How to Prevent Rust on Machete – Easy Ways

How to Prevent Rust on MacheteOne of the worst things that can happen to a machete is rust; therefore, it’s crucial to take the proper precautions to stop it from developing and possibly damaging your weapon. The blade can be protected from rust using various techniques with varied degrees of success. The correct procedures and chemical reactions must occur for rust to form. Even if the optimum conditions for rust are relatively common, all you need to do to stop your knife from rusting is to interfere with the optimal circumstances for rust development.

No rust prevention method, trick, or remedy will succeed 100% of the time, but if you take the necessary precautions and are diligent, you can try your best to avoid rust with a respectable success rate. Rust can permanently harm the blade of your machete if you neglect its upkeep for even a short period, like a few weeks. The secret of rust prevention is simply consistency and regularity.

How to Prevent Rust on Machete – Easy ways

Keep Your Machete Dry

Keeping your machete dry would be the most essential thing if you could only do one thing to stop it from rusting.

Although the value of keeping your machete dry is constant, it varies significantly depending on the type of steel used for the blade. While some steels rust slowly and are very moisture resistant, other steel rust quickly. When exposed to humidity, carbon steel rusts much more rapidly than stainless steel

It doesn’t take long at all to keep your blade dry. Just clean your machete after each use with a dry cloth or the bottom of your shirt. It’s a good idea to dry your blade even if there isn’t any water nearby because practically all wood, especially when it’s still green, and other materials contain moisture that, if left neglected, can cause your blade to rust.

The likelihood of your machete’s blade rusting will significantly decrease if you make it a habit to keep it incredibly dry.

Clean Your Machete as Often as Possible.

Take a moment to clean your blade off after using it to help avoid rust from accumulating.

Like keeping your machete dry, clean your tool as soon as you remember or have the opportunity. The less probable it is that moisture will collect on your knife and rust the blade, the cleaner it will be.

You may rapidly clean your machete on the go using one of two methods: either the dry method or the wet method. The dry cleaning of your blade works in a pinch and is considerably better than doing nothing.

If you have more time, washing your knife usually gets knife cleaner. The two main methods to swiftly clean your machete are listed below.

The Dry Method to Prevent Rust on the Machete

With a rag or the bottom of your shirt, you can clean your tool if you don’t have much time or immediate access to flowing water. Most debris and material will fall off your blade after vigorous rubbing, but you can “spit shine” your knife or use a tiny bit of water if necessary. Make sure to dry your machete gently after cleaning it.

The Wet Method to Prevent Rust on the Machete

Take your pocket knife to the sink or a nearby creek after using it, and then run it underwater there. Most dirt and particles will fall off, but if anything is attached to the blade, you might require a damp rag or sponge to remove it. Dry off your knife entirely after cleaning it.

Take your pocket knife to the sink or a nearby creek after using it, and then run it underwater there. Most dirt and particles will fall off, but if anything is attached to the blade, you might require a damp rag or sponge to remove it. Dry off your knife entirely after cleaning it.

As you can see, cleaning your knife after usage doesn’t need much effort. It all comes down to developing the habit of cleaning your blade immediately after each use. The more often you clean your machete, the less likely it is to rust, just like when you dry your machete.

Properly Storing Your Machete.

After discussing how to keep your machete dry and clean once you’ve used it, it’s time to discuss how to store your weapon correctly to prevent rust.

Why do Machetes Get Rusty?

Why do Machetes Get RustyMachetes, like any other steel tool, are prone to rusting. The most common cause of rust on a machete is exposure to moisture and air, which leads to a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen.

Even moisture in the air can trigger rust formation, making knives more prone to rust and corrosion in humid environments or coastal areas.

Other causes of rust include leaving the machete in water or other liquids for an extended period and exposure to saltwater.


  • Store in a dry, cool area
  • Ensure that the temperature doesn’t change frequently.
  • If you’re concerned that your blade might get scratched, lightly wrap it.


  • Avoid letting any moisture touch or be near your machete
  • Never keep your blade sheathed.

While storing or putting away your machete, keeping it cool and dry is the greatest thing you can do for it. When you store your blade, most blade rusting will occur, so it is necessary to do it correctly and establish an environment that doesn’t promote rust.

Your tool should be kept in a setting with minimal temperature fluctuations, either moderately chilly or at room temperature.

Also, the area you store your blade in must be arid. To keep machetes from rusting, place them in cabinets, shelves, and drawers in a room with a consistent temperature.

Final Words

Ensure your blade is clean and dry before storing it until you need it again. Also, make sure there is no moisture around or on it. It is best to quickly wash and completely dry your machete before storing it (see the short recommendations above). Also, you must avoid storing your tool in its sheath. If you leave your blade in its sheath, the moisture that collects within leather sheaths can encourage the growth of rust.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Should I Oil My Machete?

Yes, you should oil your machete to protect it from rust and corrosion and ensure its longevity. Applying a thin layer of oil to the blade and handle can also help prevent moisture from accumulating on the surface.

  • Why is My Machete Rusting?

Machetes can rust due to various reasons such as exposure to moisture and humidity, lack of maintenance, and poor storage conditions.

  • Does Rust Weaken a Machete?

Rust can weaken the machete blade over time. Rust is a form of corrosion that can cause the metal to become brittle and eventually break down.

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