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Best Panga Machete Top Picks & Reviews

Best Panga MacheteAlthough there are dozens of machetes types having their own pros and cons among them a Panga is one renowned blade from the Caribbean and Africa. In some countries, the Panga machete is also known as a big knife.

It comes with a deep curved belly that is ample heft for chopping as well as curvature for slicing which ends a pointed, slanted tip that makes it worthy and pricey too.

01. Cold Steel 97LPMS Machete Panga

Cold Steel 97LPMS Machete ReviewThe cold steel Panga machete comes with a high-quality blade at an affordable price.  What makes a Cold Steel special? Unlike other knives, it is one that is made of Lasher tools of South Africa. If you are designing then you should have particular skills by making them.

Well, its 16” blade comes with 1055 medium carbon which is relatively soft but provides you complete durability as other good machetes provide. Keep in mind; these machetes don’t come factory sharpened. Besides this, it presents a rough hollow grind which in the user-end is needed to sharpen.

Surprisingly, Cold steel 97LPMS doesn’t provide sheath. Instead, it has a beautiful design that is well-constructed. Another thing that makes it worthwhile is, it is easy to sharpen.

Mostly, machetes have loosened handle rivets, but in the case of this machete, you are given a polypropylene plastic handle so that you can hold it firmly.

By using this machete; you can quickly chop it’s through the brush, saplings, vines, and even relatively thick wood. Additionally, it works excellent against skinning and slashing as its blade ends with piercing.

When it comes to the tang, it has full tang ensuring complete structural support. There are some disadvantages of this machete is, it doesn’t come with a sheath. Also, some users have claimed about its blade dullness which could be a result of inconsistent QA. But it is best for dense or thick forest vegetation. So, I recommend it as a thoroughly reliable woodland survival tool.

  • Great Blade Length
  • Piercing Blade Tip
  • Best For Heavy Chopping
  • Commendable Durability
  • Lower Price
  • Some Users Claimed Awkward Design
  • The Blades Are Dull Also Requiring Sharpening After Purchased
  • There Is No Sheath Available.

02. Caribbean Panga Full Tang Machete

Caribbean Panga Full Tang Machete ReviewAnother Panga Machete is mostly used in the Caribbean and Africa. As all Panga machetes have a deep and hollow belly, similarly Caribbean Panga in the weight it requires to chop off woods. This machete design is also a curvature for slicing.

It comes with a slanted point that lets you force to concentrate on the required area of the piercing. Somewhat have given other names to this Panga machete including data, burriquito, Puerto, linear, cutlass machete, Rican, swamp master, rotator, and Viking.

If you are looking at the best machete for slicing and cutting then this machete will work great even for thick woody vegetation. Furthermore, this machete is also worked perfectly in outdoor survival, camping, and plant.

As the carbon steel blade is more robust than a stainless steel blade and this machete gives a carbon steel blade that maintains sharpness much longer than any other type of module. Also, the blade is anti-rust as well as protected with clear coat protection. You have to dry it after use properly.

It is manufactured by the factory that you can sharpen the blade according to your wish. When it comes to the tang, happily, it has a full tang, and the handle is constructed with two pieces of wood engrossed together.

There are three groove lines that make an audible voice when you are using the machete. Providing the best quality, but it comes with an affordable price and with armed having long-lasting green rice sack case with belt twisting ring.

  • Carbon Steel Blade With A Length Of 15.5.”
  • Thick Blade Best For Tougher Chopping
  • Full Tang Maximize Comfortably And Strength
  • Wooden Handle Slabs With Rivets Enhanced Durability
  • Comes With A Durable Green Rice Sack Sheath With A Belt Loop
  • As Other Top-Notch Machetes Have A Durable Wood Handle, But It Has Not That Much Durable
  • A Lanyard Hole Is Not Included
  • Needed Immediately Sharpening After Buying The Product

03. Marbles Swamp Master Machete

Marbles Swamp Master Machete ReviewThe ever best Panga machete for chopping and cutting green vegetation is a Swamp Master Machete. Its blade made of carbon steel with an orange finish looking beautiful and giving outstanding strength and excellent rust and corrosion resistance properties.

The total blade length of the machete is 18” long, but its overall length is 24.4” which is best for more robust works. The knife is ideal for cutting woody vegetation without worrying about injuring yourself.

When it comes to the machete handle, surprisingly it has a long-lasting natural wooden that ensures a comfortable grip and firm hold. The handle is shaped in a way that the machete will not slip out of hand while in use in any condition.

The machete presents full tang constructed further enhances the durability and strength of the blade. The only drawback of the module has, it doesn’t come with a sheath — the best Panga machete ideal for cleaning thick brush and cutting woody vegetation.

  • Full Tang Construction
  • Extra-Long Blade Making It Ideal For Stricter Work
  • Excellent Strength And Rust Resistance Properties
  • Wooden Handle Let You Complete Control On It Firmly
  • Modules Come With Orange Finishing Ends Look Amazing
  • It Comes Without A Sheath.

04. Condor Tool and Knife, Viking Machete

Condor Tool and Knife, Viking Machete ReviewIntroducing the other top-notch machete by Panga is the Condor Tool and Knife Viking 20-inches. The specialty of this machete is, it comes with a blasted satin finish high carbon steel that is annealed and heated up to 50 Rockwell hardness approximately. The blade is like a razor sharpener, and its edge is hand finished.

