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Fiskars Machete Reviews 2023 – High Quality Machete Knife Reviews

Fiskars Machete ReviewsFounded in 1649, Fiskars is one of the oldest and best companies famous for producing machetes, axes, scissors, and mowers. They have been successfully running their business for more than 350 years. Surviving in the tool industry for so much time is proof of how good they are at manufacturing quality products.

From premium quality materials to perfect finishing, everything about Fiskars products is aesthetically pleasing. The design, size, quality, and features of the Top Fiskars machete make it one of the best machetes available on the market. Among many quality machetes, we have selected the 6 best Fiskars machetes based on their quality, features, and above all, customer reviews.

01. Fiskars 29 Inch Machete Axe Review

Fiskars 29 Inch Machete AxeThe Fiskars Machete Axe comes with some exciting features. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of a machete and ax design. Designed especially for reliable performance, this Fiskars machete has been widely used in the gardening world. The ultra-sharp, rust-resistant 17.5-inch blade is shaped for wide swings helping to enhance the clearing process.

One of the best features of this machete ax is its comfortable performance handle with an original pattern that allows wild swing with maximum force.

The best thing about the design is its specially curved profile of the long blade that helps to prevent it from getting stuck through the clearing performance. It is a perfect choice for clearing large areas of brush, powering through fibrous palms, cutting thick branches, and more in your yard.

The handle has wide dimples for perfect grip and also small simples for palm comfort. The sheath doesn’t have any belt loop and therefore, can’t be closed or opened using both hands. However, the sheath is well-built and feels sturdy. The outer part is made of medium-weight, foam-backed nylon, and smooth synthetic material that has been used inside it.

Key Features
• Total Length 29.5″
• Blade Length 17.5″ / 44.5 cm
• Weight 1.84 lbs / 835 g
• Blade Thickness .105″ (about 7/64″) / 2.7 mm
• Lifetime warranty
  • 17.5-Inch Rust-Resistant Blade
  • Includes Nylon Carrying Sheath
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ax-Like Blade Head
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Comes With Finger Guard
  • Suitable For Light-Duty Work

02. Fiskars Clearing Tool Garden Machete, 15″ – 385091-1002

Fiskars Clearing Tool Garden MacheteThis Garden machete by Fiskars is an excellent choice for clearing large areas of brush, powering through fibrous palms, cutting thick branches, and many more in your yard. Its curved blade profile prevents it from sticking in dense growth. Whether you are using it for light or heavy duties, the hardened steel 15-inch blade stays sharp for a long time.

The rust-resistant, low-friction coating perfectly glides through sturdy materials without sticking. The textured pattern on the handle has large dimples for a comfortable finger grip and small dimples for palm rest to prevent blisters. Also, the handle flare keeps the machete firmly in hand when swimming with high force. The contoured soft grip handle comes with a sculpted profile for natural fitting in the hand.

Its comfortable handle offers an ideal room for both hands for additional power and control while chopping. As the name suggests, this best Fiskars machete is specially designed for gardening use. So you can comfortably clear your lawn without using maximum force. Last but not least, the finger guard keeps you safe from accidental injuries.

Key Features
• Blade Material Alloy Steel
• Use For Clearing & Cutting Back Thick Brush
• Blade Length 15-inch
  • Lightweight And Comfortable
  • Best For Gardening
  • Finger Guard
  • Rust-Resistant 15-Inch Blade
  • Includes Nylon Sheath
  • A Bit Heavy

03. Fiskars Machete Saw Review 18 Inch

Fiskars Machete SawOne of the most versatile machetes on the market, this innovatively designed machete is a dual-function tool. It has an ultra-sharp machete blade on one side along with an aggressive saw blade on the other side. Featuring an 18-inch blade, this machete saw is an excellent choice for cutting trails, clearing brush, cutting small trees, and stripping logs.

One-handed use helps you to grab and pile cutting with your free hand. The tempered steel machete blade can comfortably cut with minimum force. On the other hand, there is an aggressive saw to cut small trees, thick branches, and trunks easily.

One of the best features of this Fiskars machete is its ultra-lightweight design that improves the swing speed to clear the brush comfortably. Also, the soft grip handle offers excellent grip and comfortable use. Last but not least, there is a lanyard to secure it to your wrist for additional control and safety.

Key Features
• Blade Length 18 inch
• Blade Material Alloy Steel
• Tempered Steel Machete Blade
• Lightweight Design
• Lifetime Warranty
  • 18-Inch Blade
  • Dual-Function Tool
  • Lightweight Design
  • Soft Grip Handle
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Case

04. Fiskars 18 Inch Billhook Saw Review

Fiskars Billhook Saw MacheteDesigned for powerful performance, The Fiskars Billhook Saw is specially made for clearing thick, woody growth in your yard. Featuring an ultra-sharp, rust-resistant 18-inch blade, the machete is made for handling a wide range of tasks and helping improve performance. The lightweight design leaves your one hand free to pile cuttings.

