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Cutlass Machete Review 2023 – Versatile Machetes

Best Cutlass MacheteHave a look at the cutlass machete as they are versatile, handy for anyone going out camping or cleaning the backyard, and for self-defense. You can use these cutlass machetes for a variety of purposes.

So, before you choose the best cutlass machetes and get the most out of them, firstly, you need to have a precise aim for choosing your machete. There is a massive reason that no single machete can perform effectively in every situation.

It should be noted that there are several types of machetes designed by tons of machete manufacturers, and you have to keep in mind to get the best for some specific examples of work. Sometimes, it is tough to understand the blade styles and precisely what they are used for; you may feel a little lost.

Moreover, you need to research what the best machetes are made of. And let me tell you in the beginning that it’s worth spending a few extra pennies for a machete you know will last you a lifetime. As they will never chip, rust, or even split into pieces over time.

Above all, it’s not easy to find the best one. But here we have brought the cutlass machete review for you. So, you don’t need to be worried about that.

What Is Cutlass Machete?

Let me brief you a little bit about the cutlass machete. Machete has a flat blade with a uniform thickness from hilt to tip. Also, they have a wider blade near the handle and blunter tips. On the other hand, swords have a thicker blade near the handle and a thinner tip.

Many people get confused between a machete and a sword. Cutlass machete has a stiff, cut, and strong thrust blade and the best machete on amazon is the cutlass machete.

For example, cold steel, condor tool, knife, tactical, and many other brands make cutlass machetes.

Check Out the Top 5 Cutlass Machetes!

Product NameSpecifications of ProductPrice
Cold Steel Cutlass Machete• Made with 1055 Carbon Steel with Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
• Cor-Ex Sheath, beast of all machetes
• Blade Thickness is 2.8 mm; Length is 24" with Handle Length 6
Condor Tool & Knife• High carbon steel of 1075
• Epoxy black powder-coated finishing with a hardwood handle with sheath
• 24" Blade length and 29 1/4" Overall length
• Naval Cutlass of 24 inches Blade
Cold Steel Improved 1917 Cutlass• Improved 1917 Cutlass is identical in every way with the original.
• 1055 Carbon steel - This a very sturdy material that avoids a lot of the brittleness commonly associated with higher carbon materials.
• Leather Scabbard with Brass and Copper Fittings
• Type: Cutlass; Right Handed
Tactical Machete Survival Cutlass • Features a stiff, cut, and thrust blade
• Steel reinforced knuckle bow guard with a Sturdy nylon scabbard
• Polypropylene Handle Nylon Sheath
• Blade length is of 24 inches
• Completed with a steel reinforced knuckle bow guard
KA1248-BRK Machete Cutlass• 100% Synthetic leather with Imported quality
• A cutlass-style 1085 carbon-steel blade which is Ideal for chopping down weeds, clearing campsites, etc.
• Ergo shaped Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer handle with 20-degree edge angle.
• Includes leather/Cordura combination sheath
• Blade Length - 11";Overall Length - 16-1/2"; Beautiful shape - Cutlass; Edge Angle - 20 degrees; Grind - Hollow; Handle Material - Kraton G
• It is made in Taiwan

01. Cold Steel Cutlass Machete Review

Cold Steel Cutlass MacheteThis new model of cold steel cutlass machete is inspired by their popular old model of 1917 cutlass. Now, this cutlass machete is made up of a carbon steel blade. Which is capable of repelling borders and hiking a path through the blackberries to get the best fishing hole!

Moreover, it is made up of tough full-tang steel and this steel-reinforced knuckle bow guard. Without a doubt, it is ready for your next adventure that may be on land or the seaside.

Furthermore, the cold steel cutlass machete is having a curved blade for sharp cut and is molded with polypropylene handles which ensures its maximum strength and durability. Whereas, the plasma was cut from expertly heat-treated 1055 carbon steel. The blade has an anti-rush matte finish.

Absolutely, a great piece for carrying it in the jungle as well as for hunting, camping, and trimming tall grass. Indeed, heavy and sharp, and cuts/chops easily.

Not only, but this brand also has a pronounced blade with a heavy design that facilitates amazing cutting power while not being clumsy. But also, It has an outclass performance, at a fraction of the cost.

This model is supplied with a custom-made cor-ex black sheath, and this is the best of all machetes. Also, it is good for self-defense against animals. Last but not least, it is highly tactical and good for survival.

  • Sharp And Heavy For Cutting Bushes, Trees, Shrubs, And Camping
  • Highly Tactical
  • Good For Self-Defence
  • Handling Is Tricky

02. Condor Tool & Knife, Naval Cutlass, 24in Blade, Wood Handle with Sheath Review

Condor Tool & Knife Cutlass MacheteIntroducing the condor’s best creation which is having 15 and a half inches’ blade of Duku machete.

It is best machete for clearing bushes, camping, chopping, and self-defense as well. Moreover, its 22 and ¼ inches full tang solid machete is constructed with 1075 high carbon steel, which gives it long-term durability and strong chopping strength.

Absolutely, the hard-hitting chunk of metal comes with a super strong leather sheath which lessens its maintenance hassle.

Furthermore, its excellent fit and finish make it a must-have machete. The blade of this model is narrowed to the width of the handle and broadened towards the tip, with massive percussive power to the cutting edge.

Along with that, its mid-ranged machete has an amazing edge with the attribute of retention. Undoubtedly, this cool upper tool is a distinctive handle that allows some extra leverage when you strike a blow. This technique releases a tight grip on the handle stroking downwards and creating a pivot on the back of your palm. It will benefit your hand by having less impact.

