel the first time, first use the manual properly in order to avoid any problem. Wear the safety gear and then set the machine speed. Don’t keep so high or low that it may be difficult to handle. If you have to sue for the first time then first do practice on little things. It is good in order to avoid an accident and damaging the blades.

How to Sharpening a Machete With a Whetstone/Rock

This is another useful method that helps you to sharpen your machete. For this, you need no specific machine or tool. Just have a stone, rock a bowl of water, and the beacon. The last one is required if you are using artificial stone. To use this method, you only need to focus on the pattern and the right method.

To use this cheap method for the sharpening of the blade, first put the stone in the water. Then keep the stone in a firm position and drag the blade upward and downward position till you feel that you have reached acquired sharpness. Keep the blade in a perpendicular position and then move from the base of the stone to the tip. Along with moving the blade in the circular motion to get the proper sharpness of the blade.

There are a lot of stones available in the market. You can choose the one with high quality. You can spend a little more to save your weapon. This is because choosing the low-quality stone may lower down the blade grading. Some of the common water stones available in the market are. These vary according to their size as well as the grit value.

  •  220 grit: It is for giving the new shape to your blade
  • 300 grit: the main purpose is to edge to the dull blade
  • 1000 grit: meant for all types of knife sharpening. You can use for kitchen knife also
  •  1200 grit: effective for sharpening the delicate blades
  • 2000 grit: Best for use on a regular basis. It does not wear off too many particles from the machete blade
  • 3000 grit: it gives a blade a finer finish and excellent sharpness.
  • 5000 grit: it sane extraordinary high-quality blade sharpening that provides the finest sharpness to the blade. Most professionals use this type f stone.
  •  8000 grit: it gives the superfine fine and excellent sharpness.

How to Sharpen a Machete with Household Items

Want to sharpen your machete blade but you don’t have any of the above tools in your house? Not in a mood to spend to buy any one of the blade sharpness? Then don’t worry you can use any one of the following household items to sharpen the dull blade.

  • A ceramic coffee mug can be an ideal option. Turn it around and look for the rough edge. Now run the machete across the mug until you get the desired sharpness. This method is effective for a small knife-like machete.
  • The leather belt is another option through which you can do stropping of your machete. Run the weapon away from the cutting edge. Keep in mind the belt does not have any stitching.
  • Nylon also a good option. If you don’t have the belt then look at your backpack that is mostly made of nylon material. Run your machete over it to get the level of the sharpness. Do not run on the cutting edge.
  • The spine of another knife: This is a very good option. If you have another machete or a long knife then run the machete over it. It’s better to prefer the knife of another hardness level.

Tips for Sharpen Your Machete

No matter what type of sharpening tool you are using it is important to follow the proper pattern and way to avoid any damage to the blade. In case if you start in the wrong direction then it means you will definitely lose your favorite weapon. In order to sharpen your machete, follow the tips given below in order to save your weapon

  • It is important to clean your blade first.
  • For using the sander you have to run the blade from the above side and then towards the tip. Try to maintain the angle of the knife.
  • Keep it in a curving motion across the belt.
  • Repeat the process for two to three minutes, not more than otherwise, the blade may lose the original shape
  • For using the whetstone method, properly dip the stone in the beaker to make it wet to get the required results. After that move the edge of the machete from the base to the tip of the stone.
  •  It is good to use a belt that has a bit of play in it. This is because it will give the convex utility edge to your blade. This will improve the overall functionality of your weapon.
  •  For whetstones, it is important to dip in water for some time to get better results. Otherwise, friction may damage your blade.
  • Choose the whetstone grit according to the requirement and convenience of use. The high-level grits are professionals and they have a lot of practice to use it. You should use the low-level grits to fulfill your need of sharpening the blades.
  • For all types try to start sharpening the blade a few inches above the base.
  • Before sharpening removes any oily content from the blade and clears all debris. Similar to your tool must be free of the dust that may create resistance.

Machete Sharpening Angle –  What Angle Should You Make Mu Edge?

Sharpening a machete seems to be easy but it’s not true. You need to be careful and must know the proper technique to meet the goals. Otherwise, you have to face cuts or lose your machete. Therefore, when you are sharpening the knife keep in mind the cutting g edge.

For example, if you have to cut the grass or the non-woody stuff a small sharpening angle can be a good option. You have to keep it at an angle of 20 to 25 degrees. It is the proper angle and when you have to cut, you don’t need extra force, rather you will be free of cutting in a short time.

In contrast to cutting the woods and heavy stuff then the wide-angle of 25 to 35 degrees is the feasible angle. In this way, you can cut this stuff efficiently without any exertion.

Never use the dull blade as it creates exertion and requires more strength for cutting the trees or woods. Therefore, in case if your blade is not working properly keep the file or such tool with you in order to immediately sharpen the blade.

Learn the technique for making the proper angle while sharpening the blades otherwise you may lose the grade of your blade. Therefore, it is important to choose the right sharpening angle to get the best results for your machete.


In order to sharpen your machete, it is important to follow the right way. There are no specific rules for the sharpening of the blades but you must be focused. In this way, you will able to get the fine sharpening of the blade. Hence you can cut the woods or crops efficiently without getting hectic.

Learn the proper method, use the appropriate tool, and start sharpening you’re of your weapon. In this way, you will get a positive result and will able to cut the crops or woods without getting exhausted.

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