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How to Buy a Machete? – Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Machete

How to Buy a MacheteNot all machete are created equal, and if you’re thinking about purchasing or looking for the best machete you will likely be using them every day. So it’s good to know what you are buying before you invest. That’s why here we are going to look, in detail at how to buy the machete. So here are some factors to consider before buying a machete.

Blade Material

The common machete blade materials are briefly discussed above. The machete blade is made of carbon steel, stainless steel, or carbon stainless steel. But it depends on the type of environment you want to explore. For instance, stainless steel blade works best for wetland as it is less prone to rust۔ Carbon steel is cheaper but more durable than stainless steel

If you don’t about the environment you are going to explore then go for carbon stainless steel machete as it is the perfect material for all types of conditions. But you will have to pay more for it as it is expensive.


When you look for the best tactical machete, you will find different types of handles.

Wooden Handle

Wooden handles provide good grip and also stay warm in the handle. But when such a handle comes in contact with the water, it may crack.

Plastic Handle

The plastic handle is durable and doesn’t crack when gets wet but may slip from the hand when exposed to water.

Rubber Handle

Rubber handles are durable and affordable. But they with heavy tasks, they may get damaged.

Micarta Handle

Micarta handle is the best handle for a machete. It is popular for comfort, strength and for providing super easy grip. This type of handle works best in all conditions. Micarta handles are expensive than other machete handles.


Of course, it is the length of the machete that helps to cut any material in just one swing.

Long Blade Machetes

The longer machete has normally extra weight to its length. Carrying a long machete is usually hard to carry because of the weight and its length.  The machete with the long blade has greater chopping power than the shorter one.

Short Blade Machetes

Short blade machetes are perfect for narrow space use and offer perfect control over the blade swing. In other words, short blade machetes are excellent for survival. But due to their short length, they offer less momentum which means they can’t bite deep.

Blade Thickness

There are various categories of machetes depending on their blade thickness. It can be 2mm thin and 6mm thick.


Thin machetes are easy to hold and are best for cutting soft plants and vegetations. They are comparatively lighter and not recommended for tough chopping.


Thick blades are best for situations where more power is needed. Due to its weight, it needs more power.


When you are buying the best tactical machete, look for the machete with the full tang construction because full tang construction is more durable and comfortable than partial tang construction. A full tang means when a blade extends the complete length of a knife and also found inside the handle. Such tang construction ensures maximum strength and durability with more effectiveness. But full tang machetes can be expensive.


Bulky machete can provide the best chopping but they can hard to carry around as compared to lightweight machetes. It is wise to choose the lightweight machete while keeping in mind the length of the journey.

Blade Design

The blade design is not only important for the machete appearance but also matters a lot in handling the work. For instance, the kukri is a professional fighting weapon due to its curved and sharp edge. Focus on your needs before making the decision.


The sheath is one of the most beloved and essential aspects of any machete. The beauty and quality of the machete don’t matter if you don’t take good care of it. You can’t leave the machete open if you are not using it. A machete needs a decent cover to prevent damages and also to protect you from getting hurt with its sharp edge. Sheath makes it easy for you to carry it in traveling.

  • Nylon and leather sheath is commonly available with most machetes.
  • A leather sheath is made to last long. The nylon sheath can serve well. They are usually available with medium quality machetes.
  • The Cor-ex and Cordura sheaths are made from high-quality material for best blade care. Belt loops and straps are available with a sheath for carrying purposes.

Features of Machete

There are similar and different features in all types of machetes. Here are some of the essential features you need to consider before buying a machete.

Lanyard Hole

Sometimes you need to use the machete with both hands. The lanyard hole attaches the strap around your wrist to prevent the blade from slipping out of the hand while you swing it. This feature is beneficial especially for beginners who haven’t used the machete before.


Various machetes feature teeth on the blade’s backside and it is to saw through seriously tough vegetation. You can also use the teeth to pull vegetation out of the way and also clear brushes.


The hook of the machete is used for cutting through tough branches and vines and to pull and grab brush out of the way.

Knuckle Guard

It helps to protect the hand in combats and from stray branches when swinging.[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

Popular Machete Materials

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is known as the oldest material used in manufacturing machetes. It has the ability to retain sharpness over time. Carbon steel is usually strong material than stainless steel. The drawbacks of this material are zero. Here are the two main benefits of carbon steel.

  1. It is harder than stainless steel and easy to sharp. It can also hold an edge for more time than stainless steel.
  2. It may catch rust but properly oiling the blade can help protect it from such elements.

WD-40 can be an efficient blade lubricant for carbon steel. You can also use steel wool to eliminate unwanted oxidation.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has an overlay of the chromium-nickel which makes it manageable in wet conditions. Stainless steel blades are a nice budget option can for machetes, carbon steel is best.

Stainless steel is soft which means you need to re-sharpen it frequently. High carbon stainless steel is the best of the materials with tougher on edge and the rich rust-resistant features of stainless.

Carbon Stainless Steel

This type of material is highly durable and rust-resistant. It can hold the edge for a long time as compared to the other two materials. But it is expensive too.


We have tried our best to share the Best and Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Machete. It is crucial to consider carefully the machete use, design, material, blade length, and thickness of the machete before investing in it.


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