Subsequently, the thick wood handle will not slip away. Even if your hands are wet, it will give a firm grip to your palms due to its curved finish.

Despite this, the long and round handle of the machete will hardly cause any blister. Unfortunately, this can create some sort of gripping issue for people having smaller hands. For avoiding this issue, you can try 10 inches bladed mini Duku machete.

  • Aesthetic Appearance With Long-Lasting Durability And Good Edge Retention
  • Amazing Hardwood Handle With Distinctive Handle
  • Shears Through Thick Frozen Hardwood And For Clearing Brush
  • Chops Bigger Stuff Very Well And Can Be Used For Self-Defence
  • Little Heavy And Might Have Gripping Issues For Smaller Palms

03. Cold Steel Improved 1917 Cutlass Review

Cold Steel Improved 1917 CutlassCold steel improved 1917 cutlass machete is improved and identical in every way to the original one. Moreover, we have substituted a far more effective guard which is made from a heavy steel plate. Its steel plate has multiple lightning holes and rolled edges.

Without a doubt, this cutlass machete is having a blade of 25 inches; it weighs about 33.1 oz, the handle is made up of rosewood, the material is 1055 carbon steel, constructed with a leather scabbard with brass and copper fittings. Also, it is multi-functional.

Additionally, it is more durable than the original cutlass. And it is offering superior hand protection with minimum bulk.

On the other hand, it can be easily sharpened and holds a good edge with a chopping champ. It is excellent for cutting and chopping and self-defense. And best machete for yard work and other utility tasks.

It is a very useful tool for conditions when you have to do small utility as sharp as a knife. Useful if any other small handy tool isn’t available. And if you are unable to afford a bowie knife. This could be perfect for you. Moreover, it fully sharped knife having a matte black rust-resistant coating and a sturdy coated sheath.

I promise, this is one of the best supreme cutlass machetes and will recommend buying this for self-defense.

  • Very Useful, Handy And Fully Sharped With Matte Black Rust-Resistant Coating
  • Offering Superior Hand Protection With A Minimum Bulk
  • Constructed With Leather Scabbard With Brass
  • Best For Chopping And Cutting Small Trees
  • Very Expensive Cutlass Machete

04. Tactical Machete Survival Cutlass Review

Tactical Machete Survival CutlassThe best cutlass sword “Tactical machete survival cutlass” is featuring a stiff, strong cut. It has a thrusting blade. It has the best steel for a machete and this tactical machete survival reinforced knuckle bow guard.

Moreover, it has a sturdy nylon scabbard. Tactical has a blade length of 24 inches. The handle is made up of polypropylene material. These are the military knives and rescue knives used by police and military forces.

Furthermore, its fixed-blade tactical survival knives found here are made with service personnel in mind.  And these tough knives are made to hold up, especially when they are dependent on the field.

Also, it makes them suitable for survivalists and bushmen and for cutting trees because their blades are strong, and will never chip. It is flexible and reliable for long-term use.

Usually, this cutlass machete is used for self-defense because it is specifically designed for survival.

  • Best Of Survival (Self-Defence)
  • Tactical Survival Machete Will Never Chip Off
  • Reliable For Long-Term Use.
  • No Sheath Included
  • Heavy And Expensive

05. KA1248-BRK Machete Cutlass Review

KA1248-BRK Machete Cutlass

This is the cutlass machete, which is a true cross between a machete and a big knife. It has 11 inches blade which is very short for a machete, but it chops like an axe.

Clearly, made of 1085 carbon steel blades with a 20-degree edged angle that is truly accurate for chopping down weeds, trees, and small limbs or clearing any site for the camp. Moreover, its overall length is 16 and a half inches which gives an impressive balance.

Furthermore, it has astounding ergo-shaped handles made of Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer that will provide you with a nice firm grip. Also, the handle creates a lot of retention by its pinky guard at the end.

Indeed, this is one of the most comfortable handles. And you may not be able to find a machete at this price. Also, it has the best steel for a machete. A beautifully made sheath has two straps for holding securely, and a D-shaped ring on the bottom is attached for you for clipping it with your belt for further security.

Unfortunately, its handles may be too big for people who have small palms, and with that being one of the shortest blades, it has less ability to perform well in trail clearing and camping its sheath may not be outstanding but it has several pros, which makes it worth buying.

Lastly, this machete is concluded with a sheath made of leather and Cordura for both of its sides.

  • High-Quality Firm Grip
  • Long-Lasting And Durable Blade
  • Good Swing On The Medium Price
  • Leather And Cordura Combination Sheath For Both Sides
  • Shorter Blade Length Than Other Machetes
  • Gripping Issues For Smaller Palms And Thin Hands


The machete may be different for everyone due to its different uses. You can easily tell after reading this best cutlass machete review. Considering which machete is for your use, all the answers in your mind will have become clear.

Moreover, you don’t need to buy many machetes, just buy from the right machete brands. And you won’t regret it afterward. From the above 5  cutlass machete reviews, we have fully tried to give you a complete guideline to choose the perfect one for you, according to your needs.

In these 5 best cutlass machete reviews, the best all-around machete and most reliable are KA1248-BRK Machete Cutlass and cold steel cutlass machete.

Finally, after hours of studying and analyzing these cutlass machetes, I am presenting the top cutlass machetes to you. Certainly, I hope that you will find this article helpful for buying the cutlass machete. Thank you for visiting my website.

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