When it comes to handling, there are few machetes on the market with such a comfortable grip. It has an intelligent texture pattern that helps to choke up for precision.

You can comfortably grip the end of the handle to swing the machete with maximum force. Also, the handle flares the keep the machete firmly in hand when you are swimming it.

The design also has a sharpened blade curve for fast pull-cuts along with a coarse saw edge for powering through thick branches. Other notable features include a finger guard for added protection and a nylon carrying sheath.

Key Features
• Blade Material High Speed Steel
• Blade Length 9 Inches
• Item Weight 1.65 pounds
• Blade Thickness (in) 0.01 in
• Handle Length (cm) 22.86 cm
  • Excellent Chopping Power
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Curved Blade Design
  • Nylon Carrying Sheath
  • Coarse Saw Edge
  • A Bit Heavy

05.  Fiskars Brush Axe Machete

Fiskars Brush Axe MacheteThis unique tool is a combination of a machete and a hatchet, which makes it an excellent multi-purpose tool for various cutting tasks. The 9-inch cutting blade of the Fiskars Brush Axe is made of high-quality drop-forged steel. It improves the durability and sharpness of the machete to provide a smooth cutting performance.

The machete is also treated with a non-stick cover, which makes it rust-resistant. In other words, you can use this best Fiskars machete under all conditions. It is an excellent choice for cutting trails, clearing brush, stripping logs, or felling small trees. Featuring 1.3 lbs of weight, the machete can be used for a variety of cutting tasks with a maximum swing.

The reliable FiberComp handle is extremely lightweight for comfortable handling and multiplied swing speed. Also, there is an insert mold feature that prevents the machete from getting lost or even separated. This machete comes with a blade sheath for secure storage and transportation. Overall, this is an excellent choice for all machete and hatchet lovers due to the perfect blend of two items.

Key Features
• Blade Material Steel
• Cutting Edge Length18 in
• Handle Length11 in
• Handle Material Plastic
• Overall Length29 in
• Weight1.5 lb
  • Hardened Steel 10-Inch Blade
  • Fiber Comp Handle
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Insert-Molded Design
  • Non-Stick Coating For Smooth Cuts
  • Ordinary Grip

06. Fiskars 7078 22-Inch Machete

Fiskars 22-Inch MacheteWhether you are looking to find the best machete for clearing brush or small trees, this 22 inches stamped steel blade machete by Fiskars is made for you. The double grind, tempered steel blade is an ideal choice for all-weather use. Its ultra-sharp edge perfectly clears everything without sticking. The best thing is that the blade is not too heavy, which means you can swing it with maximum power.

This best Fiskars machete comes with a contoured soft-grip handle to reduce hand fatigue during use. Another great feature of this soft textured handle is its excellent grip. Featuring only 1 pound of weight makes the Fiskars 7078 one of the lightweight machetes available on the market.

Another notable feature of this best Fiskars machete is a hang hole that offers secure storage. Fiskars also provides a lifetime warranty for this excellent tool.

Key Features
• Blade Length 22 Inches
• Item Weight ‎1 Pound
• Lifetime warranty
• Lightweight design
• Sculpted SoftgripTM handle
• Blade Material Alloy Steel
  • 22-Inch Blade Length
  • Double Grind, Tempered Steel Blade
  • Superior Chopping Performance
  • Soft Grip Handle For Added Comfort
  • Includes Lifetime Warranty
  • Not Very Sharp

Fiskars Brand

Fiskars Group is a Finnish group company that has its roots in the village of Fiskars, located in the town of Roseburg. The company was initially founded in 1649 in a particular village. Do you know Fiskars is one of the oldest companies in the world? Though this business is still running in Finland, the global headquarters are located in the Arabian anta, district of Helsinki.

This well-known brand has operated in many sectors over the decades. It was best known for the orange-handled scissors, which were produced in 1967. In 2019, Fiskars introduced home products related to interior decoration, outdoor activities, and table settings. Fiskars machete has been one of the standout products from the master in the business. The most appealing features of Fiskars machetes are their durability, unique design, and above all, long-lasting materials.


Clearing unnecessary herbs and trees from your lawn is necessary to maintain it in proper shape. However, with the best gardening tool, it is always impossible. Fiskars machetes are one of the most popular and reliable ones for clearing bushes, small trees, and other unwanted plants from your yard. Hope you will find the best Fiskars machete from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Fiskars Machetes Good?

Yes, Fiskars machetes are excellent for clearing bushes, cutting vines, sawing branches, and small trees.

Where Are Fiskars Machete Made?

The global headquarters of Fiskars are in the Arabian anta district of Helsinki.

Where Can I Buy Fiskars Machete?

You can buy Fiskars machetes from Amazon. You can check the features and user reviews for your convenience.

What Does Fiskars Mean?

Fiskars is a village located in the town of Roseburg, about one hundred kilometers west of Helsinki. The brand Fiskars was initially founded in the village of Fiskars in 1649.

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