The other fantastic feature of the machete has a smooth wooden handle that is beautifully designed with dark colors. It ensures maximized durability which is another plus point this machete has.

When it comes to ist sheath, it is made of high quality, heavy-duty and handcrafted leather. Additionally, this Panga Condor machete gives extra thickness and length to make the machete ideal for the toughest cutting tasks.

  • Built For Performance And Durability
  • The Cutting Edge Is Polished As Well As Hand-Finished To The Razor Sharpness.
  • Comes With Heat-Treated Blades
  • Smooth Walnut Handle
  • Heavy Duty And Handcraft Leather Sheath
  • The Machete Is Needed To Sharpen Immediately After Purchasing It.

Panga Machete Uses

The Panga Machetes are a versatile tool, and their prominent uses are as below:

Clearing Vegetation

Unlike other machetes types, Panga Machetes are relatively thicker and long blades. This makes the machete suitable for clearing/wood cutting applications remarkably well.


All machetes types have a long history of combat use. As well as Panga Machetes are the best for combat use because their blade is thicker and have enough strength to chop through sturdy materials that can and have included human and animal flesh bones.

Somewhat also has pointed its tips as piercing and stabbing. Although this type of machetes has different applications but the most popular application of the Panga machete in combat is that the Kukri in Nepal, by Gurkha troops.


If you are out on outdoor adventures, but the gadget won’t get you far, then a sturdy reliable blade is all need and the Panga Machete fits the bills entirely. Whether the matter of cutting the bushes away or the tree growth, you can cut up the pieces of rope or can quickly chop up the firewood.

To wrap up, the Panga Machete is a versatile tool that any severe outdoor adventures won’t be caught dead without a hatchet, daggers, swords, and axes may be suitable for work, but these gadgets cannot serve all your survival needs simultaneously the way a correctly collected a machete can.

Before going to the conclusion, it might be in your mind which factors you should know before picking up the right machete for yourself.

Picking up the Right Machete for Yourself

Now you walked through the applications, types, and features of Panga Machete, now let me tell you the big secret is that there is no single perfect machete. Or you can say that there is no ideal machete that suits your needs.

Pricing and Warranty

Pricing is also another essential factor that you should consider, as most of the machetes are relatively high prices if they are simply featured, but if you require extra safety as well as fancy features, then these types of blades have higher rates. But most of the best machetes have come with low prices and give all the functionality. So, if you want to pick the best edge then I suggest you select a knife between the range of $30 to $70, it’ll generally have good artistry and excellent performance.

Last but not the least, a warranty factor, try to get a product having a maximum year warranty because you never know your chosen machete breakdown or got any other accidental effect, so it is better to give a few testing swings in your backyard before purchasing it. It does develop nicks/notches quickly, you will be glad to get the warranty.

Frequently Ask Question

What Is The Use Of Panga Machete?
The Panga machete is famous in Caribbean and Africa. It comes with a high blade length which is perfect for chopping and slicing.
How Heavy a Blade That You Can Handle?
Machetes are versatile as well as a bulky tool. Whether you are used to carrying or using knives in the field, a cane or kukri blade will be the wrong choice. It is based on the strength of your welding arm; then you will need to decide upon the length and thickness of the blade.
Which Situation Will You Use it in?
Whether you are on outdoor adventures or barren desert, there you’ll need a machete that can easily do all your cleaning, chopping, and cutting as well as complete survival needs. Let’s consider a billhook machete that is an excellent tool in the rain forest. In combat scenarios, it is suggested a kukri machete. If there is massive, hand-to-hand sparring then a tanto machete is a reliable tool. When it comes to survival needs, then an excellent candidate would be the Bowie machete because it has a skinner tip.
What Will You Use it For?

As you are schooled in the applications of Panga Machetes and based on which of those you intend, you have to select the right type of machete with ideal features. If you want to cut vast expanses of abundant grass and large bushes, then the right choice is a thinner machete with no longer blade is all fine.

Think, for instance, if you want to chop up some bones/ woods, then you should need a weighted forward blade that is specially designed for chopping.

How Skilled Are You at Wielding a Machete?
Manufacturers recommended safety features including a rubberized grip, a lanyard hole, and quillion/Kunkle guard, to keep from hurting accidentally.
What Is A Panga Machete?
Like Bolo machete, the Panga machete has the same similarities. It is widely used in Africa. Having a deep belly and tip, it is hefty. But it has strong cutting and chopping power. Its piercing allows you to use it in various fields of works. However, it is ideal to use for vegetation and woods.
How Dangerous Is A Machete?
A machete is a dangerous tool. You should be careful when you are using a machete because if it slips away, it can hurt your body. In return, something fetal can happen.
Is Machete A Gun?
No, a machete is not a gun. But indeed it is one of the deadly weapons.


As I told you earlier, there is no perfect machete that does all things entirely, but there are so many machetes that have come with their specialty depending on the primary application such as heavy combat, tactical, survival, light vegetation, clearing, dense wood, chopping, etc. So, choose by reading the above guidelines that I’ve written above, or even go with an entirely different one altogether.

That being said, in my opinion, the overall best machete would be the Cold Steel 97LPMS Panga Machete as it has a cheaper price but complete all needs at the same time. It is suitable for some reasons such as

  • It Ends General Purpose Chopping Utility
  • A Great Self-Defense Tool
  • Even Comes With A Passable Animal Skinning Tool
  • The Sturdy Hand You Can Grip On It Though With Wet Hands

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